Monday, October 13, 2008

Marcia Brady And Michael Jackson?

Seriously, it is bad enough that I feel like the only person on the North American continent who is working today but then I have to read about how Marcia Brady aka Maureen McCormick and Michael Jackson dated. How come there are no photos of that? Do I even want to spend some of my few remaining brain cells trying to come up with some kind of mental image for that? When they were having sex was Michael calling out Bobby's name?

Well, Maureen has a new book coming out and I don't know why the hell I didn't hear about it until now, but I will be hitting the bookstore tomorrow when it comes out. Oh, believe me, you will be too. Because this is just a sample of what she talks about. She discusses her romance with TV sibling Barry Williams, her dates with Michael Jackson and Steve Martin, cocaine binges and parties at the Playboy Mansion and the home of Sammy Davis Jr., an unwanted pregnancy and trading sex for drugs.

Marcia trading sex for drugs? Damn. I don't remember any Enquirer stories about that back in the day. I want to read about this, but I swear if she had had some kind of wild orgy at the Playboy Mansion, then reruns of The Brady Bunch are going to take on a whole new meaning.

Apparently she blames much of it on being Marcia. "I'll always be struck by how much a part of people's lives Marcia is and always will be. But now I'm not bothered by the connection. It took most of my life, countless mistakes and decades of pain and suffering to reach this point of equanimity and acceptance," she says.

Who knew a role on a show could cause her to want to sleep with Michael Jackson. No role, and no amount of money is worth that.


lutefisk said...

This completely just shattered my childhood innocence. It is sad that she needs to come forward with this for her daughter to read.

califblondy said...

I saw something with her confronting her Dad and Marcia, Marcia, Marcia is just a little bit psycho.

I'm not sure I'd believe everything she says. I think I'll wait for a statement from Florence.

Molly said...

enty, she might have been the one giving away the drugs so she could get some

nunaurbiz said...

Don't fret, Enty, I'm working today too!!! It's not so bad working on a not-really-a-holiday because the phones ring a LOT less! :-)

Yah, I might have to get my own Marcia Brady tell-all (though I heard about it a long time ago, sorry). I wonder if she dishes on Adrianne Curry. I love it when the cat claws come out! I want a Flo Henderson/Ade Curry deathmatch!!!!!!


Cheryl said...

I wouldn't believe everything she says either. These Brady kids aren't above trying to get a little publicity wherever they can. Remember Greg talking about his "date" with Florence Henderson and doing some celebrity boxing. Then there's Christopher Knight and celeb wannabe Adrienne Curry. I wonder what cousin Oliver would say about this.

shelly_bean said...

aww sorry you have to work Enty!

I love this kind of shit! I am so buying this book. She seemed so sweet and together now on celebrity fit club. said...

They DATED, ENT, she doesn't say they slept together! Hell, Brooke Shields "dated" him too!

Anonymous said...

I am also working :(. lol

sandman said...

wonder if she dated him when he was black or if she waited until he was white.
black mj was cool, white, not so much

CarolMR said...

I just saw a HONEY WEST video. I'm probably the only one old enough to remember that show. From 1965. Anyway, Maureen was a guest star. She couldn't have been more than 5 years old. She was just adorable - a beautiful little child.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Seriously off topic:
OMG - Honey West??
I remember that show, first run!
ROFLOL - just hand me my walker.

CarolMR said...

merlin d. bear, wasn't HONEY WEST a great show?! I just got the DVD of all the shows and I'm really enjoying them (for the second time because I remember the first run, also). Anne Francis was so alluring and beautiful. I hear she has lung cancer now, so please say a prayer.


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