Friday, December 12, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Bettie Page - RIP

Normally a reader photo of a concert would go on top. But in this case, I think Bettie deserved it.

David Byrne - Charlotte
Chace Crawford looks a little lonely in this photo. Who wants to go cheer him up? Anyone? Anyone?
This has been a long time coming. Chris Cornell finally makes Random Photos.
See, now if Chace were smart he would have made a beeline straight for Ciara since they were at the same event.
I can still watch Dick Van Dyke in his old television show and laugh. Plus he was in the scariest kids movie ever. If you were a kid and saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and were not scared out of your mind, then you are lying to yourself. I still have trouble watching it.
Eric Dane has offered to help Kate Walsh grieve over her divorce. Yeah, I bet he has.
Sometimes, Evan Handler looks like Dr. Evil.
When you think of Elizabeth Perkins what is the very first thought that pops in your head? In mine it is a scene from Big.
Ahhh, what could have been. Gabrielle Anwar came this close to being wife #2. Then I woke up.
Just Shoot Me was a pretty good show, but I was glad it gave me the chance to see George Segal act. I remember way back in the day. So long ago there were dinosaurs and Ellen Barkin had facial features. Anyway, I saw George Segal and John Lithgow do Requiem For A Heavyweight and it was just one of the greatest things I had seen at the time. Blew me away.
Yeah. Latch on to him Jen. Hold Owen Wilson tight. See how many photos you can find last night of Owen Wilson alone and compare those with all the ones Jennifer somehow gets into.
Always have room for Judith Light.
To me John Mayer's outfit is right on the edge of Hammer Time.
Also long overdue in the photos is James Remar. Love this guy.
Yeah, but Katherine Heigl has been in the news this week so it is kind of news worthy.
I get lots and lots of requests for Michael Chiklis
And tons for Michael C. Hall. I could have a whole wing in my e-mail for this guy.
You know what? Mary Kate Olsen looks good. For her.
"I can't help it Camilla. I can't stop laughing. He said fart."
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Can you think of a more successful father son team in Hollywood?
And TR Knight showed up at the Marley & Me premiere.
One of the funniest people alive is Tracey Ullman. And Matt Groenig needs to call her everyday and say thank you.
So, take your pick. Do you want Jason Isaacs or Viggo Mortensen?


Nichole Fisher said...

Jason Isaacs or Viggo Mortensen...Jason Isaacs

Abaddon said...

I've always loved George Segal. For some reason though, whenever I think of him I think of "Ship of Fools". I have to watch that again. Fabulous movie. I guess, he really stood out in that movie for me. Otherwise, great photos. Always loved Viggo. But ever since I found out he kept the horse (maybe more) that played Hidalgo I love him more.

Miranda said...

OMG, I'm in the reader photos! I can finally die knowing that I've been validated as a CDAN reader :)

Emobacca said...

Myspace angles should be banned from Reader Photos

What is with the Eric Dance/Kate Walsh comment?

maggiemei said...

Viggo, No question.

Kara said...

Both, please!

Why do I have to choose?

Linnea said...

Viggo, for sure. Also, CDAN DOES have the cutest readers. :)

Wack said...

i'd cheer up chace but i'm not a guy.

Jennifer Aniston is so fucking annoying.
Angelina FTW

Linnea said...

yeah, i mean what is the deal with aniston?

I tried so hard not to pick sides. I dont condone cheating, in fact I hate it more than most things.

But I have such a hard time racking up any sympathy for this girl... and i cant put my finger on what it is that does it!

Lil said...

Elizabeth Perkins is terrific - I think of Moonlight and Valentino first off, though.

Viggo and Jason Isaacs? Viggo all the way. I don't know enough about Jason Isaacs but Viggo almost single-handedly (and selflessly) saved an arts non-profit (Beyond Baroque) near where I used to work and that scores major points with me.

jax said...

Jason Isaacs for sure.
nice guy and played a wicked Lucius Malfoy.

Ms Cool said...


Please no Heigl.

Love Michael C. Hall. Love Dexter.

selenakyle said...

Good God Almightly--Jason Issacs and Viggo together--take me now, Lord, take me now!

No way I could choose between the two. But I WOULD take 'em both at the same time (if I was still 21 and still halfway good-looking...)!

And I agree, CCBB was scary then and is still scary now.

Majik said...

Jason or Viggo...whichever one is straight, please.

PLEASE let at least one of them be straight. Truly and for real straight...Viggo?

Anonymous said...

Evan Handler - I liked him and he does resemble Dr. Evil lol.

Elizabeth Perkins - kind of resembles Candance B. from Boston Legal.

Just Shoot Me was hilarious.

Just can't stand Aniston. Am sick of her pity me routine.

Judith Light is such a good actress. I love her on Law and Order.

John Mayer's for some reason I get the sense he is gay LOL.

I love James Remar when he was on Sex in the City and now on Dexter.

Michael C. Hall my favorite serial killer lol.

d said...

James Remar - yum

palealebrew10 said...

linnea-I'm kind of with you, on this too, actually.

When I was a kid, there was a "cheating scandal" that greatly affected me and thus hold great contempt towards cheaters. Especially within the confines of a marriage.

BUT...Jennifer Aniston-give it up. I know it must suck that one of the sexiest women in the world snatched your husband in the public eye. Yeah, she denied it, and then went on to tell every outlet how she and Brad actually made hearts filming that Smiths film. Pretty low, gotta say, but Jennifer we know you're really not that happy and that you really do need a man to feel somewhat happy. Mainly because the media will only let you be happy if there is one.

But stop overcompensating. Just let Brad and Angie have their next set of twins and adopt a little girl from Punjab, and zip your lips about them. Less is more here now. Talk about something new. And then you might actually get another shot at coming out as the bigger person.

Unknown said...

i am loving the pic of michael c hall, very debonair!

Brit Brit said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE... Michael C Hall

Anonymous said...

Jason or Viggo? Both.

Tracey's amazing.

Evan Handler does look like Dr. Evil.

Eric Dane can help me grieve over anything. Preferably nakedly.

I don't think that Chace would be into Ciara.

palealebrew10 said...

Chace is creeping me out in that picture. Like a scorned Ken doll. Seriously, does he

Kelita said...

I also think of a couple scenes in Big whenever I see Elizabeth Perkins, LOVE that movie. And I love all the Dexter love lately! That is one of thee best shows on TV right now, so more Michael C Hall please!!

And I go with Viggo

amh.producer said...

I LOVE Michael C. Hall and I like his suit too!

I had a very random Dexter dream last night... and not a good one but Dexter himself made an appearance but he wasn't the one who did Miguel in. Weird!

Anonymous said...

okay I don't get why people say JA needs to shut up about her divorce etc. That's all journalists ever ask her about! Nobody really cares about john mayer, her career isn't as interesting as Brad or angelina holie. What else are they gonna write about? and maybe you guys don't want to hear about it, but millions of others do. thats the only way she gets written about, which sucks big time. She's a movie star who depends on publicity in order to keep her career going. Nothing JA will ever do will be as gossip worthy as what went on with her marriage. Plus i'd like to point out that JA hadn't really been talking about it much until angelina blabbed about Mr and Mrs smith and then the press were all over her.

Carolina said...

Elizabeth Perkins makes me think of He Said, She Said. i have no idea why that movie stuck with me.

devildana said...

If I could choose to never fuck again or be able to be in the middle of Jason Isaacs and Viggo Mortensen, I would have to make sure we finished with anal.

Unknown said...

Oh my god Enty! You made my day!

First, Bettie Page was all kinds of awesome. RIP Bettie.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang WAS scary! I was just telling my husband about it; he had never seen it. I do like to sing the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang song. Everyone! "Oh, you pretty chitty bang bang, chitty chitty bang bang we love you ..."

Finally! Gabrielle Anwar! LOVE her!

Now you need to post a couple of photos of Vincent D'Onofrio and my holidays will be complete.

I thank you.

Wil said...

Choose between Jason and Viggo?? How cruel!!
Both, please .. preferably under the tree for Christmas .. ; )

Miss X said...

I <3 Dexter. Michael C Hall and James Remar are amazing actors.

Jasmine said...

Totally Jason. Can you really say 'OH VIGGO!' in bed and not crack a smile and a laugh?
bette bette bette, rip! i love you and every pic of yours shows a sass and class far before your time.
chitty chitty bang bang isnt as scary as some childrens movies i could mention.
tracy ullman i adore you for the dina lohan spoof alone.
and michael c. hall is too fine. i have never had a crush on a serial killer before but i do now.

Unknown said...

please give me Viggo hot and bothered :)

Unknown said...

Jason, no question!

libby said...

The scene you are thinking of in "Big" is the love scene in which she turns the lights off, then he turns them back on. Then he grasps her bra-clad boob like he's holding a biscuit.
It's really sweet and tender and adorable.
That is my memory of her. If it's not yours, too, then I owe you a Coke.

MnGddess said...

I never thought Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was scary. The Wizard of Oz - now that's still a scary movie for me. I saw it once as a kid and never watched it again. Tornadoes. Flying monkeys. Witches writing "surrender Dorothy" in the sky. Dead man hanging in a tree in the forest (allegedly). (shudder)......

MizCaramel said...

I'll take Jason & Viggo at the same time, all night long. Though it would be nice if they were both straight, though I wonder if it wouldn't be interesting having them touch each other hmmm? I loved Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, it saved my life as a child when I was going through sexual and physical abuse and I got to go to the movie house every Saturday afternoon and it would play over and over weekend after weekend and for that short while I could forget (sorry TMI but that's where I go when I think of the movie).

MizCaramel said...

Again, I apologize for the TMI.

mooshki said...

Thanks for the Owen!!!

And for Gabriel Anwar - I've had a girl-crush on her since Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken.

I remember loving Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when I saw it as a child. I think I saw it on tv, so maybe they cut some of it out? I don't remember being scared.

Chace annoyed me from the start of GG, but even if he hadn't, the fact that he reportedly made out with Little J in real life makes me want to puke. (IT'S A FELONY!) I know some of you may doubt he made out with a girl, but from what I've read, he's truly bi.

shakey said...

Is that a girdle Ciara is wearing?

Runkle! He's the King of Fuck Mountain! Now can we have some Lew Ashby? Please?

Something oddly disturbing about that Heigl kissing photo.

Looks like Dexter skinned a couch.

I wonder if TR Knight is tee hee-ing over JA's camera-hogging.

It's Viggo for me.

B626 said...

George Segal w/Goldie Hawn
in a 70's western-very watchable + him & John Revolta wrestling in Look Who's Talking-looked real!

Dick Van Dyke was also real scary as a bad guy in Night at the Museum.Creepy.

Was'nt Ms Perkins great in About Last Nite. Great scane where she reveals that as a Kindergarten teacher it her job to 'break their spirit'!!

merrick said...

Have to agree with the Moonlight and Valentino comment re: Eliz Perkins .. love her in everything, Miracle on 34th St. etc., but c'mon a love scene with Jon Bon Jovi, what a lucky woman!

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