Wednesday, August 15, 2007

High School Musical 2 Premiere

Billy and Miley seem close, but not like Pimpa Joe groping kind of close. Although,
this is kind of an unusual reaction from a daughter to her father getting kissed by Minnie. I know it's a pose, but this was her first instinct as a pose?
So Ashley the star gets the new dress and shoes and even gets new extensions. Jennifer the struggling sister gets the flip flops and the Mardi Gras beads and I don't want to know how she got them.
Mickey or Minnie? Kind of like real life huh?

I think Vanessa Hudgens is copping a feel.
I know you all love Rick Schroder so here he is.
Put Haley Joel Osment in a dress and throw a wig on him and then all of a sudden he has a career again as his "sister."
One of these kids is supposed to be a boy right?


Hez said...

I was IN high school musicals, and therefore have absolutely zero interest in watching any programming about other people doing the same.

Enough kidstuff, let's get to some DIRT!

littleoleme said...

We love Rick Schroder????!!!!

I complelety agree with Hez. Enough already.

Tracee said...

Sorry Ent. I'd rather lick the bottom of my shoe than stare at Rick's snaggled face. He was hot 15 years ago. And those 15 years are done and gone!

Bon jovi didn't help either. I think you're trying to make the ladies here nauseous. You could however put up some photos of Val in his hey day or even James Spader or any guy from Heroes. Thanks! :)=)

Hez said...

Thanks for the backup, littleoleme.

I don't know who other than kids watches this kind of program, but I'll wager none of us here are awestruck twelve-year-olds fooled by the non-threatening "metrosexuality" of Zac Efron (whoever the hell that is). Ent is the only person I know who's even HEARD of this latest throwaway starlet named Ashley Tisdale.

I hereby request a total moratorium on all things HIGH SCHOOL! I mean, if you can ban Paris from the blog...

RULE #1 - appease the PMS beast that is Hez by posting pictures of ADULT MALES, not a bunch of pre-verbal twinks and twinkies. Sheesh.

littleoleme said...

Hez, I will like, so sign your petition. Like who cares about this high school anyway. Seriously though - some high school show, some high school kids, we're not interested. Now, as for grown up men I'd love to hear all about:

Clive Owen
Gerard Butler (though something tells me he's gross man slut, sigh)
and Daniel Craig.
Oh yeah, and that Dr. with the dark hair and accent on E.R.

Thank you Santa.

jax said...

i used to LOVE ricky S up until he just shot a movie in my freinds' restaurant and left USED qtips on the dinner table.

MnGddess said...

I would like to join the littleolme club. She picked three of the hottest men on the planet. Just add Hugh Jackman. I'll even leave out Clooney for now.

(Never mind, throw Clooney back in.)


schneefloeckli said...

The blondie is the boy in the last pic.

Cindy still looks too hot to be true. :-p

mandjo said...

I think the boy looks ALOT like Cindy.


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