Friday, July 13, 2007

Morning Links

How can a guy like this get Gina Gershon? Money, Money, Money. Maybe I can win the lottery and then I could at least get someone to return my phone calls. Of course not returning phone calls is bad, but how about someone who flies across the country to get away from me just so they have a convenient excuse not to go out on a date and then are very vague when they may in fact come back to California, if ever. It's not like I didn't offer to get my back hair waxed because I did. I even thought about getting it transplanted to my bald head.

Well at least K-Fed likes women of all colors of the rainbow. Liz Hernandez is his latest victim.

Shanna Moakler needs to find a new guy. This time for sure. Well as sure as Pam and Tommy.

Fifteen years of drugs and hard partying would make anyone feel old and haggard. I don't think it's an exclusive condition to Kate Moss.

I don't know if this is true or not, or just some weird drug hallucination, but Elisha Cuthbert can tell a cool story.

Paris' cousin also has a wee bit of a drinking problem. OK, maybe not so wee. She's also looking really rough for 20. If she's not careful she's going to look like Anna Nicole Smith's cousin. You know the one who looked 65 but was really 19 and had no teeth and was always visiting during ratings season.

7 comments: said...

I don't think Pete and Kate are going to get back together this time. They were my favorite couple.

Unknown said...

Shanna Moakler seems terribly pathetic to me. The whole Paris feud didn't exactly raise my opinion of her.

kellygirl said...

Ron Perelman sure likes the hard-ass manly women. I think Gina is hot, but she and Ellen Barkin both strike me as the type of gal that could and would kick the sh!t out of any dude.

Hez said...

If only K-Fed had boobs and Perelman had a busted-ass weave... now THAT would be a match made in tabloid heaven.

Tracee said...

I hope Kate won't forget to rehab her cooch. That's gonna take a lot of time, I mean I'm sure some cooties have built nice homes, even villages in there. But I BELIEVE in her, I believe her cooch can be rejuvenated as well.

(Okay my fingers were crossed. I'll try a better lie later.)

sunny said...

No amount of money in the entire world could convince me to fuck RP. What is it with these women?

Unknown said...

I don't understand why anyone still hires Kate Moss anyway. I thought the heroin-chic look was over. If she really wants to look less hagard then I suppose the'll have to rid herself of that parasite rent-boy rocker Pete.

Gee, what a pity. They made such fine tabloid fodder.


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