Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random Photos Part One

If Planet Hollywood wanted Corey Haim's fingerprints so bad, they could have saved some money and just called a couple of police departments.
Just going through the motions. They look so bored with each other, but they probably went ahead and had sex anyway.
For someone who wants to model, Avril Lavigne has quite possibly the worst fake smile ever. She looks like a 6 year old kid who has been told to smile for his school photo.
Dude doesn't look too thrilled to be giving Avril anything but a good kick in the ass.
Must say that Salma looks amazing.

Pornstache takes home the only girl he can find.
Run David Run.
Lauren filming her reality show. Of course ordering that salad took 5 takes so some would say it isn't reality television. I on the other hand think it probably does take LC five tries to order a salad when she goes out to eat.
Happy Birthday Ben. Sippy cup for you or Violet?


merrick said...

there really are seven degrees of separation from britney and justin ..

Tracee said...

Hmmm...the mustache is starting to grow on me Orlando. He doesn't look like a pretty girl anymore, all of sudden he starting to look like a Ma-an.

lawyagirl said...
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lawyagirl said...

Am I the only one that thinks Nicky Hilton's boyfriend (David K.) it totally hot?

Bryn said...

Salma is absolutely huge. She isn't due till January - 5 more months.

She'd better be careful with the weight gain - she's at risk for gestational diabetes and toxemia - said...

No way she's only 4 months pregnant!!!!!

Bryn said...

According to IMDb - she has been diagnosed with diabetes during her pregnancy. All news articles say she's due in January.

Mistik said...

In that picture, Salma looks like the prow of a ship... nothing to pregnant women who are large during pregnancy ... maybe it's the dress (yeah, I'm trying to be kind here...)

mandjo said...

I absolutely LOVED Corey Haim when I was younger. Silver Bullet was AWESOME! (How funny is that)
He looks rough now though.

Miss X said...

Mandjo, have you been watching The Two Coreys? Corey Haim looks old in that picture. And I thought Planet Hollywood went out of biz.

Per Celebrity Baby Blog, Salma is due soon

Orlando looks worse than normal. I only liked him in LOTR.

I love Ben, Jen & Violet. Great family, cute kid. :)

mandjo said...

Actually, I have been watching it! I have to say that Haim still seems! He is also very touchy, feely! Let's just say, I think there is little hope for a comeback. (A serious one anyway)

jax said...

i still think Jen is pregs aagin and katie Holmes they are both sportin that pained nauseas no makeup look a lot again.

britnet-justin-cameron-criss-britney. that ain't right.

there is no way in high hell salma hyak isn't almost 9 months pregnant for sure. that or she's having twins which i doubt we'd see her out this late in her pregnancy if she were.

im awfully opinionated today.

mandjo said...

Jax, you may be opinionated, but I agree with you!

schneefloeckli said...

I can't really imagine it being Jen but wasn't there a BI recently with a mom who uses her child's baby sipper to drink wine in public?

K said...

tracee, I'm also starting to like the porntache on Orlando.. but I'll be glad to see it gone when the play's finished!

He's maturing rather nicely, IMHO

Bryn said...

Ok, I did a little more research and other sites state Salma is due in late summer - which makes more sense considering her size. Some sites say she is due in January, with "January" crossed out, and then goes on to say "later this summer". Someone had erroneous info and put it out online and other sites picked it up and ran with it. Guess it goes to show that rumor spreads like wildfire.


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