Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jessica Biel Has No Career So Decides To Get Naked

Realizing that absolutely no one is lining up at movie theatres to see her acting skills, Jessica Biel has decided to go ahead and get naked in her new film Powder Blue. Jessica has always resisted getting naked in order to protect her craft. I guess with the big fat paycheck she's getting for "displaying her nude breasts and butt" her craft can go to hell. Of course her mistake as well as the producers is thinking someone is actually going to see the movie to see her naked. The appropriate clips will be out well in advance of the movie and available for free. Of course you could still go pay to see her acting in it.


Simone said...

Yet another female actor who feels it's necessary to show T&A in order to get a role. I'm disappointed in her, and no, I won't see the movie.

Anonymous said...

Iwill definitely see the clips on you tube but I'm just not interested in the rest of the movie.

Anonymous said...

In the movie, she plays a stripper. I'm sorry, but if you're playing a stripper and you're not stripping to at least pasties and a g-string, it's a copout. said...

Why does it seem like every movie is about a stripper?

Unknown said...

brendalove wrote: Why does it seem like every movie is about a stripper?

Because Hollywood is still heavily run, and tilted toward, the male demographic, and the best way to do that is to activate the male fantasy life. Hot cars, chicks that can't help but love you... from a distance many Hollywood movies are indistinguishable from beer commercials.

Though there were other disappointments in the movie, I think Natalie Portman in Closer was pretty good as a stripper, and semi-nude without being exploitive. Hard to quantify, exactly, but I'd rented it to check out Natalie (ahem) but found myself paying attention to her performance during the g-string scenes. Now that must be considered undeniable evidence of good acting.


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