Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Music News And Photos

Ash - Virgin Megastore - London
Beverly Sills - 1929-2007
Myleene Klass - Kettners - London
Rushmore - Eden Project - St. Austell, UK
T.I. - MTV - New York

Pete Doherty showed up for court two hours late and then plead guilty to possessing crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis, and ketamine. (I guess he likes variety) He also plead guilty to two driving offenses and for being late today plead guilty to basically being late. The judge ordered Pete to rehab for five days and as long as he does the rehab and doesn't get into trouble before the August 7th sentencing date, Pete should keep himself out of jail again.

A Sonic Youth CD at Starbucks. Part of me says cool, especially since the songs on the CD were picked by some of my favorite artists. The other part of me doesn't want Sonic Youth to sell out and be right next to Paul McCartney and Yanni at the counter.

Rocco DeLuca & The Burden

Tue 07/03/07 Tempe, AZ The Clubhouse Music Venue
Wed 07/04/07 Tucson, AZ Hilton El Conquistador
Fri 07/06/07 Los Angeles, CA Music Box @ Fonda
Sat 07/07/07 Mission Viejo, CA Lake Mission Viejo Park
Sun 07/08/07 San Diego, CA House Of Blues
Mon 07/09/07 San Francisco, CA The Independent
Fri 07/13/07 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom
Sat 07/14/07 Seattle, WA The Showbox


Anonymous said...

I guess at this point I'm okay with Sonic Youth making some big bucks. God knows they've lived 'indie ethics' truer than just about anyone else out there.

I expect Kiss will cash in on that Starbucks deal any old time.

As far as Pete Doherty - the people of England need to stand up and make some noise. Does everyone else there get away with stuff as easily as he does?

kellygirl said...

How the hell does pete keep getting off with rehab? It's clearly NOT working! I think a little forced detox is in order.

Anonymous said...

wow more music updates, big wup. how about a DS/ZX update?

Anonymous said...

And Paris gets 23 days in jail for a .08 DUI and driving while suspended?


Anonymous said...

5 days of rehab??? WTF is that gonna do???

Anonymous said...

"forced detox" so you support torture as a punishment for non-violent criminals?

Anonymous said...

Oi, Ent! You've got at least 2 readers from MN and you cut off your Rocco tour prior to when he gets here! I'm planning on going when the BF picks up tickets.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Rocco Deluca coverage! you rock Ent!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pete doing/possessing drugs - he is only hurting himself.

Paris driving pissed - could hurt other people.

That's the difference.


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