Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cash Warren Sells His Daughter

I kind of like that headline. Reminds me of the Blues Brothers when they are in the very nice restaurant and John Belushi asks one man, "How much for the women?"

It didn't take Cash Warren long to start exploiting his daughter. I'm sure that he will also throw her up on his website on a fairly regular basis but only as a pay-per-view basis. This is one girl who will be sold on a basis that will only rival a Larry Birkhead kid.
"Shake it baby. Shake it for daddy so he can earn some money."

"But she's just a newborn. "

"She'll learn, just like her mom did."

Good times in the Warren household. Apparently Cash has been asking around to see how much he can get for some photos of Jessica Alba and the baby. He wants to be in them too so he can prove to chicks he can get hot girls.
It's kind of funny that they didn't make a deal with a magazine prior to the baby being born. I'm guessing someone might have had some doubt about the identity of the father? Hmmm? Why would you wait until after the kid is born? Just in case she came out with a gold tooth and singing "In da Club," they decided to wait.

It does look like that Josh Alba was at least able to see his niece. Of course it was by cell phone photo because he is not actually allowed to go over to the house. Not famous enough and not a woman who will put out for Cash, so not a visitor. Josh, who is probably the antithesis of everything Jessica said the baby was gorgeous. For the record, Josh good. Jessica bad.


Kristen S. said...

I'm guessing they didn't make a deal, because no one would pay more than a coupla bucks.

Unknown said...

Jessica and Cash are two peas in a pod. I don't think he's the only greedy one here.

kris said...

ya know, i read that earlier that they wouldn't make any deals until the baby was born...made me think...hmmmm....then follow that with the comment she made- hoping the baby is brown....all very interesting when you look at it from Ent's point of view....


Carte Blanche said...

Ha Ha. I can't wait to watch this slow-mo trainwreck carry on.

How long will J stay out of the limelight while she works out for three hours a day to get the baby weight off?

anna said...

ha -- how good can josh be when he's whoring out his own version of the story? we need to change this arithmetic a bit.

cash + jessica + josh = bad.

bad / inside 'scoop' from josh = x

x = sort of good for smuthounds, but alba is so boring, you know?

(no, not a math major in college -- how can you tell?)

Unknown said...

Is this the blind about someone not sure who the babdy daddy was?

catherine said...

Can someone please explain the alba fifty connection?must have missed that one.

badchick272002 said...

Wasn't there a blind item about an actress seeing a rapper on the low and her people made her break up with him so he wouldn't hurt her career? Maybe I'm making this up but I could have sworn there was a blind item something like that. Plus, there was the whole video of 50 Cent inviting Jessica on stage while he was performing and saying she was the most beautiful actress in the world. Plus I could sware that someone said that on a episode of cribs, 50 was showing his house and there was a picture of Jessica on the piano or somewhere in the living room. If true, kind of odd huh.

candice said...

gold tooth? that's weak, very weak. fifty doesn't have "fronts".

candice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
noel said...

Hey- the baby probably wishes 50 was her daddy too... as for 50 hurting Jessica's career... Yeah right!! What career are we talking about here?

Miss X said...

Badchick, I remember that blind, too!

Ent, thanks for the reveal!

I have a new name for Jessica Alba...Jalby

What do you all think? Dumb enough to work?

belicoso said...

Cash should take exploitation lessons from Larry. After all, Larry has exploited his daughter all the way to buying a new 10,000 square foot house that he's not even moving into yet. Perhaps Cash too can afford a huge second residence if he plays his cards right.


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