Monday, August 13, 2007

It's Always About The Money

Everything always comes down to money and Kevin and his attorney are no exception. If the reports are true that K-Fed wants to have the kids 70% of the time then he will also get a bump in child support money. Of course what that really means is that Kevin will get a bigger check each month and whether or not he chooses to spend it on the kids is really up to him.

If Kevin is so concerned about the welfare of the kids why does he want Britney to still have the kids 30% of the time and unsupervised at that? It doesn't make any sense. If you as a parent thought your kids were in danger when they were with the other parent wouldn't you try and make sure they were safe when the other parent was with them?

This is about Kevin getting to go to mediation and trying to get some more money out of Britney, not to mention his attorney. There are reports that Kevin wants Britney to pay for Kevin's attorney fees. It is a common request but usually denied unless the requesting parent has no money. Last I checked, Kevin has some money now.

Reports also state that the legal bills for this latest episode are in six figures. IF that's true it is the biggest highway robbery since. Well since ever. According to reports, Kevin submitted a declaration which is just him saying what he's observed and why he thinks he should get the kids. Both of his attorneys and two nanny's also submitted declarations. That is about 10-15 hours worth of work. Kevin's attorney also submitted magazine articles to the court which are not admissible to prove bad parenting. You would need the person who actually observed the misbehavior to testify or submit a declaration. In addition, Kevin's attorney submitted the paperwork to get the hearing. In reality that is about an hour of work, but in the lawyer world it is about 5. So that gives us 20 hours. Let's throw in another 10 hours of junk to bring us to 30 hours. To get to six figures in attorney fees that means Kevin's attorney charges in excess of $3000 an hour.


jax said...

I disagree..Britney is a fuckin what if it is for the money at least we know that shit for brains Brit won't be able to endanger their lives. She is fuckin Britney Speares and she should not be going out like that alone with her kids and hardly any security..its just not on!

Give him the kids and the friggin money, he derserves it 100x more than she does..let her get her party on BUT NOT at the expense of her kids.

Unknown said...

They are both miserably unfit and immature parents. Brit looks soused in that photo and I bet she is. He just always looks self-absorbed.

I pity their poor little babies.

kellygirl said...

If Kevin really wants to come out "the Hero" he would man up and say he wants primary physical custody and no extra child support beyond the originally agreed-upon amount. Imagine what that would do for his image? I bet someone would hire him based on that alone. said...

I dunno...I think Kevin is trying to "give her a chance", so to speak, so as not to appear he's yanking these kids from their mom forever. He would certainly be justified in doing so, however.

jax said...

Ok ive said this about 3 x times now..Kevin doesn't need the extra cash..its law that the children remain at what they've come accustomed to...she's got the big paycheck and if he gets the kids then rightly so he should get paid..if this were the other way around you wouldnt hear anyone moaning about cash.

Everyone is so quick to judge him for actually giving a shit..people can chage you know. Look at Britney..shes sure as hell has changed for the it not possible to change for the best?

Kev is set to make 6million from the house alone in the next few months...if cash is all he wanted he wouldnt even bother with the kids.

Tracee said...

All I know is that I thought Kfed was money hungry and crazy. Turns out that leaving one preg girlfriend for a pop star is despicable, but having one bad rap song doesn't make you an instant gold digger. And we've seen Brit's behavior start getting crazy after the Justin break up.

And I agree, I think Kfed is trying to get her to shape up before he yanks them completely, since her kids are the only "people" stable in her life. Someone said this last week, but what the funk is up with JT making girls crazy? That's what we need to get caught up on.

Hey Ent, you have any juicy info on Justin? Do we know if his funky spunk has a drop of the crazies in it?

jax said...

JT reminds me alot of my ex..nice as pie in public but a mean streak that would make Godzilla quake. I can totally see him being a 'belittler' and then trying to turn it all around like you're nuts..jesus I hate that bugger!

OK im ok now.

Anonymous said...

Kevin doesn't need the extra cash?

Doesn't he have to pay child support to someone else (who is rumored to be on PA because he wasn't paying)?

Both of them are pathetic parents, and I reiterate my earlier statements that I would not trust either of them alone with my kids, let alone raising them. But that is what the nanny's are for right?

God those poor kids!

However, everyone deserves a champion and Kevin is lucky to have you as one jax. :)

As to little pip - yeah, he always struck me as a not so nice kind of of those making up for his own deficits. ;)

jax said...

Hold the phone Klown..i ain't no Champion..have you heard Playing with Fire?? LOL

I think he need's a fair chance like any other Dad who's worried and willing to take the kids..a great freind of mine is going through the same thing with his baby momma who is c-razy. Its frusterating for dads who really want the best for their kids.

Britney needs help and uniil she gets it and proves shes not an endangerment to theose kids Kevin should have FULL custody. I can count on one hand how many shots we've seen of Kfed since this mess went down..I'd need to borrow a small country to count how many shots of Britney we have WITH the kids WITHOUT proper security. She's incredibly wealthy and needs to have peoper measures in place to protect those kids LIKE EVERY OTHGER CELEB PARENT.

Ok as you were...

jax said...

ps im not sure how it works for child support in the US,normally its the money ticket who this case Brit. In canada if any parent has the child for more than 40% they are not required to pay child support.

Tracee said...

Jax, I bet you're right. I bet JT's a conniving ass. And he does look like he'd get an attitude in a minute. Shite, maybe he did a jig on her. I mean all we know is JT's publicized boy band-puppy-dog-image, but who knows what his closet holds.

Klown, gurl I wouldn't trust either with my unborn babies. Shoot, I wouldn't even let them change the poopey diapers. But outta the two, Kfed seems sane. (And I type this staring at him with that mike near his mouf and now I re-thinking it.)

Unknown said...

I'm team K-Fed all the way. Everyone keeps saying its about money, maybe it is but I don't believe Brit should be with those kids 50% of the time. No one has seen the court papers so we can't assume yet that the 30% being given to her is unsupervised as ENT implies... I think not. Probably K-Fed's lawyers are still trying to ensure the kids still see their mum however crazy she is instead of completely yanking them from her which send her into even more psychosis than she is in now.

as for lawyers fees it general requests, the richer party in divorces and custody cases always pays, or is asked to pay.

K-Fed by the way does have money now, he's paid to appear at clubs (LV remember?)which he does when he's not with the kids but usually for less than an hour and lives..... and he did the insurance ad that was shown during super bowl (which it was claimed he was paid more than 500K) and he has been getting spousal support since the divorce (end's Nov 07) and still gets child support... and to ad to that, their "communal" house just sold for 12Mil I think which he gets half of really he doesn't make as much as Brit of course but its not like he's poor and is living off nothing

Anonymous said...

I like Lainey's take on these two worthless pieces of crap: "Sorry to be crass but it’s like comparing sh*t to diarrhoea" [sic]. Bravo Lainey! Can't put it any better than that.

As to child support - whats her name from the brandy show has two kids from him and both reside with her full time. I'm sure if someone digs, it won't be hard to confirm how much he has to pay her(wtf is her name? I can't remember!) in Child support.


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