Friday, August 17, 2007

Rehab UK Style--Don't Forget Your Guitar

I can't even keep track of all the crap happening with Amy Winehouse. If someone else can keep track of the number of rehab facilities around the world she has allegedly been in and out of and all the hotel rooms and all the drugs she may or may not have taken and the fact that Blake's mom and dad keep making money by selling stories to the tabs and then Blake denies the stories, moves Amy to another location, tells his parents again and they sell the story and so on.

This latest piece of loveliness comes straight from Blake's mouth though so I guess it should be considered more true than some of the other stuff, but not by much.

Blake was interviewed on the front step of the home he shares with his wife. She was not at the door and presumably could not find the door on her own.

Blake was asked why he was home and not in rehab, and he said "that after three days there, they realized they forgot to bring their guitar and so came home to get it."

On the way home they kept popping in and out of various pubs and Amy would pour beers for the customers at the ratio of one for them and one for her. The beer though was just to keep their heads clear. After their quick trip home to grab the guitar and stuff it full of drugs ala Pete Doherty, they were ready to go back to rehab and get straight. On the way back to rehab, Amy stopped in a convenience store for some supplies and managed to do a little shoplifting before heading out of the store.

Her last comment before reentering rehab was that the rumors of her drug abuse were all wrong and that she just has been really sleepy lately.

4 comments: said...

She probably doesn't get any sleep. How she can relax with that big pile of crap on her head?

Then again, I guess it could double as a built-in pillow....

Tania said...

I believe it's a wig. She's said in an interview that she has a habit of forgetting to pack it because she's left it hanging on the back of a hotel bathroom door.

Christ, Amy, get pants that fit...

Unknown said...

Oh gheeze Ent, my eyes are burning! What a vision of unloveliness that ass of Whinehouse is. Her husband looks like a filthy bum too.

JMS said...

rehab after rehad, selling story after story ... what a hustle! I'm glad I dont' buy those magazines.


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