Thursday, August 16, 2007

Becks Scores A Goal --CNTLB Would Rather Shop

He shoots and scores.
He scores and goes absolutely nuts.
His kids go nuts
Everyone in his box goes nuts. EXCEPT, for CNTLB who wonders when the sale at Barneys starts.


Pinky said...

I must have missed something. What does CNTLB stand for? Thanks.

__-__=__ said...

In her defense I suppose she sees him score every night! Then again, I read that Brad left a $50 tip on a $30 cab fare.

Pinky, it's about no-tip-leaving-bitch or something like that.

Anonymous said...

CNTLB = Cheap No Tip Leaving Bitch

Pinky said...

Hey thanks you guys!!

rakemama said...

I will admit, I love CNTLB, I think she's May-jah, but aside from that, it's his job. I'm surprised she even goes to all his games. I certainly don't follow my husband to work every day (he's a chemical engineer) and didn't when he was involved in collegiate football. I mean, how many times can you get excited over something like that? I mean, Becks is gonna score again. He's one of the best soccer players in the world. If he had lost an arm and a leg and then pulled off a hat trick, I could see getting excited (no offense to any limb-challenged soccer players). That being said, He's hot as balls.

blahblah said...

How about...

Intimately Cheap No Tip Leaving Bitch

Tracee said...

Plus she has a kid sitting in her lap. Her toothpick legs can't get up that fast with 20 pounds on them.

She could've been a big bitch and dropped that kid on the ground to scream for her man. Plus she barely can smile because of the botox.

Unknown said...

Rakemama, you can bet she'll stop going to the games once the media stop going.

rakemama said...

Anne- Have you seen the Flat Daddies (and Mommies) that so many of the military families have? She needs a Flat Posh!

De said...

I already commented on these pics on another blog, but damn people. Yah, okay, Posh needs to learn to tip and be courteous, etc etc.

But she's got a kid on her lap, would everyone rather she pull a Michael Jackson and jump up and twirl the kid around when she's so high up in the stands?

The way her arms are positioned, you can tell she is clapping OVER/Behind the kid, so she doesn't want to upend them.

I think people are looking for something to get upset about here.
Give her a break on this one, sheesh.

ps--david's only excited because now maybe he won't get boo'd at every game.


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