Friday, July 13, 2007

Chuck And Larry Premiere (Warning: Extra Snarky)

Jackie gets the top spot because she got Adam to finally put on something besides shorts and a t-shirt. I think she may have had to give up her bra to win though.
I love Anna Faris, but what happened to her? Just a nose job or much more?
These are sisters and they look frisky. I'm feeling a little frisky. One of my blow up dolls popped this week so I've been kind of lonely. Someone asked me how I wanted the Duff sisters to pose? Like this, but with less clothes.
We're all thrilled you showed up too sweetie.

Jessica Biel looks good when she's really far away.
Because when you get up close it looks like someone broke her jaw and restructured her face.
Mr. Price Is Right.
Immediately after this photo was taken, Emmanuelle Chriqui went to the girls behind her and gave a lecture on the mysterious wonders of double sided tape.
Still living off that Thorn Birds thing huh?

Is Mickey Dolenz the Monkee with the really hot daughter?
A lesser man wouldn't have posed in front of Wetzel's Pretzels.
Acting skills like this should translate really well for her box office success.
They do kind of look like a very cute gay couple.
It's one thing for a couple to dress alike, but you have to love the fact they pulled it off in lime green.
No one saw Taylor Dayne for 20 years and now we can't get rid of her. Did I miss something? Did she get a show or an album or something?
Candace Bailey with her greatest acting challenge to date.
His career has come down to saying four words in each Adam Sandler movie.
I'm guessing they are all his and all headed one a one way ticket to spending all of dad's money and not working a day in their life.


each of the two said...

don't mean to be vicious, but Ray's kids are really fugly.

Anonymous said...

yesterday ent says that "he" doesn't get why people find maria sharapova sexy, today he says jessica beil only looks good from far away. ent is obviously really a chick or he's gay. either way it's cool, we will accept you ent, you are among friends.

Mother Campfire said...

Well, 'he' is right...

And I actually agree with everything he said. What's up with Anna??

kellygirl said...

I don't know who those two sisters are but let's hope they don't next resort to a Hilton sister pose in the back of the limo with their vajayjays stuck together. hmmm, Sure hope Nikie came out of that photo op with a follow-up visit to her physician.
Emmanuelle Chriqui looks great!

Unknown said...

For six months I've been saying that Ent must be a woman. It becomes more and more evident, I agree.
Taylor Danes used to look a bit like Fergie. Now she looks like she had half a gallon of Botox pumped into her face. She must have had quite an overhaul,- she is unrecognisable!


Hez said...

I'm going to have nightmares about those Romano twins. They look like they're going to need all Dad's money if they're ever going to get laid.

And I know other straight guys that don't think Biel is all that either.

If you've been listening to him go ON and ON (and ON) about Eva Mendes and Jamie Lynn Sigler all this time, you wouldn't doubt his sexuality so much. He just has a "type" -- and the blondes ain't it.

Jes said...

Wow. Ray has got some FUGLY kids. My eyes hurt.

Jessica Beil is not a pretty girl. Nice ass body, but not a pretty face at all.

Anonymous said...

I used to think Biel had her moments and angles, and now we know why we never see her in a close-up -- she's really very plain. That's why Timberlake went for her: Cameron^2

kimmypie1 said...

I must be in the minority, but I think Jessica Biel is pretty (most of the time)

SpaSuzy said...

Romano's just making sure his boys get cast as the Hanson Brothers if a remake of "Slap Shot" gets greenlighted.

Does anyone know who the gals in the third and fourth pics are?

Kelsey said...

anna faris is practically unrecognizable. why didn't she stick to the dark hair a la scary movie? that platinum blonde makes her look cheap. then again..

Bryn said...

I think Jessica Biel is very attractive, it's just that she looks like she has too many teeth in her mouth. And they are all huge.

The sisters posing together were on American Idol. One was rejected early on. The other lasted a few weeks, I think.

Unknown said...

Who's the less than thrilled crab in the red dress?

Angela said...

k, Anna Faris is reportedly legally blond. She had dyed her hair black in the first two Scary Movies to look like Neve Campbell.

Another false brunette is Winona Ryder. She has been dying her hair black since she's 11. In Edward Scissorhands, she wore a blond wig.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add: Ian Zeiring is still gorgeous (despite little pin-prick pupils AGAIN)

bluegirl said...

You're not in the minority Kim, JB may be plain as someone above pointed out (and probably even plainer without those huge lips) but she certainly isn't 'ugly'.

NatD said...

I would KILL (metaphorically speaking) to have JB's body, with a little less tone. My hubby likes T & A, but not all that muscular tone. Ok, I take it back, I need to look like Ice-T's wife, Coco! LOL!!


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