Monday, July 09, 2007

Morning Links

Jack is still the king.

So, Richie Sambora broke up with Denise Richards in Hawaii huh? Wonder if it had something to do with her little friend she took out sunbathing.

Sweet Katie Couric slapped a guy repeatedly when he used a word she didn't like for a broadcast. Granted it was only his arm, but I think it's because she's too short to reach any higher.

Kimberly Stewart is a whore. Actually a whore is better because a whore usually makes some money having sex.

Clay Aiken put his nasty ass feet on a woman's armrest during an airplane flight and wonders why she got mad.

The Spice Girls have hired a therapist for their tour. They are only together for a few days so they either have some serious issues with each other or someone needed a job and this is the best they could come up with.

So which one had sex with the caretaker, or was it with the wife?


Anonymous said...

Ritchie broke up with Denise over some Chapstick? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wasnt their some blind a while ago about swapping husbands/wives ???

kellygirl said...

I find it a little difficult to believe that he was shocked by her use of "chapstick" - is that what the kids are calling it now?
If you are amused by the Clay Aikin story, then you'll certainly enjoy the little clip of him in concert singing "Like a Virgin." It is so macho butch!

Anonymous said...

Kelly, remember the pics of her on the beach with the supposed Chapstick? Except for the small but important fact she was shoving it up her nose?

Anonymous said...

If he broke up with her its because he realized she was clingly and wanted a sugar daddy, He's in rock n roll he seen all the drugs there are .

Anonymous said...

I doubt he was shocked. He just didn't want to have to keep on paying for all that chapstick!

Hez said...

Cue Renise Dichards and her scathing ALL CAPS ATTACK!



Anonymous said...

denise is a klassy woman, y'all! docha just love how she's low on cash so she's playing nice with charlie sheen and his new gf? lol

also, the use of "chapstick" was there ever any doubt? richie doesn't want to keep paying for the damn chapstick thats why he dumped her.

denise has done pretty good for herself, to go from being one of heidi's girls to filming oscar worthy films with pam anderson in canada! sweet.

kellygirl said...

10:47 - yeah, I get it, "chapstick" being code... I'm just saying I don't think he'd be shocked by it. Maybe he was shocked that she was stupid enough to make a public display of her use of "chapstick." At least Heather has mastered the art of discretion, and God knows that girls LOVES her "chapstick."

Anonymous said...

He wasn't shocked by it, he just finally figured out she was a gold digger and he dumped her sorry whoring ass. That was the answer to one of the blind items, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

re Kim Stewart.

a bit much dont ya think? plus i thought only girls go around calling other girls WHORES.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Ent's intent with the word 'whore' as being sexual, could be wrong.
That said, Kim is certainly an attention whore, as is Calum.
Shame for Kimberly as she isn't photogenic in the least (one can only hope she's actually semi attractive in person) that she seems to thrive on getting her picture taken.
Must suck to have such a desire for attention, only to find at least 95% of it to be negative.
As for Calum, he's a loser. His personal business and lack of any sort of semblence of good judgement has been told throughout the world, with pictures, even. Anyone linked with him deserves what they get.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Jack isn't in teh water, or the Japanese whaling fleet might come a-calling...

Clay is an ass. Invading someone's armrest with one's elbow is bad enough - but feet? I'd have 'accidentally' spilled hot coffe on him for that.


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