Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Random Photos Part One

I'm guessing there was no nudity at dinner, but with Vanessa you never know.
Mischa wants to be pregnant also.
Well I guess shilling for Disney is one way to save the price of a ticket.
David Lee Roth looks 20 and Wolfgang looks like his mom with short hair.
I'm sure all of us get off a long international flight and then spread our legs for photos. I guess this lederhosen thing is serious also.

I know most guys would be looking at Carmen's bikini bottoms but how about that vintage Bowie t-shirt she's wearing huh?
Is that bling?
Damn. Lily loves her salad.
I guess shirts are required at LAX, although I'm sure Matthew volunteered to send it through the x-ray machine also.


mandjo said...

That is Not a good pic of Matthew!

mandjo said...

On his worst day, he still looks better than most of them!

Tracee said...

True. He looks a bit greasy. Actually now that I think of it he's been looking greasy for awhile. I wonder what he's lubricating himself with.

Carmen looks hot. i want those bottoms and the shirt. She can keep the hat and the frou frou dog.

Unknown said...

Wohoo! Matthew forgot to hold something, and thus revealed his freakishly short arms! Finally!

And yes, he certainly has looked really creasy for the last couple of months. But his girlfriend is superhot!

merrick said...

the boys from vh look awesome .. and wolfgang certainly has his mothers looks and diamond dave, what can i say .. eat em and smile boy ....carmen also looks incredible .. love the blond hair on her ...

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Wonder how much a Van Halen ticket will cost?


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