Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

A first time appearance in the blog, let alone the photos for Delroy Lindo. I just think Delroy is totally under appreciated as an actor and doesn't get the attention he deserves. Love him.
I know its Pride Month and all, but I think Cheyenne Jackson and the fan thing is maybe going a bit overboard.
Ben Harper - Los Angeles
Hey look ma, it's some Beastie Boys. If you have never seen them live, you need to do so. YouTube clips just don't cut it.
With Hank Azaria's hefty new pay raise you would think he could afford a better lover than Kevin Pollack. Oh? Not lovers? My bad. I just kind of assumed since he was with Helen Hunt that Hank must like guys. Too far? Well when there aren't very many photos, you kind of have to go with the flow a little.

So I read fashion magazines for men. I can't hope to afford anything in them and will never get out of the Big &Tall shops, but I do read them. I thought skinny ties were out. So, is there some type of exception if you are a designer? Does Kenneth Cole say to himself, I want to look like a cross between Michael Lohan and Kevin Bacon so I'm going with the skinny tie?
Johnny Depp on the set of his new film.
The rarely photographed together, Henry Rollins and Jeaneane Garofalo.
I guess it is true. All witches do have cats, although this cat looks like it is going to run for its life the second she is let go.
Well since there is a dearth of photos today, I thought I would have a contest determining which obscure Australian actor you would rather do. Your first choice is Toby Allan.

Your second choice is Matthew Newton. But before you make your decision, be advised that Matthew went to the event with
Pia Miranda who has somehow forgotten that bras are for beneath the dress and not on the outside. Common mistake.
Metro - Polzeath, UK
Nick Cannon just seems to be saying to himself, "Mariah wet and without makeup is not what I signed up for."Now I know why she spends so much time getting ready and has so many people working for her. It must take an army to make her look halfway decent.

Tommy Hilfiger at his engagement party. His affianced looks thrilled to be there. She is probably trying to do the math in her head of what she will get when she says "I do." Meanwhile the photographers are frantically trying to say, "hey, you are getting married. Look like you enjoy each other. Get closer."

As the future Mrs. Hilfiger slowly draws away from Tommy. Look at that fake smile. Meanwhile, the photographers are saying, "look, I know your kids didn't even bother to show up which is saying something, but could you at least give us a kiss."
I'm guessing maybe he slipped her a little something to get her to kiss him, but he definitely wasn't slipping her the tongue. OK< everyone can go be sick now.
The looks like this could be something obscene in about 30 seconds photo of the day.
I think this is the first time Nicole Sullivan has been on a red carpet since she had her baby. Looks fantastic.

Vampire Weekend - Miami

I know many of you adore Thomas Jane, but I swear if paisley or any of its byproducts make a return because of this photo, I will ban him for life.
This bride had to wait to get married until Tom Hanks finished filming his scene for his new film. So, he made it up to the couple by escorting them to the church where she was getting married and slipping them a little wedding present as well.
Our lovely reader photo of the day. Yes, it is MySpace-ish but that is because her daughter was showing her how to take a MySpace type photo. I didn't know there were such lessons, but live and learn.
This is Thomas Langlois Lefroy. Who the hell is he do you ask? He is the inspiration for Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and this is the only known image of the guy Jane Austen made famous.


Merlin D. Bear said...

Hey, on behalf of all witches everywhere, *PLEASE* don't associate her with us, okay?
Although the crack about us having cats is pretty much dead on, we do have standards, y'know?

Kristen S. said...

That was sweet of Tom Hanks!

That Lefroy fella looks like he would never have been interested in Elizabeth.

Unknown said...

First off, Enty, you posted Ben Harper- you rock a little bit more.

Then, the you need to see the Beastie Boys in concert remark- you definitely rock.

Lastly, dissing on Mariah Carey- you've officially rocked my world today. XO

jax said...

Beastie Boys Vancouver Pacific Coliseum 1994...best show ever.

reader pic LOL.

thomas jane you make it hard to like you in that early bird dinnner outfit.

IndigoBlue said...

I think I'm more disturbed by Thomas Jane's Mr. Green Jeans inspired pants than that heinous shirt.

Cute reader pic!

That was, indeed, nice of Mr. Hanks.

If I never see Denise Richards again, it will be too soon.

Okay, today is pretty much the polar opposite of yesterday's awesome pictorial display.

OT - Surfer -- I'm glad me Scrubbing Bubbling myself yesterday gave you a chuckle. Nope, didn't have time to do anything about it, just kind of took a wet washcloth to it and bolted. It was raining cats and dogs here yesterday and I smelled like a clean latrine all day long! lol ;)

J. said...

I have to jump in and throw my support behind the Beastie Boys comment too. I saw them with some friends when they were on their Intergalactic tour and to this day each one of us claims it as Best. Concert. Ever.

lutefisk said...

Wow! Mariah looks much older without make-up.

Maja With a J said...

*LOL* It really looks like that cat is desperately trying to get away from DR. Like it's looking into the camera thinking "Oh, shit, I can't believe I'm being photographed with this douche!".

There was something else I was gonna comment on, but I forget.

Oh, yeah, reader photo - awesome!

anna said...

because i'm grumpy today, i have to say that if tom hanks had tried to talk to me as i walked into the church with my parents, i would have been really annoyed. why do celebs think everything is always about them?

ok, so maybe a little bit of my bitterness is because i'm jealous that y'all have seen the beastie boys live.

Anonymous said...

reader looks like Fiona Apple.

Thomas Jane looks a lot thinner than the last time I saw him. Did we ever see his mugshot from his DUI?

I could've sworn Tommy Hilfiger played with boys, but maybe my gaydar's broken again.

I'd rather do Toby in who'd you rather do.

I'm with ent on Delroy Lindo. Wonder why he never made the leap to leading man.

RagDoll said...

That seriously hot reader has a KID?!?!?! Old enough to be on MySpace?!??!? Whatever you're taking, I want some!

Denise Richards' cat looks like she needs an LOLCaption:

"Ohai! I can haz teh sooey side pls? Kthxbai"

surfer said...

OT - indigo - I love scrubbing bubbles! I had this image of you covered in it that just cracked me up. Sorry. I was laughing with you, not at you.

SHE SHE said...

Denise shows everyone who will look her great big, nasty, furry, pussy!!
Sorry, I couldn't resist.

califblondy said...

Reader hardly looks old enough to have a child with MySpace experience. Love the eyes.

kellygirl said...

I am never coming here again if I have to look at the Wretched Wench Richards!!!

and I'm taking JD with me!!!!

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh, I always wondered about Hank and Helen!!!!!!!!

Thanks for confirming Enty.

I saw her on Letterman recently and how annoyning....she doesnt let that kid do anything normal.

Dick Insideu said...

You know, if you ordered a hooker from Heidi Fleiss back in the day and Denise Richards (who was a Heidi Fleiss girl) showed up at the door, you'd fuck the living shit out of her. You'd blow your nuts in her mouth, fuck her pussy, and cum in her ass. So stop dissing her. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Fess up, reader.

jax said...

oh ya Mr. Originality is back.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Are Rollins and Jeaneane an item?

Nicole Sullivan rules.

Maja With a J said...

They've been dating for quite some time, little miss... :)

califblondy said...

LOL @Jax.

Jazz Hands said...

I'm so sad that Janeane Garafolo is not a lez.

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Awwww...Rollins and Jeaneane are so damn cute together! (Does it seem like she's been getting more ink since they've become a couple, or is it just me?) Always nice to see a smart Man of a Certain Age happily involved with a smart Woman of a Certain Age rather than with someone young enough to be his daughter, eh?

Amy in MI said...

You know the whole Denise thing with the kids and vaccinations and Charlie being against it, I actually agree with Denise. I think the end of days are near.

fontofknowledge said...

Ummm, Matthew Newton? He beat up his ex-girlfriend Brooke Satchwell! With that in mind, I totally go for the other guy...

Carte Blanche said...

Went to the same concert as Jax back in '94. Great show!
The year before at Lalapalooza was better though, because it was outside and the weather was perfect. Not too hot, but just perfect.

Heather said...

Wow. Henry Rollins is like 5'3" so Janeane must be like, 4'10"!

Lucy said...

Just wanted to drop a quick note and thank everyone for the nice things they said about my reader photo.. My 16 yr old daughter gave me "myspace photo" lessons the other day.. LOL

NatD said...

I think Henry Rollins is super hot. So, Ent, if you could, you know, toss him into the FFF pile if you come into possesion of such a pic, I'd be forever in your debt.

Judi said...

Freethinker, YOU look 16.
Love Delroy Lindo. Will watch any/everything he does.
Poor kitty.
Thomas Jane/Patricia Arquette... neither one knows how to dress. Take a lesson from Depp. Jesus.
If Hilfiger had no $, he'd have no one. What a troll.
Mariah's NEVER been attractive. Why do we keep looking for it?
Toby or Matthew: you want us to do what with them?
Kenneth Cole, you are not Tom Ford. Sit the f*ck down!
Langlois Lefroy has lovely eyes. Him, I'd do.


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