Thursday, August 16, 2007

Todays Blind Items - Jackass

First, some updates.

#1 - Party photos from DS's party. I didn't take the photos so am depending on someone else to send them to me. As soon as I get them, I will post them. Speaking of DS, the Ms. No Pants show premieres next month on ABC.

#2 -VW kind of freaked out that she was guessed that quickly, BUT never fear, I've always got a plan.

#3 - The blind item yesterday was vague and hard to comprehend. The problem is that it's really good and there was just no way to use my regular format because it would have been too easy to guess, and that wouldn't have been good. When it comes out and it will, then it will fall into place.

#4 Eva being A list. I agree that she is not the traditional A-list. However, one commenter listed six or seven A list actresses and really that is probably all there are under a traditional classification. So that leaves a ton of people in B list. I usually solve that problem by saying B list actress with A list name recognition. I think we would all agree that Eva has A list name recognition.

#5 TV A list is different and I gave those definitions somewhere but can't find them because I didn't label it.
Let me tell you first how much I hate judges that don't make a decision. Some judges just hate having anyone mad at them. However when they make a decision that makes no sense, all they do is end up confusing everyone and making both sides mad and upset. Also, it wouldn't hurt if you follow the law and not just make a ruling based solely on not hurting someone's feelings.
After leaving court this morning I saw they were filming a television show and so I stopped to watch and take some pics with my crap cell phone camera. Actually it takes good pics but you have to be closer than I was allowed to be. Also of course as with some of the DS photos I took, my finger always seems to find its way into the photo. The finger is just so fat it gets in the way. Anyway, the subject of this blind item is in all the pictures. The reason why I have gathered you here today are the umbrellas you can see in the third photo. Two guys each with an umbrella. Their job was to rush out in between takes and shade our former B+ film star and always a hit with eh ladies, or at least he likes to think so.
Our actor along with almost everyone else in the scene is wearing business attire. Today is hot in LA and everyone looked miserable but what can you do? Our actor on the other hand wanted his umbrellas immediately after each take. This is how it went.
Director - Cut
Actor - Umbrellas where are the umbrellas?
Enter two guys with the largest umbrellas you have seen
Actor - That's just not fast enough guys. I need those umbrellas quicker
Director - Action
Director - Cut
Actor - Where the hell are those umbrellas? I want to see you guys running out here.
Director - Action
Director - Cut
Actor - Dammit didn't anyone tell you how to open an umbrella. Yes, you got out here faster, but you need to have that thing open or get it open within seconds. It's burning up out here.
Of course all the other people in the scene didn't get to move at all except back to their original positions which were all exposed to the hot sun.


Tania said...

James Woods? Filming Shark?

each of the two said...

someone guessed VW, who is it?

(the person not the guesser)

Angela said...

Thanks Each, I thought I was the only one who missed who VW was!

Pinky said...

Good gues, Tania. I was thinking Rob Lowe though. For the ABC show, only 2 are premiering in September - Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money. I'm going to go with Dirty Sexy Money and Samaire Armstrong.

Anonymous said...

Someone named Katie Walder. (I totally had to look up the VW tag to the right to remind myself and answer your question. Never heard of her till C. Shwarz guessed her.)

ReardonClan said...

Yeah, I was thinking Rob Lowe. Not thinking James Wood would be a hit with the ladies.

ReardonClan said...
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Unknown said...

Anthony Michael Hall?

Pinky said...

I remember stories when Rob was doing Lion's Den that he wouldn't come out of his trailer if they screwed up his lunch order. Heard he held up filming for 3 hours one day.

Then again, it's a courthouse so what courthouse dramas film in LA?

kellygirl said...

Who the hell would film at Muni Court? That is just about one of the ugliest scenes in L.A.
I don't think Shark would be filming at Muni Court.
MAYBE Private Practice - could be Taye Diggs, I suppose. But that show seems to be going for the "pretty L.A." backdrop, more of a Santa Monica feel.

Pinky said...

Doesn't Private Practice refer to doctors?

Anonymous said...

I'm on board with Tania's James Woods guess. He's rumored to be quite well (ahem) endowed and always has a girlfriend young enough to be his grandaughter. Plus the courthouse setting and suits would fit. I think Rob Lowe is pretty happily married, so don't think it would be him.

Mother Campfire said...

Hmmm. I'm going with Ted Danson. He's now filming the show Damages with Glenn Close which is supposed to be a gritty lawyer show.

Make sense?

jax said...

'or at least he likes to think so'

haha Jamesy Woods that dirty ratbag!

Pinky said...

Cali - don't think the BI has anything to do with marital status.

Anonymous said...

Btw, does anyone care about / have any guesses about Ms No Pants? Here's the ABC line up. I'm guessing that it's Anna Friel on Pushing Daisies, but I have nothing to back me up on this.

lawyagirl said...

With respect to #3, Ent again uses the term "fall." What could this clue mean?

Pinky said...

Sarah - I think as I said above I think it's Samaire Armstrong on Dirty Sexy Money which rocks by the way.

Unknown said...

Who is Eva Mendes?

-- America

(love you EL!) said...

ENT, are you stopping the music pics for good? I know you can't please everyone, but I miss 'em!

lawyagirl said...

Ok, I'm beginning to think that item #3 has something to do with Brangelina. I could just be nuts, but here's my thought process.

I started to think about why Ent keeps using the word "fall" with reference to this BI. Then, I did a search on this site for the word "fall"...and noticed that Ent also uses the word "fall" THREE TIMES in his recent posting about Brangelina adopting another kid. See his quote as follows:

"Brad Pitt's publicist denied they were going to adopt a baby from Ethiopia but left open the possibility that the couple will adopt a child from another country this fall. Brad Pitt's spokesperson Cindy Guagenti stated that Brad and Angelina wouldn't be adopting a child from Ethiopia this fall but did not deny that the couple would adopt a child from some other country this fall."

Also, Brad starred in "Legends of the Fall." He was also in "Troy;" hence, the Trojan reference.

I also went to Wiki for Brad and saw this weird entry. I don't know if I buy it, but it's definitely odd:

"On July 10, 2007, Brad Pitt was spotted at the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood with an acquaintance in the back room who was a special guest male stripper who had stripped for the Chippendale's company in Las Vegas. They were in the back room until about 4:40am. Then Brad Pitt and his acquaintance split their ways. Then on the 12th of July they were spotted once again at the Ralphs super market on Hollywood Boulevard with baby Maddox. This is why Brad has not been seen with Angelina for the past week."

Weird, huh?

Beth said...

Umbrella guy reaks of James Woods/Shark. The location of the shoot pretty much makes that guess a giveaway.

adore said...

I also miss the music news/pics :[

kellygirl said...

BETH - shark has never shot at Muni Court. It's pretty cheesy scene compared to Superior Court. But it's certainly possible. Does he really drive the girls nuts, though?
Talented, yes.
Hot, NOT!
CHRISTINE- You cannot believe ANYTHING you read on Wiki. Seriously, it's as accurate and reliable as The National Enquirer

lawyagirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lawyagirl said...


Actually, I think the Enquirer is much more accurate!

It was such bizarre entry, I had to share it.

syd said...

I still think #3 is Brad and Angie, and I love the James Woods guess for the blind. It so fits, I think he is a great actor, but I can see him being an ass.

RagDoll said...

I think Danson, as well...mostly, cuz I'd hate for it to be Jimmy Woods! LOL! I've dealt with him in a setting where it was Woods = Big Star, Me = Little Nobody and my experience was that he was a very nice person (and had the cutest little dog--Angel, she looked like ToTo from the "Wizard of Oz")

Unknown said...

I think is Brangelina too. #3 Def!

Unknown said...

#3: Googling "fall-outs" and "fall-backs" reveals that these are just words for "runt", as in the runt of a litter.

blooter said...

Can someone remind me about the Ms. No Pants BI? Can't seem to find it.

schneefloeckli said...

#1 No pants wasn't a BI, it was from one of ZXs first posts where she went to an audition for a new fall show on ABC and the girl who got the part showed up without any visible pants.

ABC shows that start in September + their lead actresses:
- Dirty Sexy Money
.Natalie Zea
.Samaire Armstrong
.Zoe McLellan
.Jill Clayburgh

- Big Shots
.Paige Turco (“Rescue Me”) as Lisbeth, Duncan’s ex-wife
.Peyton List (“Day Break”) as Cameron Collinsworth, Duncan’s 19-year-old daughter
.Jessica Collins (“Tru Calling”) as Marla, Karl’s high-strung mistress
.Amy Sloan (“The Heartbreak Kid”) as Wendy, Karl’s wife, who hopes that therapy can restore his desire for her
.Nia Long (“Premonition”) as Katie Graham, James’ “work wife”

Unknown said...

"Christine said..."

That wiki entry on Brad Pitt is Bulls**t. He was in Germany on July 10, 2007.

schneefloeckli said...

Just wanna add that the shows I mentioned above are the only ABC ones that start in September along with Private Practice, which I excluded because auditions must've started way before the rest since the pilot of the spin-off was a regular Grey's Anatomy episode.

All the other new ABC shows don't start until October, which isn't next month, so I think we can leave them out - except if Ent didn't check the schedule, but I'm pretty sure he did. :-)

lawyagirl said...

Quiet427, thanks for clearing that up. I've also heard that he's been in Berlin lately.

Bryn said...

Here is the description of "no pants" by ZX: "..but the other girl was totally over the top and I silently wrote her out as my competition. Also she looked weird and was wearing a glorified men's work shirt and no pants." "So I sashay in and do my performance and cry and laugh and I'm in. Out in 2 minutes 12 seconds. Not bad." Then the call from her manager: "...... And then it dawned on me. They'd picked No Pants! Oh my GOD!" So I said glumly "Oh." and hung up the phone. And I was just thinking of "The Secret" and that I hadn't conjured it and it was not the right thing in the universe and I don't like TV anyway... Until I got home and started dying. "MWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaahhhhhhh! Mooooooooooommmmmmm! She wasn't even pretty!"

ZX also stated that in her blog prior to the screen test, that her manager says "Good news. If you get this, you'll be making approximately a bajillion dollars a week."

So what pilot would she have to laugh and cry in a matter of 2 min. 12 seconds? Also, which pilot is paying a bajillion dollars a week, and has a star who "isn't even pretty"?

Anonymous said...

ABC New Shows that premiere in September (many aren't until October):
Private Practice - there aren't any 20-something females on this one.
Dirty Sexy Money - 20 somethings:
Samaire Armstrong
Laura Margolis

Big Shots - 20 somethings:
Amy Sloan
Peyton List

My money's on Samaire Armstrong. It has to be a near-lead role, and Big Shots definitely looks like it emphasizes the men.

Anonymous said...

argh sorry for that.. I missed schnee's post.

Tania said...

Ent says the guy THINKS he's a hit with the ladeez. So he's not necessarily a hottie.

ok, doesn't sound like Woods is an ass, if he was nice to you. OTOH, I've heard he can be a jerk. Who knows?

It was the combination of courthouse location & business suits which made Shark pop into my head. But I wouldn't know where Shark generally films courthouse scenes.

Hez said...

Re: Samaire Armstrong - Good sleuthing, schneefloeckli! You might be headed to the CDAN Guessers' Wall of Fame with C. Schwarzwald and Curious Cailyn!!

I've heard a lot of conflicting reports about James Woods, as well. I wonder what the truth is?

LA locals? Any way you can find out what was being filmed there the other day?

Chicky said...

Good call!!! Shark WAS filming at/near the county superior court yesterday...the only production in the area too...

Chicky said...

PS-according to the permits filed for production...
(cuz I know Hez's likes her some VERIFIED

Unknown said...

It is definitely Samaire Armstrong. Remember that Dominique got a laugh out of our guesses for ZX because some people guessed "Ms. No Pants" was ZX. Well Samaire Armstrong was a lot of people's guesses in the early days of ZX.


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