Thursday, July 12, 2007

Music News And Photos

Blondie - Hammersmith Apollo - London
CSS - M Bar - Ibiza
Foo Fighters - Wembley Stadium - London (my favorite Live Earth photo)
Mark Ronson and Daniel Merriweather - Highline Ballroom - New York

Les Rita Mitsuoko - 100 Club - London

Pink Floyd fans can look forward to the re-release of The Piper At The Gates of Dawn which will be re-released on August 28th. Piper was their first album almost 40 years ago. Since you probably have heard it once or twice, Pink Floyd is going to make it a 3 disc edition with a whole bunch of other things to make you want to cough up the dough.

Think Amy Winehouse is a drugged out loser who shows up for shows even less than Pete Doherty? Well, bookies in the UK agree with you and are actually taking bets on whether she shows up for her next show on July 17th.

Rihanna has the number one song in the land on the Hot 100 with Umbrella reigning for the seventh consecutive week. Big Girls Don't Cry from Fergie moved up to #3 on the Hot 100 and moved to #1 on the Pop 100 which makes Fergie the first solo artist ever to have four #1 songs on that list.
Henry Rollins is going on the road for 50 dates to do his spoken word shows. To see some tour dates, click here.


kimmypie1 said...

Seriously I HATE Rayban Wayfarers!! Why do all the celebs insist on wearing them?? They need to go back to the 80's and stay there! so so so ugly. said...

Hurray for the Floyd reissue!

I can't get the new Mark Ronson cd to save my life. Its not on iTunes and now its on back order with CDUniverse. Does it suck or what??

merrick said...

Blondie looks awesome ... she is what Madonna wants to be ...and foo foo foo fighters em ...thanks for the new wallpaper ...

Unknown said...

I think the Fergie 'record' just shows what a sad state the 'pop' industry is in currently - that is the BEST we got?????

B :) said...

Kim,I am with you on that! I can't stand to even look at those glasses. Much less in those stylist imposed chalky white,ketchup red.

enty: what is going on J Rhys meyers?Is he in rehab,does he have a girlfriend?
Is it true his face was restructured to be less feminine?

Hez said...

OMG Les Rita Mitsouko! Where have they been??? Awesome! Holy takemeback!

And Dave Grohl, the answer is yes. The question is totally irrelevant -- as long as you're asking, honey, it's a YES.

Hez said...

PS: Hilarious post here about Winehouse's deadbeat husband. (SFW but not for the virginal/prudish/faint of heart!)

syd said...

Oh I love Piper at the Gates of Dawn, so I guess which CD I'll be paying for next. I'm kinda excited that it will be 3 disc set. Anything with Syd Barrett on it I'm a sucker for.

adore said...

Blondie music makes me happy. AWW, I didn't see the Foo Fighters on Live Earth :[

Skyla said...

I'm working at Amy Winehouse's next gig and even the people there are debating whether or not she'll show. I'm just hoping not so I can get sent home and get paid anyway. But then again I would love to see her live.


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