Monday, June 09, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

The women of The Golden Girls getting the attention they sorely deserve at the TV Land awards. Love them, what they have done in their careers, and loved the show.
Benjamin McKenzie makes his first (I think) appearance on the photos. With as many people that have been in the photos it amazes me how many each week are still brand new to it all.

Brandon Molale also makes his first appearance.
Angela Kinsey gave so many interviews about this red carpet and how she thought she was going to look terrible because it is so soon after the birth of her child. Ummm. She looks pretty damn good to me.
The Ashton Holmes getting ready checklist. Sunscreen? Check. Hairspray? Check? Lipstick? Lots.
It's the hooker at a beach in Jersey. I would have thought Ashley would have been on some rich guy's yacht in the Med at this time of the year, but instead she went to the Jersey shore with mom. She still has that hooker instinct though because she was allegedly charging people to take photos with her.
Dawn Wells aka Mary Ann. She looks great. Must be the pot.

"Mom, why do all these people keep calling you whore? I thought your name was Denise."
David Bisbal - New York
It took years and years for Courteney Cox to do a show I liked and then it got canceled.
Barry Williams and his "guest." I bet she does a great Cindy, Jan or Marcia. Whatever Barry needs to get in the mood.
Jodie Sweetin on the red carpet just screams, "hey, come on over to my double wide later."

The one and only Jack Klugman. Thanks for all the great tv Jack. I need to go watch some Quincy tonight.
So, if your kids ever start taking drugs, pop in Grease in the DVD player, then show this picture.
Gary Coleman the divorcee'. Kind of has a nice ring to it huh?
Edward Norton looks great, but explain to me again why he went out with Courtney Love. I understand the whole Salma Hayek thing. Definitely. But Courtney Love?

At what age is too old for braids? Not saying Marcia Cross looks bad, just wondering if there is some cut off. Like Spandex or thongs. This weekend, I was out and about and I saw a woman who was about 80, maybe 85, and she bent over to get something at the grocery store and I saw a thong. I just walked away from the food cart and left.

The amazing Lea Thompson and she is even more amazing with all the work she does for breast cancer research.
I wonder if Liv Tyler would be attracted to me if I stalked her. It has never worked so far, but there is always a first time.
It's like an 80's theme today and Lori Loughlin fits right in with that.
The looks like two women having sex photo of the day. The photo was captioned Katie Cassidy (top) and Whitney Cummings (bottom) which I thought kind of presumptuous of WireImage. How do they know who is the top in the relationship?

The reader photo of the day. 80's kind of flashback photo. The reader is on the left. Love this photo.

I'm glad someone told me this was Horseshack, because I don't know if I would have guessed it on my own.
More from The Office. Just because it is my damn blog and I love the show.
What every mother is wearing to play golf these days.
Martin Mull just cracks me up thinking about him.
Zachary Quinto doesn't do much for me, but I know all of you love him.

Wisin y Yandel - New York
Because Vanessa Williams looks so damn good in this, I will overlook the fact for today that she was once married to a Laker.
One of the top 20 coolest people I know. Sara Gilbert.
Rev Theory - Kansas City


Ellen said...

When I first saw the top photo, I honestly thought Rue McClanahan was grabbing Bea Arthur's boob.

I was like "wow", then i was like "eh, nevermind..."

Love the GGs!

Kristen S. said...

Love, love, love, love the reader photo! Out yourself, please!

Lil said...

Oh Kinicki, why, why-y-y-y, oh why??? So sad.

Also, love the Golden Girls. Betty White is my hero - I really hope to be as sassy and funny as she is when I'm her age. :-)

califblondy said...

Did Lori borrow those shoes from one of the Golden Girls?

Why would Jeff Conaway even leave the house? He used to be so hot. It's hard to look at him now.

I would have never guessed Horshack either. Wow.

jax said...

Harriet is that you??? hot picture.

I love Sara Gilbert, if Darlene were a real person,it would be me. said...

Bea Arthur is majestic.

Seeing some of these other people makes me feel old.

selenakyle said...

I thought the reader photo looked like it could be harriet hellfire again, too.

I gotta dig around for some old incriminating pix to send in...

Beautiful eyes whomever you are..just not so sure about Mr. Cool next to you, though!

Actually, we were all too cool in the 80's weren't we? The sheer number of accessories one had to glom on was stifling.

lutefisk said...

Once there was a man named Oscar...Oscar, Oscar, Oscar. Oscar, Oscar, OOOOO-scar. I love Jack Klugman.
The reader photo looks quite British.

Maja With a J said...

*L* I WISH that were me in the reader photo, that is FIERCE. But alas, I have only had one photo up.

Courtney Love used to be pretty cool back in the day. She was always a freakshow but used to be more of a "hot mess" as Perez would say. Now she's just a freak. But before...yeah, I can totally see what Ed Norton saw in her.

selenakyle said...

OT--anybody else see dlisted's pix today of Yancey Butler? Sheesh.

Hey kids--really, just say no to drugs!

Also, Liv Tyler looks different--I'm thinking chin work. Anyone?

kris said...

selana...the sheer number of accessories....sigh...I don't know how I lifted my arms back then with all the bracelets I uses to wear. I was actually managing a Claire's back then...holy fright - the stuff we had to wear...

GOOD GOD...what happened to Kinicki? I didn't know he got in to drugs....what a waste. I used to LOVE him...

Wil said...

Look at the faces of those two gorgeous children those two publicity skanks produced. [The skanks in question being Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards.] Absolutely heartbreaking .. I shudder to think what will become of them in the future .. I think Paris Hilton wannabee's is just way too much to hope for given how f'd up Mommy and Daddy are emotionally. Anna Nicole Smith will probably be more like it.

Martin!!! Step in and save your Grandchildren!!

As for reader photo .. I swear to god I saw you in line for 7th Street Entry about 1986! ; )

GammaGirl said...

YAY for the Golden Girls in the top spot!

Ben MacKenzie is getting sexier with age. (yeah, I said it)

I thought Jeff Conway turned to Xenu for help with all this issues? Man, his appearance on Celebrity Rehab was the best anti-drug ad EVER. I'm bummed he's still with his sketchy wife.

Anonymous said...

awesome reader photo. Were you in a band? It looks very professional.

That is a fantastic photo/pose of Vanessa Williams. And Ent, she may have married a Laker, but she married a HOT Laker. She may have just been in it for the beautiful babies.

Zach Quinto.. we need to get rid of your lame hipster styling. It does not work for me.

Brandon Molale - looks like a steroid junkie. Went to his website, and he was at the steroid documentary premiere a few weeks ago.

I used to watch the Golden Girls as a pre-adolescent. I don't know why my parents let me watch something that raunchy. I thank them for it.

Unknown said...

looooove the reader photo! i wanna to hang it on my wall!

Unknown said...

Wow, didn't know the Klug-man was still kickin it.

Anonymous said...

Brandon Molele--one of those guys you see always playing the jock or meaty lunkhead. Love it.


Kat said...

The reader photo is tres cool. Very 'Spoons' or 'Til Tuesday'ish. Even back in the eighties, there weren't many who looked as good as this!

I'm surprised no one has commented on the weird size of Lea Thompson's head. It's like twice the size of her body! This can't be how she truly looks or she'd be falling over constantly.

The Golden Girls in the eighties was as important to me as Sex In the City is to me now. Muah to them all.

IndigoBlue said...

Love the Golden Girls! They are still a guilty pleasure when I stay home from work "sick". I love the episode where Blanche accidently mistakes Rose's mace for hairspray and maces herself in the police station! This morning I was getting ready to walk out the door and grabbed my hairspray for a quick fix and realized (too late) I had grabbed the Scrubbing Bubbles instead. Yep, Scrubbing Bubbled myself this morning. lol

Great reader photo! Speaking of hairspray, I went through a TON of hairspray back in those days. Aquanet at that!

Always loved Sara Gilbert. Glad she's back on tv again in a good show.

Vanessa looks glorious!

Ed Norton, meow!

Jack Klugman - smooches! Loved all the work!

Jeff Conaway just scares me, but not as much as his psycho-killer Bambi eyed "girlfriend".

Always liked Lori Laughlin, too.

Jazz Hands said...

Noticed the big head on Lea Thompson, yes I did.

Pamela S. said...

OMG, I can't believe that ENT posted my photo. XOXOXO. Unless I have sex with a governor, this should be my one and only appearance on a celebrity gossip blog. LOL

This photo was snapped by a friend on a Friday night in May 1987 on South St. in Philadelphia. It just turned out really cool & spooky looking but it was definitely not professional by any means. We also were not in a band. This was just our everyday look at the time.

Sadly, "Mr. Cool" has since departed this earth. I am sure he is looking down chuckling right now though. Miss ya, Eric.

Zabbie said...

I think the anti-drug thing would work.

watching Trainspotting and Sid and Nancy when I was 12 or 13 kept me the hell away from drugs.

Maja With a J said...

p&t, it's an awesome picture. Sorry about your friend!

jax said...

god i loved 1987.

RIP Eric.
P&T you look a lot like Bridget Fonda there. hot.

Unknown said...

I cannot believe ENT is blasting Marcia Cross for her braids. Who cares??? Look at her anorexic body!! She is scary skinny! And after admitting she drinks juice or water while she watches her husband eat when they go to a restaurant. Yikes. She's admitted to anorexia.

She looks terrible...unhealthy...

babyface shane said...

reader photo is hot!

Sinjin said...

Yaaay! A David Bisbal picture, even if it's a bad one! Never thought I'd see one here. Glad Enty's international. Also glad David's growing out his hair again into those adorable ringlets. Thank you Enty! (air kisses)

Winston Ono said...

P & T, great picture! It brings back memories of many a night standing outside the Ripley waiting to see The Dead Milkmen, Robert Hazzard or the Hooters.

Tracee said...

p&t loves the photo! I wish I had a picture that stylish. Yours is def. the best of the pack!

J. said...

EL - you made me laugh out loud because that's exactly what I think every time I see a photo of Ed Norton.

surfer said...

Califblondy took the words out of my mouth - what is up with Lori's footwear? Isn't her husband a designer? Maybe she's recovering from foot surgery. Otherwise, there's no excuse for someone under 70 to be wearing those kind of shoes.

Indigo - you crack me up. Scrubbing Bubbles? I, um, guess you ended up being a little late for work then? And I totally agree about Jeff Conaway - he's got to ditch the girlfriend for any chance at life. Period.

I wouldn't have recognized Horshack either. He kinda looks a bit like Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), but with shorter hair.

Ah, Martin Mull - Fernwood 2night! What a great show.

Unknown said...

Hah, just noticed today is Johnny Depp's Bday, surprised that didn't make it as a story with assorted pics.

Unknown said...

huge,HUGE head on Lea. I wonder if Lea has any enemies... said...

p&t's got ABS, baby said...

I thought that about Rue's hand, too. Look at Betty! I love her, she reminds me of my Grandmother. So sweet and devilish.

link88 said...

Sara, I almost can't read your comments because that picture grosses me out! I can't wait until I've scrolled it off the screen. What is that? A melanoma?

Maybe the reader was in a production of Grease; it certainly looks like the costumes for it. Maybe it is an actress in our midst.

link88 said...

Sorry, P&T, I hadn't read down that far yet to see your explanation for the photo!

MnGddess said...

OMG The first thing I though of when I saw the reader photo was "very Robert Hazard - Escalator of Life".. I didn't know you were from Philly! Woo hoo!
I am so proud of me.. heh

And Jeff Conaway always looked like a sleezebag to me. Even in Grease and on Taxi. That kind of creep that undresses a woman with his eyes and then treats her like shit. Ewww.

Salsa Lover said...

Oh my gosh! This is the best set of photos in like forever!!! David Bisbal? Winsin y Yandel?? Liv Tyler? Benjamin McKenzi? WOW!!!!

Jazz Hands said...

funny, link. Sorry about that. It's art by Wangechi Mutu. A little disturbing, I'll agree.

Maja With a J said...

Sara, I like your blog :)

selenakyle said...

RIP, Eric, aka Mr. Cool! P&T--my condolences on your loss.

PollyPureBred said...

P&T - sorry about your loss. You captured a fabulous moment in time. What a treasure!

Willow - maybe I say you in line at the Entry - I was the one with ratted hair, clothes from Ragstock and all the Aveda hair gel...ring a bell?
Great memories!!!

Production Girl said...

Wisin y Yandel.....
YAY! Thank you Ent, LOL.


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