Monday, August 13, 2007

The Birthday Party

More pics later.


jlb said...

Hope it was a good party!!

kellygirl said...

shall we look for you, Enty, in the photos?

Pinky said...

Pocahontas should have strapped on a fake Brad and 4 kids and come as Angelina Jolie. They look identical in that pic!

And DS - are you Julia Roberts as Pretty Woman??

Tracee said...

Pinky-LOL! She could pass as Angie, maybe even a sober Blohan. She was doin the headband thang too!

DS is on the left I believe. And she's rockin that negligee, where's her boy toy?

Pinky said...

Yeah - that's her on the left. I'm just wondering with the reddish hair and the vava dress if she's rockin' the Julia Roberts as *Pretty Woman* look.

I'm guessing she and Ali are keeping their toys in the box.

tigereye said...

awww, yay!!!
Randomly saw Face/Off on tv the other day and saw DS in it! I didn't remember her being in that. Mostly though, I hadn't seen any of her since she's been on this blog, so it was a wonderful little moment. =)


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