Thursday, July 12, 2007

Random Photos Part Two

Christy Turlington demonstrates the effects of a bad Botox injection.
So Thandie's husband is wearing is ring, but you know the lady is a playa. I believe that is the first time I've used the word playa in the blog and will probably be the last.

I lied. Speaking of playa's. I'm guessing a kick to Diddy's balls may have happened just after this. Perhaps Mr. Diddy was diddling Danity. Yes, I know there's no Danity, but I wanted the whole alliteration thing and so diddling Aubrey wasn't going to work out quite the same.
Keanu on the set of his new movie. You know when he takes a shower and cuts his hair, he actually looks normal. I had someone today tell me I look like a freak and I do shower sometimes so that really hurt. Well maybe I am a freak but that 17 year old girl from the Ukraine thinks I'm hot. Of course I've only talked to her on the internet and she thinks I'm Brad Pitt doing a research paper on former Soviet States but still, it's something.
Speaking of freakish. Good god man buck up or go get yourself a street hooker but get that look off your face.
See I can handle the competition when it's a skinny little Russian dude. Hell, her trainer probably could eat this guy for breakfast.


B :) said...

His shoes say he's her Paves.

Hez said...

His SUIT says he's someone else's Paves later in the evening... ;)

Anonymous said...

Given our comments on the trainer, the trainer prob'ly did eat a little bit of this guy for breakfast.

B :) said...

lol hez snd dnfromn

B :) said...

He's gonna pop jazz hands any second. said...

He's a Manimal deep inside, though. Look at that chest hair.


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