Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Christian Dior Fashion Show Attendees

When you see Charlize Theron look like this you remember why she is a movie star.
This is Camilla al Fayed. She's rich and she's hot and therefore will have nothing to do with me.
Although this guy seems to be doing pretty well with Sofia and at least I bathe sometimes.

I love you Kate but it looks like you raided Goldie's closet and found something from 30 years ago. I keep expecting to see shag carpeting under your feet and you calling everyone over to the fondue pot.
Speaking of fondue pots. There are some things I could do with some melted cheese. Never mind.
Ellen's fiance is keeping a very close eye on his investment.
Do you think Dita ever says "screw it, I'm not putting it all on today." It just seems like a tremendous amount of work for her to just get ready.


Anonymous said...

how much body makeup does dita use anyway?

Anonymous said...

There was a picture of dita from earlier this year where she was wearing hardly any make-up...she looked about 12 and still gorgeous

kellygirl said...

Dita is striking! I cannot undertand what she, or any woman, could see in MM.
Not the best look for Charlize. The makeup is NOT glam.
I think Kate Hudson looks great, although the dress is a bit large on her.
Jessica Alba is minor league, at best, with these gals.
Ellen looks to have gained a few lbs. Good for her! the dress is fug, though. I wonder if her dude is the subject of any Blinds. He strikes me a little shady.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I agree Dita is striking, but wow is she pale.
Ya know the more I think about it, the more I think Manson must have a big schlog and be really sensitive. Maybe that's what ladies like Rose, Dita and unfortunately Rachel are gettin. i don't get it, but we all know the saying about beauty.

Ent, you're spot on with KateH. I believe she is channeling her mother a little too much. But hell if my mama was Goldie I'd raid her closet too. What am I talking about I already raid my mom's closet.

Jessica is boring. I'm starting to believe the rumors that she as stupid as a rock, okay either that or the smokin' crack. Or maybe she was brainwashed by Tom Cruise's alien followers. Something's off.


Anonymous said...

Dita looks like a dead ringer for Joan Cusack. Not sure why everyone falls all over themselves for her. She's a master at publicity, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dita is a master at publicity but she's a goddess in my eyes.

I wish Kate Hudson would stop trying to be like her mother. I love Goldie Hawn and there will never be another of her. I think Kate needs to find her own personality. Was that too catty of me to say that??

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Kate's dress! Is it just me?

But on anyone even a little bit bigger it would look like a sack.

Anonymous said...

Does Sofia Coppola seem to have a bit of a baby bump? She's usually soo skinny.
And; could Ellen P. fiancee be guarding her new breast implants? She looks bustier to me.



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