Thursday, July 12, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Lauren Graham.
Is Marcus looking less healthy lately or do I just think everyone is dropping weight for no apparent reason.

Kanye and Russell Simmons. Sometimes it's really cool there are so many cameras around.
John Stamos with the Beach Boys. Are they really boys anymore? They have grandkids as old as Stamos.
That look of affection is normal. Right?
My favorite photo of Tinsley Mortimer.

So, I'm wondering how long it took Tyson to decide to work for Mercedes in Miami during Fashion Week.
At the same party (DJ Cassidy's birthday) that brought us Kanye and Russell brings us something even more rare than a Claire Danes burp. A Sarah Michelle Gellar smile. Holy shit and it even looks real.
"Hey kid. Here's my phone number. Call me in ten years and I'll do you."
Speaking of getting done by Diddy.


B :) said...

Hi LG!!!

I didn't recognize Shenkenberg. Is he on Jenny Craig too?

Russell is so nice. I just don't understand why he chooses to believe there is "no such thing as blood diamonds".
Enty any idea why he would be photographed with murderers? Then on the same note be a practioner of Ahimsa?? said...

Do wha Diddy Diddy Dumb Diddy Do....

Jes said...

Marcus is looking a wee bit rough these days.

I'm only 26, but The Beach Boys will never be 'old' to me. LOVE THEM!

Jim Carrey scares me.

Anonymous said...

that girl looks at least ten or eleven years old so i don't think diddy would wait ten years to soil her.

Anonymous said...

We haven't seen Jenny McCarthy alone (without Jim) for awhile. Could that be the significant other who's kept in the basement?

Unknown said...

i cant stand the tinz

Tracee said...

that girl looks at least ten or eleven years old so i don't think diddy would wait ten years to soil her.

So true, Some. Yuck. You made my skin crawl with that one. But true!

Unknown said...

LG looks/is HOT!

Is it just me or does she have a rock on her finger?

sunny said...

lurve LG! so sad GG went away.

Donna said...

Thank you so much for the great laugh. The reference to Mugatu was PERFECT.
Even though I am beginning to hate Ted C, I do thank him for his blind vices, since they eventually led me to this site.
I do wish it was a little bit easier to navigate through...I suppose I will just have to learn.


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