Monday, July 02, 2007

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Charm School recap

Rebecca Gayheart had quite the weekend. Here she is grabbing her husband's business, and then she went ahead and decided to let the whole world see what only he usually sees. Unless of course you believe the rumors, but those are just rumors and couldn't possibly be true could they?

Blonde Ambition is so bad that even airlines don't want to show it.

So I had someone write to me and say they didn't want me to trash Pete Doherty anymore. They were one of the very few who thought Pete writing a book was good idea. They treated his words like Holy Scripture. I was just surprised that Pete even could still put enough brain cells together to actually come up with letters, let alone complete sentences. When people actually showed up to buy his book, he must have been feeling really good because he cheated on Kate that day with a South African model named Lindy. Yes, like the dive in Back To School, although that was a triple Lindy and let's face it, I doubt Pete is doing anything three times other than looking for clean needles and a guitar pick. So Pete basically had a supermodel who although aging and used still allows Pete to live off her money, live at her place, and hasn't kicked his butt out for a million other indiscretions. I think Pete is stupid for cheating on Kate, BUT I also think she will take him back again and again because she has always done so in the past.


Anonymous said...

How. The. Fuck. Does. This. Disgusting crackhead. Score MODELS!?!? He makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I guess they have a death wish.

Anonymous said...

I am sure he controls their situstion this way.

She gets mad,kicks him out,he is in the press next thing embarassing her. She then reels him back in.

Repeat,play, rewind

Anonymous said...

I have never heard any Rumors about Gayheart....What are they?
I can't believe all these crack heads get attention for doing fucking nothing....I bust my ass everyday at work to make less than half of what they are making just by doing nothing and taking drugs and being in Jail. I wish I could change it. He's a waste of space...I want to give him a bath.

Anonymous said...

It's because Kate wants him.

I'm guessing.

Anonymous said...

Crack: not conducive to good decision-making.

Anonymous said...

It's BI Reveal Week!!! Let's get it started with Gayheart & Hubby! Ent is hinting at the McSteamy BI Reveal. Which one could it be....hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I think it's referring to a BI about a married couple where the hubby swings both ways. to dig.

Pete Doherty is dirty, but what does that say about a woman who constantly puts up with this BS even though she's got a daughter to think of? I think Kate is nasty, she just makes it look better.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the BI something about an actor being a former prostitute or something?

Anonymous said...

Charm School = Former Flava of Love Hos = Flava Flav pics that have been shown in here the past couple of weeks = BI clue = FLAVA FLAV!!! (now I just have to figure out the BI)


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