Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You Have Got To Be F**king Kidding Me

I would say 95% of you don't know who Michael Poryes is, so let me clue you in. He is one of the co-creators of Hannah Montana and quite possibly the world's biggest hypocrite. Mikey gave an interview yesterday and said that Miley Cyrus shouldn't have to deal with so much press and attention at such a young age, and that the media should just leave her alone completely.

WTF? Seriously? You have got to be f**king kidding me. How do you think she originally got in front of the media? Hmmmm. Was it you? I seem to recall about a million interviews she had to do for her tour and for her show and for the film of her tour. You didn't seem to want to keep her away from the media when there was money to be made in your pocket. Was it the media's idea to have her pose for Vanity Fair? Was there some pap who kept shouting at Miley to go take naked photos for Vanity Fair and she just finally couldn't handle the pressure and did it?

Was it the media who kept releasing all the half naked photos from her MySpace? I don't think so. Hell, it might have been you Mikey for all we know. Contrary to what you may think Mikey, I actually think the press has been pretty easy on Miley. They don't go looking for stories on her because somehow someone in your organization or Disney or her dad just keeps time releasing stories or photos whenever Miley threatens to leave our immediate conscience.

So, forgive me if I think you are full of s**t, and if you want her to have no attention and to be given the chance of a normal life as you put it, then why don't you let her quit the show, stop touring and let her go to high school? Hmmm. Oh, I forgot, then you would have to find some other teen to exploit.


Unknown said...

Boo freaking Hoo - yah want less media attention - quit the business, go to school and live a normal life.

jax said...

aww poor miley crying on top of her pile of money.

Anonymous said...


Carte Blanche said...

Yeah Jax. It sucks to be an almost billionaire before your 16th b-day.

lutefisk said...

Isn't it time for this show & her to be replaced?

Jokerista said...

you said it, Ent!

I actually love your rants more than your blind items... more than even FFFs!

Anonymous said...

oh look, the exploiter is feeling bad for the exploited.

He'll forget the pain as soon as he gets his next paycheck.


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