Monday, July 02, 2007

Five Nominees For Best GQ Cover Of All Time

Orlando Bloom - January 2004 - #1 Debut Cover
Brad Pitt - June 2005 - #1 Leading Man Cover
Jessica Alba - April 2005 - #1 Sexiest Woman Cover
Richard Gere - March 1980 - #1 Most Stylish Cover
Sean Connery - April 1966 - Your #1 Icon Cover


Anonymous said...

How does Jessica Alba in her plastic diaper get in that mix! But sorry to say it is Dirty Boy Brad for me!!

Anonymous said...

None of the above.

Here ya go.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bloom and Gere.

Anonymous said...

Russell, mmmmmm.

But then I would have to say Connery, all the way.

Brad has no depth, he is like looking at a pretty soap actor. Boring.

Anonymous said...

Cover #1: BI Clue
Cover # 2: Hot and BI Clue
Cover #3: Disturbing that the "Sexiest Female Cover" looks like she's under 10. Oh, and a BI Clue
Cover #4: Disturbing that a cigarette is on "Most Stylish Cover" Not a BI Clue, but the subject of one of the most notorious Hollywood Rumors ever (gerbil)
Cover #5: Best Bond Ever!!! Used to be VERRRY HAIRY. Might be a BI Clue

kellygirl said...

S&S, can you please share a little more insight into BI clues you are picking up? My brain is not fully fired up this a.m. and none of these are ringing any bells for Blinds?

Anonymous said...

10:59- you should read the article attached to that cover. It's like a sustained, extremely loving blow-job. It's obvious the author fell in love with Russell, and who could blame her?

Anonymous said...

Jessica Alba looks fantastic on that cover - - she has a woman's body, fabulous curves.

She is so emaciated now, so ultra-skinny, with that lollipop head look.

Someone should lock her in a room w/a high carb meal and force her to stare at this cover!! This is hot & sexy. T&A all the way!!

Anonymous said...

I love those panties Alba is wearing on that cover, so cute...

Anonymous said...

Orlando. The cig kills it for Gere, Connery is not the nicest of fellas and the pic is nothing special, Alba...very pretty, but hardly the best. It is just like every other cover of a hot chick out there. Pitt looks yummy but the cover does not really do him justice. So my vote is Bloom. Did I mention I think Orlando is so attractive?


Anonymous said...

Orlando heads above the rest. Beautiful head shot of him. I'm 53 and I think he is a beauty.

Jessica Alba in a plastic panty? Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Alba looks silly as a blonde.
Love the wig:) As a brunette he looks goofy.

Connery, hands down.



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