Friday, July 06, 2007

April Blind Item Updates With 11 New Reveals

#1 Two of them including white power one - 1-Still paying 2-Think comedy with a live studio audience.

#2 Two of them - 1-Shannon Elizabeth - Joe Reitman. They are broken up but it is a very strange relationship. 2-Did the same thing at the Pirates premiere.

#3 Rock star with the Xanax challenge - *****New reveal**** Howie Day (I almost wrote Howie Long and then would have got my ass kicked)

#4 Two of them - 1-****New reveal**** Joan van Ark 2-****New reveal*****Kate Jackson

#5 Four For Friday - 1-3 initials to the show not his name 2-*****New reveal*****Tim Allen 3-She has been everywhere and hosting anything that will take her 4-Think A++

#6 Golfer who ducked out of the pro shop - He really does play lots of golf

#7 Juice bimbo - Somehow, someway she moved up to A list but he lives further away from the juice bar so they are all happy she doesn't come in anymore

#8 Fertility doctor is really counseling - They got married.

#9 Hulk Hogan and his wife

#10 Four For Friday - 1-British 2-two more dogs 3-still with the guy 4-popbitch

#11 B actor pretending he is straight - show canceled

#12 A list actress with the helpful maid - They found one !!!

#13 Greedy actress wants sponsors and money - *****New reveal***** Eva Longoria

#14 Four For Friday - 1- she is in a new movie 2-still selling 3-*****New reveal****Vanessa Minnillosexphoto 4-****New reveal*****Jack Nicholson

#15 *****New reveal***** Paris Hilton and that guy she was going out with--K-Fed was the one the tabs picked

#16 Actor with porn trailer - next film location is out of the country

#17 Singer with assistant -*****New reveal****** k.d lang

#18 Eyebrows****New reveal***** Jamie Foxx

#19 Four For Friday - 1-****New reveal****Jessica Alba 2-easy 3-NOT Rose M. 4-Pretends to be goody goody

#20 Third actress doesn't get to join in much - She got rid of him recently. Very recently.


Anonymous said...

oh man, we were so off on some of these! LOL.

Anonymous said...

#1 -- nice/popular guy in live audience hit tv comedy donating to white power groups (Kevin James? Billy Ray Cyrus?)

Anonymous said...

#5-1 is Gary Sinise

Anonymous said...

#5 - 3 This divorced B list actress but A list celeb has her house mortgaged to the hilt. She doesn't have much money coming in from the ex, and not getting much high paying work. There is no more equity in the house and no more money to borrow anywhere. Look for her to be everywhere in the next few months and to do anything to get some money. It's either that or bankruptcy.

Sharon Stone

#5 - 4 This A list movie actor who brings in over $10M a film gave exactly $500 to charity in 2006. Happy Easter Mr. Generous.

Leonardo DiCaprio

#6 Easter Sunday is supposed to be a time spent with family. OK, so I guess if you have the time and inclination you could maybe get in a round of golf. This married A list movie actor told his wife he needed to relax and so was going out to Palm Springs to play some golf. He showed up at the golf course. He went inside the pro-shop and gave the head pro a few hundred dollars and said that if his wife called to tell her that the actor was out on the course and no cell phones are allowed there. Then he was to call the actor's cell phone and tell him the wife called. The actor then left the pro shop with a woman who was not dressed to play golf and drove away. Now it's possible this twosome played golf somewhere else, but I think he was trying to put his ball into another cup if you know what I mean. **Note to other actors who try this. Spread the $$ around to all the staff at the shop so they don't go blabbing away.**

Kevin Costner or Michael Douglas

#10 This A list actor with a foreign accent has a production company in the US. So he had several deductions for meals and such which are fine, but the restaurants were none the accountant had ever heard of which was really unusual. When he asked the actor about it, the actor said well they aren't really restaurants per se, they are more like social clubs where he could spend time alone with a lady or two or three, some drinks, and a bedroom. To make it easier they put restaurant in their name. There are 365 days in the year. Our actor went 114 times. Nice.

Hugh Grant

#19-2 2. So, this person you either love or hate was all set to do an exclusive party in the Land Down Under. Big bucks were coming his way. So, what he decided to do was go ahead and double book two parties, even though he had promised both of them exclusivity. He thought the two hosts would agree to something and he would get two fees. Well, neither host would budge and both were irate. Finally one had enough and just said you can have him. Except for a little nudge from someone, our person could have ended up with no parties and is very lucky to still have one.

Perez Hilton

Anonymous said...

Geezus it took me 45 minutes to get through reading all the clues again!

Anonymous said...

#20 is Lisa Kudrow. Pics came out this week of her not wearing her wedding ring and everyone is speculating that it's over between her and her hubby.

Anonymous said...

These are tough!

5.1 would have to be either LO SVU or CSI. I like the Gary Sinise guess. 5.3 Sharon Stone. 5.4 Mel Gibson

6 - Kevin Costner - Mr Happy Ending himself

10. Hugh Grant

11 - B-list tv actor on new network - would have to be the CW, right? What shows have been canceled? Everwood? One Tree Hill? Don't watch much there...

Anonymous said...

#11 Gale Harold? His show was on Fox and canceled.

Liz said...

1-1 : Drew Carey?

Anonymous said...

11 - B-list actor... maybe someone on Veronica Mars or Gilmore Girls?

Anonymous said...

Veronica Mars... hmmm... well I've met Dohring & Muhney and as far as I could tell, both straight (and married I think). Who else was in it? I've not watched it much.

How about someone in the Gilmore Girls?

Anonymous said...

Sure about Hugh Grant for #10-1? IMDB lists his production company as based in the UK (

However, Jude Law's is listed as US (

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:12 - nope, wasn't sure, just guessing. So it's Jude Law who is writing off hookers. WHAT a surprise! (tongue implanted firmly in cheek)

Anonymous said...

#19 3------Christina RICCI She looks so different and dramatically so. There is NO WAY she has NOT had plastic surgery and she went the whole way!

She is unrecognizable anymore!

Anonymous said...

#19 3------Christina RICCI She looks so different and dramatically so. There is NO WAY she has NOT had plastic surgery and she went the whole way!

She is unrecognizable anymore!

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit on the Howie Day groupie one. I personally know a couple of the guys in Howie's band. I've been around them many, many times when there are groupies around. I don't know Howie, and maybe he is capable of some of the stuff the ENT is accusing him of.. but the whole band gangbanging a groupie would not happen. The dropping a groupie out in the middle of nowhere would not happen. Period. The members that I know of his band are first rate guys, and I'm disgusted that he would post something so vulgar and tarnishing.


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