Monday, June 09, 2008

Why Would I Talk About Her Kid?

If you came here expecting a love fest about Jessica Alba and her new child, then of course you must be a first time reader. Why on earth would I talk about Jessica Alba unless of course the baby looked like Fiddy. Then, of course it would be different.

Although 99.9% of the people in this world think Nick Hogan is a disgusting excuse for a human being, it seems that he does have at least one fan. Note, just because one of his cell mates is enjoying having Nick as his bitch, does not mean he is a fan. Neither are the guys waiting their turn. No, instead Nick does have at least one fan, and get this it is a woman. I know, I know, but she's a criminal too, and has the morals of, well a Hogan so it is probably a match.

Do you remember the story of Stephanie Ragusa? She is one of a handful of teachers from Florida who all got busted around the same time for having sex with minors. In Stephanie's case, she is a very slow learner. Stephanie is 29 and was arrested on March 13 for allegedly having sex with her 16 year old student. Then, on April 15, Stephanie was arrested again for having sex with the same student again. Oh, and to complete the trifecta, she was arrested again on April 30 for doing the same damn thing. The judge revoked her bail and so she sits in prison.

With time to kill she set her sights on another minor. This time Nick Hogan. She has been sending him letters offering support and encouragement and a complimentary bj when he gets out. Of course since she is facing more than 10 charges of sex with a minor, Nick will probably be long out of his teens and her age range before she can deliver on that bj. Too bad, Nick will probably be pretty good at giving them by the time he gets out of jail.


Teresa said...

I laughed when I read about that this weekend. The gall of that woman writing to him is unbelievable. She looks a tad deranged in those arrest photos, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
I'm sure that jailhouse hookups happen (besides the ass pounding kind), but I wonder what she hoped to accomplish by writing him.

Anonymous said...

she got her name out there. that's what she wanted.

lutefisk said...

He is without a doubt the oldest looking 17 year old I ever saw.

catherine said...

did i miss something about 50 and alba. im confused


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