Friday, June 13, 2008

Not Paying For The Cow? No One Even Wants A Steak

Last week or earlier this week or maybe in my imagination I wrote about how Mariah Carey had decided that she only wanted wedding gifts. Screw having a wedding or a reception or anything like that. She just wanted gifts and as such had registered for the most expensive ones she could find.

Well, it may have seemed to you that seemed odd. No, not the gift getting part. Come on. She was put on this earth to get gifts and to ask for them. No, I'm talking about the fact that she is not the kind of person to pass up being the center of attention for a few months during the wedding planning and definitely for that very special day and night.

The problem is that since her new husband can't afford to give her the type of party or reception she wants, then she was going to have to pay for it herself. Ummm. No. So, she decided that she would sell the photos to the wedding and get the money for it that way. Ummm. Good idea except that according to MSNBC no one wanted to pay. Why the hell should they? Mariah and Nick have been everywhere, spoken about their wedding to everyone and so there would really be nothing left to buy. It would just be Mariah at a party dressed like a hooker and there are already lots and lots of those photos in the world.

No money. No wedding. Just the gifts please.


captivagrl said...

these two give off zero sexual chemistry. i still don't buy the whole thing.

Seachica said...

No way would a magazine not be willing to pay for Mariah's wedding photos. I don't buy it. They pay fr just about every wedding/baby photo out there, of celebs who are way less known than Mariah. My guess is Mariah overpriced the photos.

merrick said...

this marriage reeks of a publicity stunt or some sort of "punk'd" bad dream .. isnt she hooked up with da brat ..

lutefisk said...

I think we should all ship in and get that Hello, Kitty service for 12 she's been asking for.

It's $19.49
This Hello Kitty Dish Set allows you to carry your food to places at once. You can place your food and even drink with this set, which comes with a cup that goes perfectly into the compartment, a fork and a spoon. Hello Kitty Dish Set is in the theme of red, with has a red edge. Don’t carry your food in a plate one by one, carry it with this Hello Kitty Dish Set.

It could be a group gift.

Wil said...

: D- LOL!!! Valerie & Adrian!!

I will chip in a buck Adrian!! You just lemme know when you need it!! ; )

lutefisk said...

Willow --oops--I meant chip--not ship. I think I need glasses.
We need to start a CDAN sunshine fund--we can send wedding gifts, divorce gifts, rehab gifts, herpes gifts, coming out of the closet gifts...the possibilities are endless. We can ask ENT to start a paypal account to deposit your contributuin.

Of course everything will end up going to Ben Affleck according to the Blind guesses.

J. said...

I think this isn't a bad idea. I'm taking it a step further: No wedding, no reception, no MAN. Just the gifts please.


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