Thursday, July 05, 2007

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I'm guessing there just wasn't enough money in it for Paul, or Jennifer has had enough to get her through until winter.

What could possibly make Kim Porter want to move out? I can't believe she stuck it out this long.

Kate Moss' parents are cock-a-hoop. I'm guessing that is something good or some kind of sex game which would also be good. In this context it has something to do with Kate getting rid of Pete. Does anyone think he'll be back? Hmmmm. Anyone? Anyone?

Avril gets sued. I was hoping for hit by a car and losing the ability to sing, but this is a start.

Tony took Eva on a helicopter trip. Somehow she managed to remain in the helicopter until landing. I blame seat belts or the fact that Tony didn't want embarrassing questions if he tossed her out.

INF Daily wants to know who the big hairy guy with Britney is. I think he's wearing a wig also so maybe it's some kind of club they belong to. Of course it looks like this guy went to the Chris Benoit school of exercise also so maybe that's the reason for the wig.

So, we're thinking that's an energy drink in Lindsay's hand and not a big old 40 of Colt. 45 right?

Dane Cook is back for seconds with Jessica Simpson.

Dori Cooperman reminds me of Jennifer Jason Leigh in SWF.


Anonymous said...

that guy with britney is her bodyguard...he had that porn star mustache before...that may be why people don't recognize him right away.

Anonymous said...

when I read the first headline I thought about a completely different Paul and Jennifer...

Anonymous said...

Eva can't push Tony out of a helicopter until he puts her on his will and they're legally married.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:13 - read it again. It says that he can't believe Tony didn't punt her out.

Tracee said...

Hahaha! Avril! That's what you get for making that sucky song that gets stuck in my head. Oh...and for being an obnoxious sour puss.

Hey Ent, you've bee watching ALOT of Ferris Bueller huh? I'll bite. She'll take him back, although if she does I'm officially putting her on the crazy list with Brit, Nicole and Lindsay. But I could be saying the same thing with Kim P. God these women should meet each other they have soooo much in common.

Anonymous said...

The break-up between jennifer anniston and paul : I smell a masquerade à la Jake gyllenhaal and reese whiterspoon = just for publicity! lol

kellygirl said...

That guy with LinZ is Lorenzo Lamas' son. Lorenzo is one of the biggest PIGS in this town. I suspect the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. LinZ is still addicted to drama and possibly masochistic. You'd hope that costly recovery program would be dealing with some of these deeper issues

Anonymous said...

The closest Jen and Paul ever got to each other was a conference call in Huvane's office.

Anonymous said...

Is anybody actually buying the Jen Aniston as a straight woman angle? Not me. Maniston all the way.


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Anonymous said...

i agree with ent, kim has been putting up alot of crap from diddy from over the years, not exactly sure why she would continue to have his babies after all the cheating - with men and women.



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