Friday, August 17, 2007

Britney's Lawyer Quitting Would Make Things Interesting

TMZ is reporting that Laura Wasser is about to resign as Britney's attorney. You don't actually resign as an attorney, but rather file a motion to withdraw. A motion means Laura is going to have to go the court and say please let me out of this case. The judge can say yes or no depending on how it will affect the representation of Britney going forward.

Many family law attorneys in California now sign agreements with clients which limit their representation to a sole issue such as the divorce itself. Once the divorce is finalized, it would be easier for the attorney to withdraw from the case, but not automatic. Most other states don't allow attorneys to have these sole issue representation agreements.

If Laura Wasser is just trying to withdraw from the case because she's tired of Britney, or as TMZ alleges, that she's having a conscience of crisis, Laura is going to have a very difficult time withdrawing. Let's say she is successful though, then what?

1. Britney needs to find a new attorney. These things take time and so the hearing scheduled for September 15th would likely be delayed.

2. If the hearing is delayed does that mean Britney keeps the kids longer? The answer is maybe. If the hearing is delayed, the first words that come out of Kevin's attorney are going to be something along the lines of needing to argue some temporary orders. Temporary orders as I've mentioned before would replace the current orders until after the new hearing. It is very rare for temporary orders to be granted unless the life of the kids are in danger and it would be unfair to Britney in the sense that her new attorney would unlikely be prepared to argue temporary orders or anything if they have just arrived on the case.


mocha said...

could maybe one of the reasons be that laura isn't an experienced family/custody lawyer, she's a only a divorce lawyer?

still gotta see it to believe it. tmz also claimed she hired kelly clarkson's old manager and he denied this on E!.

kellygirl said...

could be a play to stall the hearing
Brit's press is awful (as usual)
Kevin seems to have the upper-hand at the moment.
He has subpoenaed evreyone under her sun.
Her family is on his side.
They need time to do some damage control or dig up some dirt on Fed-Ex.
This move could easily buy her some time, maybe even a few months.


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