Friday, July 13, 2007

Music News And Photos

Jay Black - Assey Levy Park - New York
Bat For Lashes - Manchester Academy - Manchester, UK
Airbourne - The Metro - Sydney
Tommy James - Assey Levy Park - New York

Simon Webbe - GrandWest Casino - Cape Town
Streetlight Song - The Metro - Sydney
Larry Carlton - Gibson Guitar Studio - London
Kirov Opera's "Ring Cycle" - Metropolitan Opera House - New York

Quite possibly the most well written concert review ever.
Santana talks about his new album. I think he also just threw Michelle Branch under the bus even though she won him a Grammy.
iTunes and Universal are in a little tug of war about $$$.

4 comments: said...

Universal will lose that war. iTunes will just drop them for awhile till they come back begging to be with iTunes again. Because nobody is buying CDs much anymore.

These record companies need to wise up, they're almost washed up.

Hez said...

Well-written? Call me a paragraph snob, but I can't get through something that doesn't have a little g.d. white space. Line breaks are good for you. They give you time to breathe and gird your eye-loins for the next set of thoughts.

So yeah, that review might be entertaining, but without the firm hand of a good editor, I find it absolutely unreadable. That's coming from one who's read and edited a shitload of music writing in the last half-dozen years.

Rookie mistake, and a pity. (And hey, I love me some Iggy - best concert rider EVER.)

__-__=__ said...

Santana is so gracious. If everyone would give back like him the music business could only prosper. Loved the link!

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