Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random Photos Part One

From mu mu to
meow in a few short hours.
Everyone else showed photos of Katharine McPhee on the set of this movie wearing a pregnancy suit. I like my picture of Anna Faris much better.

Barret Swatek at a LA Confidential party.
After putting my eyes back in my head, I noticed that Christina ate at one of my favorite restaurants. Good lord she's gotten huge very quickly.
If you put Ivanka Trump on the cover of Stuff don't be surprised if it goes out of business. Whoops, too late. Stuff is no more. Guess I'll need to find something else to do at night, and in the morning and the free time I have after lunch.
Jessica Alba is in Vancouver and none of you have sent me pics of her. I'm hurt and disappointed. I told you I need something else to do at night now.
Does anyone else see the slow transformation of Ashlee Simpson into Ashley Olsen?

The iMac seems kind out of place in a 50's commercial.
Speaking of out of place. I really didn't need to see Marc Anthony and his bony white body before lunch.
Maybe seeing Josh Lucas will make it up to you.
Or, if you prefer the rocker type, then Jon Bon Jovi half naked might be the way to go for you.


merrick said...

Enty, you have made my ever bonjovi lovin day .. thank you ... thank you ... thank you ... i forgive you for putting skelator ahead of him ...

Unknown said...

The Bon Jovi definitely made up for the Skeletor, thanks Ent

Hez said...

Jessica Alba in Vancouver is totally snoozeworthy at this point. She filmed Dark Angel AND both FF movies here, so we're all kind of Alba'd out.

Besides, she's such a c-word to anyone taking her photo or serving her in a shop, nobody wants to fan the flames of her celebrity. She puts the "bitch" back in "bitch, please".

Ent, doll, if you're looking for something to do at night, I'd be happy to assign you some chores. Besides catching up on your emails, as I see it, you still owe us a huge schwack of DS birthday photos. As one who was personally invited, but couldn't attend, I'm rather eager to know what I missed...

PS: Mandy looks more like Manny.

PPS: You could always come to Vancouver and papsnap Alba yourself, lazybones. I've got a pullout bed you can sleep on.

Anonymous said...

Crikey, Natalie Portman looks exactly like Virginie Ledoyen the French starlet!

Anonymous said...

Ent, Josh Lucas and Bon Jovi did not make up for Skeletor. now if you had gone with more Natalie, that would have done it.

Tracee said...

The only thing big on Xtina is her boobs. But she still looks mighty petite to me Ent.

That is NOT a good look for Mandy. And I do mean both of them. homegirl is all over the place, looking like she rolled out of bed WITH the sheets, to the elvira-esque outfit. Mandy needs to shake off that depression.

audrey said...

Thank you for the JB pic. I'll consider it my birthday gift from you!

jax said...

where does alba think she is the north friggin pole?? its vancouver not antarctica. it was like 29 here yesterday.

Hez said...

Word, jax. I'm walking from Kits Point to Gastown in my miniskirt and t-shirt with no jacket and by the time I get home, I'm roasting!

She's an eejit. And not just for that.

MnGddess said...

I only have two comments. First-what the hell kind of name is Barret? And two, you need your eyes checked, Ent 'cause Christina is nowhere NEAR fat.

Makes me a bit reluctant to come out to LA if you think that's fat.

Or is this one of your minions' writings and not you?

schneefloeckli said...

And two, you need your eyes checked, Ent 'cause Christina is nowhere NEAR fat.

I'm not sure he's talking about fat, I think he's talking about silicone.

Ice Angel said...

My 2Cents:

Thanks for the pic of JBV...he just keeps getting that to one of Richie Sambora in a bathing suit! YIKES!!!

I saw skeletor on Jay Leno last night and he was pretty funny. He wasn't at all like I expected him to be. He talked about his relationship with Becks and that it is actually he and DB that are buddies. They met when JLo and Becks were on a Coke commerical together in Europe or something and they met at a premier party by Coke. They hit it off and have kept in contact ever since from time to time, but really don't see each other that often. It seemed kind of normal. He also talked about what they ate the other night and that Jen made tacos. It was hilarious because he was talking about what a great cook she was and she made tacos of all things! Hilarious!

Am I alone that it's those kinds of things that make me feel that these celebs really aren't all that different from us other than real estate?

mandjo said...

Anna Faris looks different.


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