Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Britney's Drinking, Drugs & Violence Caught On Video

Kevin Federline has a secret weapon in his bitter battle to gain full custody of the two boys he has with Britney Spears- shocking video tapes that paint a chilling picture of Brit's boozing, drug use and violence sources tell The Enquirer. "It's more than getting custody of the kids- in Kevin's mind it's rescuing them. He thinks Britney is an unfit mother and he wants his children away from her ASAP," said a source close to Federline.

"If he doesn't act immediately, Kevin is convinced that Britney's drug use, boozing and out-of-control behavior will result in a tragic accident." To bolster his case, Kevin has obtained video footage from 15 surveillance cameras that Britney installed in their $12 million mansion is Malibu. The sophisticated security system recorded activity in the home from the front gates to the kitchen in 2005 and 2006, according to insiders.

"This is the smoking gun Kevin has been waiting to use," said an insider.

"Kevin said: Divorce that bitch and then get my boys away from her." In one tape, Britney slaps Kevin after screaming at him about a weekend he spent in Vegas. In another incident taped Britney whacked Kevin with a frying pan. "Kevin was going to use the frying pan, but Britney grabbed it and hit him with it when he turned his back," said the insider. "He grabbed the pan out of her hand and walked away, but she hurled an ashtray at him. He dodged it, and it hit the sliding glass door."

In addition to the video tapes, Kevin has voicemail tapes of Britney admitting she was out drinking with friends, the insider revealed. "Kevin believes that Britney lets the boys run around with dirty diapers because she's too lazy to change them."


kellygirl said...

In all that footage, there has got to be plenty of "evidence" of Kevin's drug use, as well. The dude is always stoned!!!!!
I think the most telling part in all of this is that her own family, both parents, have resorted to visiting their grandchildren at Kevin's home.
The shit with her has got to be so damaging and horrific if Fed-Ex comes out smelling like a rosebud rather than a Weed Bud.
I really feel like this girl needs to be diagnosed and medicated. She is clearly mentally ill.

mocha said...

national enquier?

yeah i think those tapes if they existed would reveal a lot more about kfed's activities ahem marijuana and other drugs he does. she was pregnant throughout their marriage i doubt she was getting into much trouble like she is now.

although it would be hilarous to see kfuck get hit over the head with a fryingg pan. it would almost make up for his existance...almost.

Unknown said...

"she was pregnant throughout their marriage i doubt she was getting into much trouble like she is now"

i beg to differ. she was doing the same shit she is doing now when she was pregnant.

mocha said...

you lived with her? why haven't you sold your story yet?

i'm sure you could at least make a million selling it to a classy magazine like star magazine.

you don't know anything besides what your ass reads on us weekly, ok and star magazine.

throughout her pregnancies she was spotted with her kids and alone, no husband in sight.

Unknown said...

Seriously though - he has videos and the BEST thing he has on them is her admitting to drinking one night and hitting him w/a frying pan and trying to w/an ashtray - although that could be evidence in the divorce I dont see how that is endangering the kids. Dont get me wrong, I think she has some serious issues but if this is the evidence he has then I think he is wasting his money on the lawyer to get custudy changed...

mocha said...

he's not wasting his anything, he's broke as a joke. his scummy lawyer actually petitioned to have his bills paid by britney herself.

imagine that, using her money to take her kids away.

nicolee9723 said...

I am no fan of KFed...but it looks as though he has a better head on his shoulders than Britney.

The poor girl is obviously suffering from some kind of mental issues...but at the same time, her 2 kids should not be forced to suffer as well...

KFed for President!

Anonymous said...

not a lawyer and am on TEAM NEITHER...but won't the videos get thrown out because that was not their intended purpose or something?

Ent, other attys?

God those poor kids. I seriously hope that they go to some aunt or uncle in LA or something - neither of these wak jobs should be a parent.

Anonymous said...


Thanks Ent for answering that in a later post. :)

jax said...

IF she will hit Kfed with a frying pan who says the kids wont get the same treatment down the abuser is an abuser.

noel said...


Do you know Britney? Or are you just a big fan of hers??

I am not being sarcastic it is just that you always defend her and send out abuse to others when something bad is said about her...

I am a fan of Britney's- but it seems that she has got some SERIOUS issues!! I don't think K-Fed should get sole custody, I still remember what he put her through while she was pregnant but she really needs to grow up and take responsibility for herself and for her kids!! She won't be truly happy until she does... Nor will she get any peace and she will be still be seen as a total joke. Personally, I hope she gets better and makes a comeback but not at her kids expense...

Unknown said...

I really think that IF that is true that he is using some videos of her being a crazy ass bitch like we ALL KNOW SHE IS! And they actually show her throwing shit, etc,

If you pair that -whatever they have - with The UMBRELLA INCIDENT, the time she screamed at the paps, cursing the whole time, with BOTH the babies crying their asses off in the back of car, OR when her bodyguard beat the guy in Vegas - they say she threw the baby she was holding to the other bodyguard - OH EXCUSE ME - She wasn't holding either one. Both the guards had them. The one that beat the dude threw her the baby - she threw to other guard who ended up with them both - Then she TRIED to jump on the pap TOO and they pulled her off - THEN she threatened to KILL HIM or HIRE SOMEONE TO KILL HIM, mm hmm. I just think if you put all that together you show a PATTERN of long term violence. Ya Know? Maybe that is what they are going for?

She's a damn crackwhore and they should be with Kevin. I don't care if he left Shar - WOULD YOU TURN DOWN BRITNEY SPEARS AND HER MILLIONS IF SHE WANTED YOU? I wouldn't! I'd leave my husband RIGHT NOW and bleed her dry. Try to have test tube baby with her or something. I don't care. Kevin deserves every penny he gets. I hope he bankrupts her because she makes me SICK that she has known this shit was going to happen and SHE NEVER EVEN TRIED to clean her act up for the sake of her kids.
She would RATHER go out and GET DRUNK than try to TONE IT DOWN for the sake of losing the kids! I mean really. JUST DIGUSTING. I would never wish a mother to lose her kids but I think she needs to get some help and maybe losing them for a period of time will help her realize that.

Although I sooo hope she performs at the VMA's because it is going to be HEEE LARRR IOSS. I saw her at HOB in SD because I wanted to see the FIRST COMEBACK performance of the END of Brits career. HEE HEE She was horrible so I don't expect much for the VMAs. I'm rambling - I'll go now :)


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