Monday, July 09, 2007

Valentino's 45th Anniversary Celebration

Eva Mendes
Donatella Versace
Claudia Schiffer
Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy
Anne Hathaway
Karl Lagerfeld

Jennifer Hudson
Joan Collins
Gina Lollobrigida
Elle Macpherson
Uma Thurman

Tom Ford
Sienna Miller
Mick Jagger & L'Wren Scott
Matthew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker


Anonymous said...

tom ford! hottest person in these pictures, everyone else is trying too hard.

Anonymous said...

How about Mick Jagger and his "Jerry except she's brunette" look-alike!

Uma's dress is hot.

kellygirl said...

Yes, Tom Ford is hotness - but I think UMA wins this spread.

Hez said...

Lucky for JHud, JColl's mighty cleavage and Tom Ford's mighty sex appeal settled the bile rising in my throat at that baaaad haircut.

When did Sienna Miller morph into Sharon Stone? Shows to go what a change in makeup artists (and judicious use of eyebrow pencil) can do for you.

Unflattering dress, Uma, but gorgeous hair & makeup.

And Claire, tell your 'mo to wear EVENING shoes next time. He looks ridonk.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Claire and the Crudup????

Tracee said...

Uma looks gorgeous. Sometimes that bird nose of hers can be distracting, but she's gorge nonetheless.

Pinky, they busted up awhile back. I think he dumped her, but what could Claire expect. When ur the other woman chances are you won't be any woman down the road.

Anonymous said...

I like Jennifer's hair. She looks more youthful and "fresher"

Anonymous said...

Mick looks like L'Wren's ventriloquist's dummy. Seriously. But who knows? Maybe he is...

Rhianna said...

It really is true - the clothes do make the man (or person). Claire Danes actually manages to look well dressed. Even Donatella managed to pull off well dressed, though I wish she'd loose the orangy glow.

Is it just me are do Joan and Gina look like they may have fought over dresses? Joan has some of that lacish stuff going on, and Gina appears to have stolen Joan's gloves.

Anonymous said...

Pinky said...
What happened to Claire and the Crudup????

12:38 PM

Where you been girlfriend, under a rock?

Anonymous said...

Was black or red mandatory???

The only 2 not wearing those colors are Donatella and Uma.

Anonymous said...

I see Joan Collins went out and bought herself a boob job. Sad.

De said...

anon 8:17pm - nobody does a bright red dress like valentino darling!
and he's second only to dior in black (in my opinion)...tho dior really shines most in haute coutour...

but i'm off topic because i wanna say...

anon 12:21pm - you are so RIGHT! i was just gonna say "geez, mick, have a type much?"

(heck at first i thought it WAS jerry and i was like "oh wait what?!")

Anonymous said...

I think Joan looks fabu. When I'm her age, I hope I look half of good. Biatch has had some excellent plastic surgery!

Mick's girl is Jerry Part 2 - - just a brunette version of her! How creepy is that?

Elle always looks fantastic.

Tracee said...

LOL! i thought that Gina was wearing a the hamburger man on her hand. But no it's just a silk mitten.

Anonymous said...

holy shit, sienna is pregnant. (or eating)

it's p. diddy's. heh.

~bun bun


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