Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Random Photos Part Two

It seemed like a really good idea until the horse started taking craps all over the hotel floor.
You can just tell Michelle Rodriguez is nervous in dresses, but she looks so good. She and Portia are the two lesbians I would most like to see switch teams.
Is Ty Murray really wearing a hat which lists all his titles and awards? Maybe he should just bring a resume. What would he say if Jewel went to the party with all her awards written on her dress?
The Katie Holmes duck walk makes it to France and Fergie is a big fan.
They really don't look like an astronaut and his wife, but Buzz Aldrin and his wife sure do look like a bunch of fun.


Hez said...

That Alaskan yodeler sure is channeling Britney during the "Paris BFF" fiasco.

Anonymous said...

I think someone's being harsh on this beautiful horse.

The humans are no doubt FAR messier with their toiletry habits and there's no way that horse will be doing lines of coke everywhere so it gets my vote.

Hez said...

I've heard that horse has a raging ketamine habit tho.

So sad. So much potential.


Anonymous said...

^^ No no that's a rival PR plant rumor from Sarah Jessica Parker's stable. That horse is a health freak, I know him personally. Bottled water and Pilates is his thing.

Hez said...


Mr. Ed must be turning in his glue pot.


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