Friday, July 06, 2007

May Blind Item Updates With 12 New Reveals

#1 - Jackass ex - He has been on the blog within the past three weeks

#2 Sex plane - Had a number one movie at some point within the last year.

#3 Woman buying tighty whiteys - ****New reveal****Julia Roberts

#4 Four For Friday - 1-cable reality show 2-Has a problem with former houses 3&4 - All four are always together now in public.

#5 Academy Award actress diva/rebuild career - Started with television

#6 Bearded couple and the wife scores the ladies for both of them - He has made an appearance before in a blind item or two on this site.

#7 Actress in a loving lesbian relationship - Still together. Referenced this relationship again within the last week or so.

#8 Jackass v Kindness - MAC actress and Apartment hero - Jackass - not married and he is a big metrosexual Kindness - Nick and Vanessasexphotominillo

#9 Four For Friday - 1-think southern 2-daughter is an actress also 3-she has new breasts 4-My mom

#10 Actor with strippers in the middle of nowhere- maybe this is why there was a break up with his past girlfriend

#11 More from #10 - makes sense when you figure out the movie

#12 Wife posing as public health official - would you believe they are still together. Well he is a very smooth talker

#13 Female reality star deep into drugs - for once I wish it hadn't happened.

#14 Four For Friday Fill In The Blanks - ****New Reveal****1.Kelly Clarkson 2.Reba McEntire 3.Narvel Blackstock 4.Ronnie Dunn 5. Brooks and Dunn

#15 Wife beaten and locked up - He has a new girlfriend who is photographed with him and then disappears for a week even when he is out and then she shows back up again.

#16 Girl Scout cookie scofflaw - think balding

#17 Engaged actress who pretends not to be - ****New reveal**** Stacy Keibler, Jennifer Aniston

#18 TJ hooker fun - She is there when you see the photos and she wasn't there a few months ago.

#19 Four For Friday - 1-****New reveal****Jared Leto 2-****New reveal****Jennifer Love Hewitt 3-Actually bought a car not too long ago just so he could keep playing 4-He has been out of the country filming for two months Bonus-Looks very good in a bikini

#20 Maid with no confidentiality agreement - I can't talk about this one right now.

#21 Trailer park pot grower - think foreign

#22 Holier than thou art family - One of the comments was a very good guess

#23 Gay icon on L Word - ****New reveal**** k.d lang and Leisha Haley


Anonymous said...

Why don't you reveal any of the good ones ent? Are they made up?

Anonymous said...

i would rather all the reveals were listed with the BI...this makes it annoying...i dont even want to go back to the originals...make it fun next time, not like work...

and anyone who thinks im mean...well i dont care...u know this is too much work for something meant to be fun

kellygirl said...

Off Topic - Where is the blind about the dogfighting situation? The feds raided the home of NFL player Michael Vick. Do we have a reveal?

Hez said...

#4/2 is referencing another BI about an actor who keeps showing up at houses he's lived in before. Was it Nick Nolte?

#5 still sounds like Marisa Tomei. She got her start on the Cosby spin-off "A Different World" (yes, I am that old).

#7 I know we always guess Anne Hathaway for this one but Ent posted her photo this week and made some cryptic comment about how she looks "different".

#8 I think we thought this one to be Nicolette Sheridan, although is M.Bolt a big metro or just a huge bag of old gross?

#10/#11 I think we were saying Vince Vaughn for #10 and Sean Penn for #11.

#18 - where are these famous "photos"?

#19/4 Rob Lowe? Jason Bateman? Bonus - Hillary Duff?

#20 - Foreign might mean Canadian, I suppose (but probably not). Still got nothing, tho.

#22 - Someone guessed one of the kids from Hanson but I'm not sure if they fit based on their Wiki. Any other artsy/rock families out there? Help!!

Anonymous said...

"one of the comments was a very good guess", when there are fifty-eight comments - is no clue.

All this hoopla with FEW reveals, when we were promised reveals.

EL - Love ya honey, but you suck.

Hez said...

I noticed that in among the guesses and reveals there are surprisingly few appearances of gossip site faves like Mischa Barton and the dudes from friends (especially since the ladies are so well represented here).

Who else are we missing??

Anonymous said...


Sean Penn - #1
Vince Vaughn - #2

Into the Wild - movie

Alaska Bush Company - strip club

Anonymous said...

Is #9 - 1 Reese Witherspoon?

#13 - why? Because you now realize she was probably pregnant at the time? :(

#19 bonus: Well I SAY I am impressed Miss Duff.


Anonymous said...

Oh, #13 Miss Richie, my bad...


Anonymous said...

ENT, I think you are awesome. Do people forget that you don't "owe" us anything at all?

Anonymous said...

twisted sister -- sure, there were lots of comments on the original item (my count was 86, but eh), but there were actually very few guesses. and several were ruled out by multitudes of non-wiki information. i think the answer is there.

Anonymous said...

#21 Serj Tankian, singer for System of a Down. Born in Lebanon of Armenian heritage. Moved to LA as a child. Three number one CDs since 2001. can't recall any No. 1 CDs in the 90s so it may not be him.

Anonymous said...

Christ EL, your reveals are to the ones we all guessed and are totally obvious. Give us answers to some of the harder ones!!

Anonymous said...

#19 Bonus-Beyonce

Anonymous said...

#2 will smith

Anonymous said...

#6 Is absolutly NICK CAGE. No doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

#19.4: Mark-Paul Gosselaar?

Original BI:Talk about a tightwad, this former teen heartthrob movie actor and now usually an ensemble television actor is not someone you want to be behind in line at a grocery store. This actor who still has plenty of money obviously also has plenty of time. He has been known to take three hours strolling the aisles of a grocery store comparing prices and checking his coupons. Not just two or three coupons mind you, but hundreds and hundreds which he then sorts through at the checkout line. A good point for him is that he is aware that he is taking a great deal of time and thus is very friendly to the cashier and to all the people in line behind him, but it still can take 20 minutes to get him checked out.

Ent's latest clue: He has been out of the country filming for two months.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar's latest project was to film for a TV Pilot, Law Dogs. Filming was for a few months (wrapped up in May, probably started in March). But I can't find any info on where it was filmed. If it's an American show, it must have been filmed in Canada. I also can't tell if Ent's clue "has been out" means that he's still out, or was out at the time he reported the original BI in May.

Anonymous said...

8:12AM, I don't think it's MPG. The clue says movie actor and I can't think of any movies he's been in. I think if it was a heartthrob TV actor he'd be a shoe-in.

Anonymous said...

#18 Robin Williams

Anonymous said...

Really hope #13 is not Nicole Ritchie since all the press is saying her pregnancy is confirmed. She would have been pregnant right around this time.

Anonymous said...

he can't reveal the good ones b/c they are lies. site SUCKS.

Anonymous said...

You're right 6:58 & the rest are news items w/o the names spun into BS "blinds".

Anonymous said...

You're right 6:58 & the rest are news items w/o the names spun into BS "blinds".


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