Saturday, July 14, 2007

Random Photos

All the ho's Bret Michaels is going to take a shot at on his new show.

Would have never guessed this is Britney Spears' house. Where is the doublewide?

Lindsay leaving an AA meeting. Hey at least she's going.

Drew Barrymore in Vogue

Keira Knightley for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle


B :) said...

I thought the same thing!She couldn't have picked such a nice interior.

Chanel composed a great AD.

How much is Drew paying for all this P.R. ?

Brit is gaining momentum.Her next big meltdown isthisclosetohappening.

NatD said...


She didn't pick the interior. These are the furnishings of the former owner. Brit bought the house WITH the furnishings as a package deal. You can learn more about this over at the RealEstalker blog.

From what I hear, her other house (the one she and Kevin lived in together) is TACKY on the inside, with lots of pink and things like fairies for decorations. Not surprising, really.

Either way, she's having a very hard time unloading both houses. Supposedly because they are "tainted" by her ownership. said...

"tainted by her ownership"?

Wow, usually that only happens when a house has a ghost or was the scene of a murder or suicide!!!

Being Britney is a thankless job. As it should be.

B :) said...

lol , Brenda :o)

I have to vent this. Yesterday, a worker threw a rock on "Pale Male's" head and hurt him :(

B :) said...


sorry 4 multi post

peawry said...

Is Drew wearing a fur coat in that second pic? UGH! I will have to rethink my opinion of her. said...

b:) :

Is that your site? That guy is beyond being a douche. He's headed into Brandon Davis douche territory.

I hope he gets busted.

B :) said...

no, I don't have any sites. I just grabbed the 2 most visited palemale sites.

B :) said...

I never knew Chanel made a unisex scent.

__-__=__ said...

None of those pics of Brits place shows the bars. I read there is a bar in every room. Ok, I believe there are several bars in the house. Check the angles of the pics. They aren't showing whole rooms. They're standing at the bars and taking a pic of everything else. I've seen some pics of some rooms with the bars. Truly an alcoholics dream!

NatD said...

re: Palemale

People are such cruel assholes!! How could you torture a defenseless animal! I hope Karma drops a boulder on that asshole's head!

B :) said...

They released the m'ther f'ckers name. I will be walking by there weds. and i'll see for myself what's up.

Paula Zahn's estranged husband is head of the board of that building. He hasn't been a sympathectic player in this mess.


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