Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Blind Item Reveals

September 12, 2007

#2 This male singer kept trying to hit on women at the VMA after parties but was having no luck. Apparently each and everyone made it a point to tell him he was an ass and that you should never kiss and tell.

Adam Levine (not exactly sure why I made this blind except that I probably didn't have much that day. That day was the first JLS pregnancy blind though.)


Kim said...

I just don't understand his appeal. He's really average looking to me.

RandomRamblings said...

Adam Levine isn't the only one who kisses and tells. There are plenty of female singers that only have careers serial dating upward. That being said, maybe the fact that he's rumored to be a walking STD factory didn't help his game. But I would think Rhianna would be interested. She'll fancy anyone with a bankroll and a record deal.

Kim said...

Lol @ random. I like you :)

kellygirl said...

Ent, it would be fun if you tallied the comments/guesses and kept us up to date on the percentage of accurate guesses. I know we all guessed Adam for this one. I'm wondering how many guessed correctly on JLS

RandomRamblings said...

The tallying of correct percentage of guesses is a good idea. It would be a little more work but it would be interesting to see how good we all are at guessing celebrities.

Anonymous said...

bummer for the guy, apparently he didn't actually kiss and tell. some Russian magazine just made some crap up about Levine and Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova.

Beth said...

This one wasn't even blind. The whole dissing of Maria Sharapova came out a few days earlier so this item SCREAMED Adam Levine.

EL, give us the answers the the BI's that are actually hard!! We know this one. We all got the Orly Bloom one and the Federline/Farrell and the James Woods BI's. Those were the easiest this whole year.

Give us some hard ones EL!! Don't give us answers to the ones that Us Magazine and everyone else already helped confirm.

You know we love you, but after all that buildup about the reveals, we want ones that we couldn't figure out. The answers today are ones we already figured out.

C'mon EL, in the spirit of New Years, give us some shockers!!

The Brunette said...

The MaSha item was indeed a fabrication, but the reason why so many people believed it was because Levine has a reputation for blabbing too much about his sex life.

First, Maroon 5's first album ("Songs About Jane") is, as the title suggests, a kiss-and-tell set to music. Jane, Levine's high school girlfriend, is a real person - Jane Herman, daughter of Fred Segal owner Ron Herman, who writes for Vogue.

Then last year Levine went on Howard Stern with his current girlfriend (Becky, a young cocktail waitress he picked up in Vegas) and said they had sex a few hours after they met. Nothing wrong with jumping into bed straightaway, but it's not something that should be shared publicly, since it makes both parties look trashy.

I am convinced the reason why Levine is with the waitress (rather than with a starlet) is because all the ladies of Hollywood know how trashy and tactless he is.

MnGddess said...

I agree with Beth. There has to be at least a dozen really shocking blinds. We want to hear those!!!

We won't tell.



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