Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well They Were Damn Good Fakes

A bunch of photograph experts have got together and after laughing themselves silly for several weeks have determined that those photos of Oscar de la Hoya in the fishnets last year were actually fake photos. Immediately after the report was released, the stripper who allegedly took the photos decided for some reason to drop her $25M slander lawsuit against Oscar that she had filed when Oscar had claimed they were fake, thus ruining her reputation. Honey, even if you were telling the truth, you are a stripper/escort who tried to sell photos of your trick in lingerie. What the hell kind of reputation do you have to uphold?

Ooops. Oh well. They were fun though and for a day or so the world got to laugh at Oscar. Has his career been ruined? I don't think so. Hell, now he knows that he can have a career as a tranny when the boxing thing is done. He wouldn't be a very good looking tranny, but he could make a couple of bucks if he lived next door to say Eddie Murphy.

Plus, he made himself to a whole bunch of fans who never knew who he was. Gossip readers who don't follow boxing might have only remembered him for that crazy love triangle between Oscar, Dennis Quaid and Shanna Moakler. Shanna probably called Oscar after the photos came out and told him they would still be married if he had dressed like that for her. I thought it was very funny that she never came out and said the father of her children would not dress like that which is why I thought the photos were probably real. How do you not stick up for the father of your kids?


Kraymond19 said...

Dennis Quaid & Shanna Moakler?!
Are you kidding me?

Jazz Hands said...

I refuse to believe they are fakes. I love Oscar de la Hoya so much more now that I've seen him in fishnets and heels!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was actually just glad to see Oscar's bod. Now we find out it wasn't his?

oh well. I didn't realize that Shanna Moakler had any attempt at fame before Travis Barker.

MnGddess said...


Oh-I thought that was Enty.

Anonymous said...

Hmph. I've seen a lot of fake photos in my day--both as a photographer and Photoshop "artist". The De La Hoya pics looks pretty damn real. The biggest thing that'll tip you off is resolutions that don't match, but in these pics, they always did. I got the same opinion from my sister, who's a much more talented photographer and Photoshop artist than myself--with her, the artist doesn't come in quotation marks, she's that good. But they still seemed pretty damn real to me.

Besides, who the hell targets Oscar De La Hoya?

Unknown said...

Please. They are real. The girl was paid a sum of money - probably far less than the $25M she was requesting, but nonetheless, a large sum of money to slink away, and allow a press release to come out & say "They are fake". So funny to those of us who can smell this B.S. 2000 miles away!!

Anotheramy said...

Is this one of the ones they are saying is fake because his head looks like it was pasted very poorly on someone else neck, and they forgot the neck.


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