Thursday, July 12, 2007

Manimal Is A Mooch Just Like All The Others

So originally the word was that Manimal was some real estate investor guy named John Sundahl. What I couldn't understand and wrote about was why the rich guy was staying at her place and driving her cars. Now the answer is here. He's not rich and his name ain't John. His name is Daimon and that's just a few letters away from doom and gloom and the devil.

Daimon used to or still owns a sex toy website so he and Britney could have some fun with that stuff. Maybe she could host one of those parties that sell those things. She could invite over Paris and Lindsay and Samantha and they could just have one big fiesta. Invite Joe Francis to tape it all and you have the makings of the hottest selling video of all time.

Of course none of that's going to happen and if I had to pick four people for some girl on girl action it wouldn't be those four. No, what's going to happen is that Manimal will probably knock Britney up and move on in and spend some more of Britney's money. Pretty soon Britney will be broke and will actually have to finish that album, make another disaster of a movie or pose for Playboy.

10 comments: said...

hee hee - Manimal. I love it.

He always looks so calm and composed. And hairy. (except the chest!)

Unknown said...

Wow, Ent you are being bad today. I thought Britney was your friend, and she read the blog what happened?

Man she doesn't learn, if she's gonna pay for some a** she should at least pay for somethin' better looking than that! Learn from Jen Aniston, that model she was dating would have been worth it!


Tracee said...

You know what Manimal is an excellent name. Think I'l have to use it on the hubby later.

But really, if he's spending her money, Brit's the one to blame. But maybe she's lonely, so she'll pay the price to not be. Sad, very sad. When is someone going to make a made for movie based on her life? Or Behind the Music because girlfriend needs to wake up.

Kory said...

My first post as a registered user! That guy reminds me of a Pablo Francisco joke about hot bodies and ugly faces. "I love spaghetti, but there's shit all over it"


B :) said...

Manimal has some gigantor ears.

He is such a 'roid head. When he gets juicy info on her he will use it.

Britney deserves everything she gets,now. I say this because she chooses her selfish desires over her children.

Hez said...

Sandra, I don't remember Ent ever saying Brit reads this blog. He said he knew her, but I'm wondering if maybe she's been burning through lawyers like she has been through rehab boyfriends.

If they are/were friends, there's obviously been some "strain" there, to put it kindly. JMO but I think her people fucked him around when she had her meltdown and he feels rooked.

Unknown said...

Actually he makes an excellent time you get done staring you've missed the Brit photo op!

Midwest Surfer

Unknown said...

Oh my lord...he looks like an ape...girl has LOST her mind.

noel said...

I remember when ENT said that she read this blog but what happened to your contact for Britney ENT?

I still think she has postnatal depression, although she could of had something similar before fed ex showed up, remember when she got married the first time? It all started to do from there (well, at least publicly anyway...).

I really hope something happens to stop the trail of destruction or that it will just end now instead of dragging out...

See you all around

Skyla said...

Manimal is a fantistic name for him. I love that Michael K on Dlisted calls him Geico caveman aswell.


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