Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Well I'm sure her boyfriend at least pretends he enjoys waking up next to Hilary Swank.
I certainly hadn't planned on having two Hayden P photos today but I really liked this one of her and then
wanted to show that when you lay down on the beach you don't have to automatically spread your legs like Paris does. Hell, if this was Paris she would already be done with this guy and looking for number two.
Scarlett J on the set of her new movie with Woody Allen. She really does look amazing in that photo. Woody? Well let's just be glad there's not much of him in the photo.

Speaking of looking not good or horrible or a double bagger, Nicky Hilton does her best to look like a man.
Yea. Makeup when you leave the house Kelly. Please.
There are about twenty captions that would work with this photo. Most of them involve the use of that bat in places not suitable for all ears. Some of the captions suggest replacing the ball with her head though and letting someone have some batting practice. So many possibilities and yet, just one whore.
Not a whore, but very excited to actually taste food is Katherine Heigl.


Anonymous said...

Heigl looks awful in that photo, and did Ent wake up on the cranky side of the bed today or what?

Anonymous said...

Considering how hot it was that day the heat was honestly affecting her, James, and in other photos her fans.

I love that she acknowledging her fans and paps in that photo.

Anonymous said...

Cranky? I"m confused. She is waving to people in a very happy way. That doesn't look cranky to me lol.

Anonymous said...

11:15 didn't mean that Heigl looked cranky, ENT's comments just seem mean spirited today....not like him.

Anonymous said...

Why the hostility toward Swank? Did she fire ENT as her lawyer?

I think she looks great in those photos. Not nearly as hard or bony as usual.

Anonymous said...

I have NOT been one of the naysayers....I have been guessing along with the rest, and defended this site...but something is not right...the captions/stories are too full of ugliness...alomost like we are looking at Perez.

Anonymous said...

I agree....just not getting a good feeling about the captions today.

Anonymous said...

Ent in one of is first posts ever says he's friends with Sandra Oh. So every time we see him bashing a cast mate of Ms.Oh we know who is the jealous cast mate in Grey's, don't we?

Anonymous said...

The Ent posts are really mean today without any basis for it. I'm not a fan of Ripa or Swank, but I think they both look fine.

Tracee said...

Ent's snarky today. We have those moments whether we like to admit it or not.

I agree Swank looks good! Her face is half covered.

And Hayden is soo cute. I really hope she doesn't go La Lohan. I'm sure she's not innocent, but just hopin she doesn't go buck wild, ya know cuz she's so bright and cheery.

Scarlet looks good too. Man, I need to get out of my office's florescent (Sp?) light and get some sun! It's working some magic lately.

Anonymous said...

Heigl looks horrible. This is a natural beauty? Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Ent - as of all of us - might just be having one of those days. I'd be too if I'd read the last couple of weeks of comments. I don't disagree his tone of voice has changed since the start, but who's blog hasn't once they've gained experience? (and I'm not sorry Perez fans, that is one blog that has never changed it's white trash format or voice)

Has anyone read Page 6's blinds since the start? Or Ted's for that matter? Have they changed how they were written? Just curious.

I personally think KH is being overtly sarcastic in her expression as well as wave to whomever.

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone read Page 6's blinds since the start? Or Ted's for that matter? Have they changed how they were written? Just curious."

Anon 6:46, you make a very fair argument. I've read Ted since the early days and while his writing hasn't changed, he definitely goes through periods where he's pretty cranky. (read "human"......)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Twisted Sister...it is just human isn't it that we all have off days and Ent seems to be having an off day. So what?!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ent, you must have gotten up on the wrong side today.

I'm mot a Kelly R fan but she looks fine without makeup and I think it shows she can live fine without it too. Too many women are married to their cosmetics and thats just sad.

Anyone who has ever put on the full slate of costmetics knows its a huge pain. I'm so glad I don't have to do that everyday like I used to.

Anonymous said...

This one blog confirms my suspicion that Ent is either a gay man or a woman. Straight men don't get catty like this.

Anonymous said...

This one blog confirms my suspicion that Ent is either a gay man or a woman. Straight men don't get catty like this.

I guess some of us believe stereotypes.
I've heard straight men get catty, but it's usually labeled talking shit. Maybe that's what Ent is doing.

Anonymous said...

In defense of 8:14....I find it hard to believe that a straight man would post the captions that were posted. It is so obviously a female, it practically screamed it...or, as I said first thing yesterday morning...PEREZ.

"talking shit" just has a different tone. Those captions are CATTY.

YahMoBThere said...

Stereotypes, whether good or bad, continue to exist because there is some truth in them. I don't know any straight man who loves gossip the way women and gay men do. Sorry, but that's the truth.


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