Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mandy Moore Is In A Relationship, Just Not With John Mayer

When Mandy Moore had lunch the other day with John Mayer, everyone assumed they were a couple of more than friends, or whatever. However, the reason they had lunch was Mandy was thanking John for introducing her to her boyfriend of a few months Greg Laswell.

She and Greg started dating earlier this summer but have tried to keep the relationship quiet to see if it would develop into something stronger. Apparently it has since Mandy was thanking John for putting Greg into her life.

Greg Laswell is a a singer/songwriter who divides his time between LA and San Diego and lately wherever he can get together with Mandy. Greg and Mandy have each met the other's family and really feel this could be something special.


mandjo said...

Good for her! Although I'm not loving the look in the photos.

Tracee said...

Awww. He actually looks good looking. Mandy now you can stop wearing bed sheets. Just don't wear that awful shade of lipstick in the photo above.

It's too heavy.

Bryn said...

Not only is the lipstick too dark, but it's only applied to the inner parts of her lips. If her makeup artist thinks he/she is inventing some new "trend" - they are way off. It makes her look like she has little sliver lips. said...

I think he's kind of hot.


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