Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Superbad Premiere

"High school chicks? I'll be there."
So is Kristen Bell gagging because Chris Kattan is squeezing her, or because Chris Kattan is squeezing her.

I throw out a bunch of crap always about actors that owe their careers to a certain other actor or producer, but with Jane Lynch it just doesn't matter. If she wasn't in the Christopher Guest films, they would suck. OK, they wouldn't suck, but she belongs so I guess Rob Schneider can show up in all the Adam Sandler movies until the end of time.
Tough to play a high school kid with an eight day growth of beard.
Janice Dickinson turns every photo into a publicity stunt. The guy looks thrilled to be a part of it. Hope she paid you in advance buddy.
SNL alums looking for Judd Apatow handouts.

Martha MacIssac is cute, but the reason I put her here besides being in the movie is because she is Canadian and you know I love to suck up. But wait, there's more. She starred in one of the best named PR campaigns ever which was for Prince Edward Island tourism. The spot was entitled "Come Play On My Island" and consisted of Martha repeating the phrase over and over until waves of horny men took over the island looking to play.
Can you imagine how big of a bitch Majandra Delfino was when she actually worked?
I miss Arrested Development.
Just like Adrien Grenier has his going to premiere clothes, you just know Kevin Smith is rocking the 3/4 denim shorts.


mandjo said...

Ohhh! So that's Kristen Bell. I thought it was Hayden. (kidding)

Tracee said...

This movie looks really good. I can't wait to see it!

What the hell is Hanson doing there? And why do they still look girly in their 20s? And that middle one has been rockin the same necklace since 1998.

Ent, please show some hotness photos. I'm tired of seeing Kevin and his shorts. Anyone else, wearing anything else will do!

mandjo said...

I agree Tracee! The tiny Hanson needs to lose the hair.

mandjo said...

Someone please tell me the guy with the red tie is supposed to look funny?!

Mother Campfire said...

Hmmmm. Don't know who Majandra Delfino is, but she needs some sleep desperately.

jlb said...

George Micheal rocks. AD was one of the last original shows out there.

Hez said...

Kevin Smith is wearing what are affectionately known as "jorts."

And if you Michael Cera lovers haven't seen Clark and Michael (www.clarkandmichael.com), you're missing one of the funniest video series on the intertubes.

I'd look like a royal bitch too if I were wearing that Captain Cameltoe pantsuit, Majandra. Mirrors work. Use them. They may save your life one day.

Sucking up to Canadians, eh Enty? Wrong coast, punkin. Points for trying, though.

Pinky said...

Hey Enty - you know Jane? Me too! I sang with her in Chicago. Of course she ignores me now, but I still think she's terrific.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

If Amy Winehouse can keep wearing those same shorts, Kevin can keep wearing his jorts. Maybe those two should hook up.

Chicky said...

ENT-don't mess with my next ex-husband!! (Kevin) LOL


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