Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

Tim Russert - RIP

My original plan was to say something snarky like a couple that gets work together stays together, but then I realized I used that line with the pumping yesterday, and then I also figured that Warren Beatty was getting an award and so he deserves a little respect. That, and I just love The Great Outdoors so much that I just can never really say anything bad about Annette Bening.

How can you ever say anything bad about Art Garfunkel? Well you could start with the hair. Love him.
It must be secret confession day. First Great Outdoors and now this. Loved Johnny B Goode. I know, I know, but I really liked it and it was the first time I ever met Uma and so I just can't say anything bad about it.
So Calum Best is doing some reality show for MTV where he is going to be celibate for 30 days. BFD. Throw in some porn and you have that taken care of. Yes, I speak from personal experience. What I want to see is Calum going without drugs for 30 days. Now that would be reality television worth watching.
The cool photo of the day goes to Cody Green.
The makes me want to laugh photo of the day comes from the Daddy Of All Dance Offs.

And it was judged by Cameron Mathison and Lonnie Quinn.
Cyndi Lauper wanting to perform on CBS, but had to cancel because CBS couldn't get their act together.
Fortunately for Cyndi, ABC knows how to plug in a wire and so she performed there.

I really wish the internet had been around during Faye Dunaway's prime. I bet she could have blown away Naomi Campbell in a cell phone throwing contest. Of course that would assume that cell phones also existed at that time.

The lovely Eva Mendes.
Yes, that is Eric Dane without a shirt on, and yes, that is Rebecca Gayheart without a top on as well.
Want to know what David Geffen is really like? This is pretty much it 24/7. I think he probably sleeps like this.

Isaac Hayes - New York

I was going to make some kind of comment about Seal and deodorant, but then realized it is a design. May want to rethink that one.
Nothing to say. I just know lots of you watch the show.
If you ever have to pick someone other than Kevin Bacon to play six degrees with, Glenne Headly is the person you want to grab for your female choice.
George Clooney and his friend.
The amazing Lainie Kazan. I want to thank Jerry who sent me the photos of Lainie naked after her last appearance in the photos. I have forwarded those photos to about a million people since. She was indeed a hottie back in the day.

Kenny Chesney - New York
Just because I feel like I have to. I mean it is a gossip blog.
Javier Garcia - Los Angeles
Jane Fonda looks pretty damn good.

Stone Gods - Castle Donington

Sandra Bullock on the set of her new film.
Rainn Wilson promoting as only Rainn can.
Our lovely reader photo of the day.
I actually think Marc Summers has been annoying since the days of Double Dare. I know, I know, I have sat through Food Network marathons with him, but only because the subject was interesting, not because of him.

Would you believe it's Xanadu The Musical? Good, because it is.

The Wombats - Isle Of Wight
If I started working out 50 years ago and kept at it every day, I still would not look as good as Tyson Beckford.
The Answer - Isle Of Wight
This is the 2007 Playmate of The Year. After she walked the red carpet, she took a pregnancy test, and yes, David Spade is the father.


kellygirl said...

RIP Tim Russert!

let us fight for our 1st Amendment
in honor of this great man!

what a loss to Journalism!

lutefisk said...

Did Jennifer Aniston have chin work recently?, her face seems much rounder.
Art Garfunkel looks like someones's
eccentric uncle.
I miss Isaac Hayes on Southpark.
Clooney's friend--is that anything like Jessica Biel's trainer?

Maja With a J said...

I so want to hang out with Cyndi Lauper. She is so awesome. I would probably be acting like Ben Stiller in that skit where he plays Bruce Springsteen, interviewing P Diddy.

jw12 said...

RIP Tim...He was so young too.

littleoleme said...

Tim Russert DIED??!!
That is a loss.

IndigoBlue said...

Tyson Beckford is one hot mofo...

Jane looks good, but I think my mom had that jumpsuit in lime green in 1978

WTF is Sandra wearing and is it just me or does she look ancient in that picture?

Cute Reader Pic! At first I thought you were getting ready to pull your shirt off, but then realized you were resting on the back of a chair or something! lol

I am always surprised at how well Kendra cleans up. She really is pretty, even if she's not the shiniest lip gloss at the Clinique counter.

CarolMR said...

RIP, Tim. You could always tell how much he loved his family and how devoted he was to them. I am so sad that his dad, Big Russ, will have to bury his son this Father's Day weekend.

Anonymous said...

wow hot reader!

And Marc Summers is awesome. To have OCD and be the host of Double Dare and get slimed practically every day, damn, that's working hard for the money.

Rainn Wilson may be funny, but he's incredibly hard to look at.

Dance off guy is hilarious... I had too much fun PgUp/PgDn'ing that one.

janele said...

The Isle of Wight is lovely. My husband's family is from across the "Solent".

catherine said...

my heart dropped when i saw rip on Tim, so sad. aniston and mayer look thrilled

Jokerista said...

is it Clooney's friend or Clooney's 'friend'?

Unknown said...

Blogger's a flipping C*NT.
It just ate my comment...

And it was a really good one.


jax said...

adrian, you're not crazy i said it to on my blog,she got that Leno shaved.

RIP Tim, i never knew ya but i got respect.

Tyson, big gay Al wants his look back.

Double dare!!!! loved it.

well hello reader,another cutie.

The Dude Abides said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Dude Abides said...

It's great that Ent has cool readers like Robin Wright Penn.

Tim Russert, RIP. said...

At first I thought the reader's photo was a school picture until I noticed the skulls in the background. Maybe she went to the School of Rock?

Reese said...

Very sad about Tim Russert; what a horrid shock that news was.

Art Garfunkel now looks like the stereotypical image of the Columbia University math professor that he used to be. I guess he was always a bit on the nerdy side.

Today's cute reader looks a bit like the young Peggy Lipton.

lutefisk said...

jax-- I read your blog faithfully--how'd I miss that?
Must go back......

lutefisk said...

Dude, even though we aren't celebs, I thought we were all of Ent's cool readers.

surfer said...

I am so profoundly sad about Tim Russert - the man was absolutely brilliant, yet so down-to-earth and human. He will be sorely missed.

Cannot believe what has happened to Art Garfunkel - he looks like Jill Hennessey's psychiatrist on Crossing Jordan (can't remember the guy's name).

Cyndi Lauper has never looked better.

Love Sandra's go-go boots.

Very cute reader photo.

Unknown said...

I've never heard of Tim Russert, but I've been reading about this all day and people really seem genuinely saddened, so I bet he was a great guy. RIP :(

Is that RDJ talking to AMH?!?! It looks like kd lang talking to...some guy...weird!!!

Callum Best is such a tool.

Cyndi Lauper looks gorgeous!

That doesn't look A THING like Sandra Bullock LOL! Love those boots...

I'm not usually one for the male models, but F*CK ME if Tyson isn't one of the hottest men alive LOL

PollyPureBred said...

Beautiful thoughts and words about Tim Russert - he was one of the great ones and will be terribly missed. RIP and thoughts and prayers to his family.

On another note, very cute reader pic!

JJ said...

Thanks for adding the Russet picture. It's terribly sad. He was a good guy.

RagDoll said...

Reader!!! Cutie-pie! You look like a very young Robin Wright-Penn. When she was "The Princess Bride"

Tim Russert was a class act, what a loss. Remember when former Grand Dragon, or Grand Wizard or roll-a-20-sided-dice for damage or whatever of the KKK David Duke ran for governor of Louisiana?

Everyone ripped into Duke for being a racist (of course. Easy target. He was a friggen KLANSMAN ferfuksake).

Well, Mr. Russert asked in a VERY classy, erudite and intelligent manner exactly WHAT Mr. Duke's main objectives were as Governor of Louisiana, should he be elected. Mr. Duke went on and on about the state's economy, and how his platform was economic growth and bla bla bla.

So, Mr. Russert asked Mr Duke very simply, very respectfully....which corporations contributed most to Louisiana's economy. For whom were most Louisianans working, and what Mr. Duke's plans for economic growth entailed, exactly.

Well, surprise, surprise. The Klansman had no answer. NO ANSWER. He was running on a platform of economic reform, not racism, AND HE COULDN'T ANSWER RUSSERT'S QUESTION ABOUT HIS OWN STATE'S ECONOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was beautiful because without playing into the hype, or going for the gory ratings-boom-boom questions like everyone else was, Tim Russert effectively handed David Duke his own crazy Klansman ass right on a silver platter, the way NONE of the other sensationalist interviews had done.

That's intelligence. That's class, and that's journalistic integrity. Without dergoating anyone else, Mr. Russert made his (formidable) point in the most eloquent fashion in my memory.

R.I.P, Mr. Russert. My heart goes out to your family. You taught me a lot about class, integrity, and of curse, you taught me how many donuts I could consume while watching "Meet The Press" (8, if anyone cares)

He'll be missed.

Unknown said...

R.I.P. Tim.

Love Glenne Headly! Just love her.

For all that is holy, Tyson is hot.

I'm glad that Jennifer Aniston is getting some.

stina said...

30 days without sex? Jeez, try 3 years, then you have a challenge. And even that isn't interesting enough to watch on TV.

Jokerista said...

ragdoll; loved, loved loved that Tim story. Too bad there aint too many of him these days... I had no idea of who he was, but if this was the man, boy he shall be missed.

R.I.P Tim!

Jerry said...

I want to thank Jerry who sent me the photos of Lainie naked after her last appearance in the photos.

And I'd like to thank you for inspiring me to look at them again. She'll always be on my List.

lutefisk said...

Anyone se jay Leno's tribute to Tim Russert? It was very touching. Sunday mornings will never be the same.

J. said...

I'm surprised and touched to see that Tim Russert meant as much to other people as he did to me. I always looked up to him as a journalism student and throughout my time working in politics.

I've been a faithful watcher of Meet the Press for many years, and I agree that Sunday morning will never be the same. RIP Tim.

trashtalker said...

Go Bills!

Reader = a little Stephanie March, a little Josie Davis circa Charles in Charge

Ayesha said...

Even Heidi Klum can't make those stupid gladiator sandals look good.

Sandra Bullock has has plastic sugery.

Unknown said...

I first mistook Sandra Bullock for Mischa Barton. The weird outfit, fugly boots and bad posture just screamed Barton to me...

Cyndi Lauper looks amazing. She's on my list of people I'd like to get stuck in an elevator with - would surely give me tons of stories to tell!

Leah said...

I had the pleasure of talking with Tim more than a few times, mostly in social siutations. He was a really good guy and down to earth. He was a guy who loved his family, loved sports, and loved his job.

As for the video montages of Tim's career, it pisses me off to no end that they are including the clip of that acrimonious interview with Colin Powell. Russert and Powell were very good friends, and I know it's got to be hurtful to Powell.

i am a princess, yes i am said...

i thought ent didn't like eva mendes, especially with calling her out for the (possible) pregnancy & miscarriage and rehab issue?


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