Thursday, July 05, 2007

February Blind Item Updates With 13 New Reveals

#1 Texas Connections - 1- Still together and recent adversity has brought them closer. 2- Grew up in Dallas.

#2 Four For Friday - 1&2- She is still working but something happened which caused her to get booted from her latest role and I don't know what it was. Maybe it was the cellphone pics from the 2nd part of the blind item. The guy in the first part was really big in the news about a month ago. The second part has nothing to do with MTV. 3-career is flying right now 4-Our lingerie stealer has made a return appearance.

#3 Three of them - 1-In the news a bunch lately 2-****New reveal***Sylvester Stallone 3- *****New reveal*****Leelee Sobieski

#4 Fashion Week 4 - 1-*****New reveal*****Jamie Lynn Sigler/Kimora Simmons 2-I honestly don't know if she was pregnant or not but she is not now. 3-Back to men and doing poorly. 4-*****New reveal*****Katharine McPhee

#5 Fashion Week 3 - 1-*****New reveal*****Rachel Ray 2-******New reveal******Paris Hilton 3-I hope she's not doing it now and that's just not being nice for her sake.

#6 Fashion Week 3 - 1-Not very hard to figure out 2-Think poor man's rock store and mall fashion icon rather than runway icon. 3-*****New reveal*****It was one of the girls from Danity Kane but I honestly don't remember which one.

#7 Four For Friday - 1-She's being good and so is her husband. 2-She is a previous blind item reveal. 3-Still no dates 4-The wife isn't really around anymore.

#8 After party hand job - Talk show host

#9 Wedding ceremony loving musician - ****New reveal**** Kid Rock

#10 Two of them - 1-Still a man ho 2-Kirsten Dunst

#11 Two of them - 1-The relationship is over. 2-Record is doing very well

#12 Two of them - 1-*****New reveal**** Jamie Kennedy 2-Too easy

#13 Three of them 1&2 - still doing what got them here in the first place 3-*****New reveal****Solange Knowles

#14 Two of them 1-She has been banned from most gifting suites now 2- *****New Reveal***** Bai Ling and the other woman who will not be revealed have not got back together again.

#15 Four For Friday - 1-*****New reveal****Melanie Griffith 2-Still no luck 3-No more reports with liquor lately. 4-*****New reveal*****Jennifer Hudson

#16 Three of them - 1- Still with his "date." 2-still true 3-****New reveal**** Demi Moore

#17 Two of them - 1-Haven't heard if it's still going on or not. 2-She didn't get the role

#18 Two of them - 1-Easy 2- She did it alone


Anonymous said...

#1-1: Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. Recent adversity: crazy lady in their driveway.

Anonymous said...

Sandra Bullock: Owns a house in Austin, Texas where she filmed some scenes in Miss Congeniality (2000).

Anonymous said...

I am sure some will still be critical, ENT! (Aren't they always?)

I, for one, really appreciate you. Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Instead of kissing ass, or complaining- how about some guessing?

Anonymous said...

so what is it, exactly, that leelee sobieski collects?

Liz said...

#3-1 has to be the Hoff. 80s A lister, loved everywhere but here, in the news a lot lately?

Anonymous said...

10:43.... Better than blood?! How FREAKY! And she's pretty hot! I'd totally do her!

Anonymous said...

leelee must be collecting man juice.

Anonymous said...

You used the term cutie-pie in a Kirsten Dunst blind item?

Anonymous said...

We can be very proud of ourselves, people! I was seeing the comments about this blind items and in general at least 1 person was right! For some of them ent'updates are just a confirmation. We are very good! lol

Anonymous said...

for #8 the after party hand job how about Larry King. his show tapes out here in LA so he local for the parties.

Anonymous said...

1.) 1. Sandra Bullock
2. Morgan Fairchild

2.) 1. Megan Fox
2. ?
3. Alan and Robin Thicke
4. Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood

3.) ?

4.) 2. Beyonce
3. Ashlee Simpson

5.) 3. Lindsay Lohan

6.) 1. Anderson Cooper
2. Aly Hilfiger and James Blunt

7.) 1. Courtney Cox Arquette
2.-4. ?

8.) Carson Daly

10.) 1. Terrence Howard

11.) 1. Haylie Duff

12.) 2. Kim Kardashian

13.) 1. ?
2. Pat Sajack

14.) 1. Vanessa Williams

15.) 2. Trishelle
3. Russell Crowe

16.) 1. Daniel Craig
2. Lindsay Lohan

17.) 1. ?
2. Virginia Madsen

18.) 1. John Travolta
2. Marc Anthony/JLo- American Idol

Anonymous said...

Thanks ENT!


Anonymous said...

for #2 my gut is telling me Jessica Biel for 1&2 and Adam Sandler for the guy she scrwed. but i can't find any info about Jessica be formaly attached to any of Adams upcoming prodjects.

Anonymous said...

#8 Craig Ferguson?

Anonymous said...

Awww is #7 - 4 Danny Bonaduce? :(

Tracee said...

#1-1: Sandra. She spends alot of time in Austin although she's not from Texas. So that has to be the connection.

I think #1-2 is Morgan Fairchild too. She was born in Dallas and she was on that show Fashionhouse although I don't if it still comes on but there were lots of young men on that show.

Damn, I'm moving slow today.

Anonymous said...

These are really fun reveals Enty, but instead of giving us so many at one time could you please do this say, once a week or every two weeks or so? It is exhausting to try and get through them all (probably due to the fact that I am terrible at these guesses).

Love the full reveals; I wish they were all that way.

Anonymous said...

ok - here's a stab
1.1. Sandra Bullock, 2. Morgan Fairchild

2.3 Alan and Robin Thicke

3.1 Hoff, duh. 3.3 what is she collecting?? (shudder)

5.3 Lilo

6.1 Anderson Cooper

7.1 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, 7.2 Kiki Dunst

11.1 Jessica Simpson with John Mayer, imagining J. Love Hewitt, Pimpa Joe knowing it's a farce

12.2 Kim Kardashian

13.2 Matt Lauer, 13.3. You GO girl!

Anonymous said...

14.1 Wouldn't it be great if this was Eva Longoria? Sounds like just the type of thing she'd do!

15.2 Kristin Cavalleri, 3. Robin Williams or Mel?

16.1 Orlando Bloom, 2. Amy Winehouse

18.1 Costner, 2. J Lo and Skeletor

Anonymous said...

#11 Chris Daughtry

De said...

#5-3: Could this be Nicole Richie? "not just for her sake" could mean the kid she's carrying...

And she did have an album slated to come out, and she has modelled before...

It's just Ent's phrasing that makes me wonder on this one that its not Lilo.


Anonymous said...

Number one - got to CDAN site. Number two - open up second window that corresponds to the blind items. Number 3 - carefully match blinds to hints and reveals.


Cyn - I'm a gossip addict

Anonymous said...

for #18 1. - i know that john travolta wear a lace front wig, i'm not sure if that's who this item is referring to tho.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Chris Daughtry for #11. My thoughts exactly. It's sad for his wife.

Unknown said...

jamie kemmedy... b list?


schneefloeckli said...

#1 Texas Connections - 1- Still together and recent adversity has brought them closer.

This A list actress wants to be married only once which is why she is working so hard at saving a marriage that is becoming one problem after another. Always hesitant to marry, and famous for just having boyfriends, this actress finally took the plunge. The plunge though was not what she was expecting. Always publicity shy, her husband's past actions are forcing her into the public eye much more than she would like. It seems as if her husband did not tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth when they were dating and his past mistakes and relationships are coming back to haunt him and our actress. She wants it to all go away, but new problems surface everyday. As things grow more tense, they are spending less time together, and the feeling is that is not if they will split up, but when.

Jennifer Garner is allegedly pregnant with their second child. It all fits perfectly. She's from Houston, Texas.

Anonymous said...

It's Sandra Bullock. She was always on talk shows saying she didn't want to get married. Her husband had some lawsuits filed against him which were making the news, and then this woman starts stalking Sandra and tried to run down Jesse. I think she might have been involved with him in the past, thus the "past mistakes and relationships are coming back to haunt him and our actress".

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Garner was married to Scott Foley before Ben.


Anonymous said...

yup, Daughtry for 11.2.
I like his album, but I hear he's a total horndog cheater. Poor wifey..


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