Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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So have you always wanted a Yellow Submarine Beatles iPod? Well, the rumor that they are soon to be available is back. I would have given it no chance in the past, but now that the Beatles and Apple are best friends and that Ringo and Paul need more money to count, I say it will happen.
Snow Patrol keyboardist Tom Simpson was arrested for coke possession recently while boarding a flight. He didn't actually have the coke on him then, they just decided to arrest him at that time. So, this is the UK, so he will probably be told to go to rehab for 15 or 20 minutes and it will all be done. Of course he is a keyboardist and so they might say, "hey no one knows this guy so let's make an example of him." In that case he might be given rehab for a full day or quite possibly a brochure to read on the evils of drug use.
The one Pussycat Doll (Nicole Scherzinger) who can actually sing is releasing a solo album. This will force the other members of the group to revert to their previous jobs. Hello strip clubs.
T.I had the number one album this week while Velvet Revolver only opened at #5 selling just 92,000 units and Kelly Rowland debuted at #6.
Billboard interview with Dave Matthews.

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