Monday, August 10, 2009

Jillian Harris Wants Out Of The Spotlight

When you sign up for The Bachelor and Bachelorette I think whether you are going to be the one doing the picking or being one of the hopefully picked, you know what you are getting into. The producers of those shows don't just drive around streets in a van looking for single people to throw on a dating show. The people who finally get on know exactly what they are getting into and they sign up for it willingly. They don't do it for love or the chance for love. They do it for that 15 minutes of fame and the chance to make a few bucks on the side or if you are Ed Swiderski, a chance to use his appearance as a pick up line for the next ten years. Married or not.

Anyway, Jillian Harris gave some kind of interview to OK! Magazine. She said that tabloids have said the couple is about to split or close to splitting. Whether or not that is complete speculation I think that is a fairly good guess by the tabloids and who can judge whether they are close to splitting. Who knows exactly how many times Ed has cheated on Jillian? What is her breaking point on that? Will it take one more woman to come forward? Two?

Anyway, Jillian says they are more in love than ever and she is going to move to Chicago next month and live with Ed. She is even willing to bring over the beer and condoms. I still can't believe he said that to a woman. That is priceless.

Jillian said in her interview, "[It] claimed Ed and I broke up, when in fact we have not even come close… I really want out of the spotlight so bad. I hate it so much."

Umm you hate the spotlight so much? Seriously? Why did you sign up for the show then? Did you think it was going to be just you and the guys and no one else? You didn't seem to mind the spotlight before you found out your potential husband was a cheater. No one minds the spotlight when things are going their way. It is only when real life starts to creep in and you realize that in the 10 days you knew this guy before he asked you to marry him that maybe you should have known a little bit more about him first. It especially annoys me because wasn't she already on The Bachelor? She went back for more fame. She went back for a second helping so I have absolutely no sympathy for her at all.


A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Hear hear. I agree totally.

cajun cutie said...

Retarded woman.

It's kind of late for that. If she did not want to be in the public eye, she should not have done ANY television.

Although she wants out, somehow I do not think Ed wants out of the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

that dude looks like Brad Garrett

and seems to be just as much of a douche

selenakyle said...

Yeah, boo hoo.

Even a dolt like me knows what will happen if I get on a Reality show, duh! This Jillian chick never heard of Susan Boyle?

And, I agree--was this not her second reality show?

C'mon, girlie...we bet you DO want out of the spotlight. It can burn can't it?

littleoleme said...

I would think she would want out of those pants/leggings.

chihuahuense said...

I was just going to say "nice pants, Olivia Newton-John". Who was it that was interviewing the two of them and asked her how many of those dudes she slept with? That was HILARIOUS!!!

ardleighstreet said...

It seems like the only sense of taste she has is in her mouth. Her choices in clothing (blue shirt, black pants and PINK shoes) and men leaves alot to be desired.


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