Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Les Paul - RIP
Big Brother & The Holding Company - New York
Brooks & Dunn - Nashville
Basically if you don't buy Carol Alt's book she is going to kick your ass.
Whenever I mention Countess Luann my first thought is that I am at some transvestite show and that Joan Rivers and Cher are going to come out and a medley.
Although I admire Christina Ricci for doing her own car repairs, would it be rude of me to say that the half pulled back hair style might not be the best look for her.
Dane Cook - Still not funny.
Will Ferrell - Still funny, but really, really needs a comeback.
David Beckham shows you what he has. Oh, and he can touch his feet too.
Mena Suvari really needs to find better people to pose next to.
I think Denise went for the setting on the tanning spray that says: WARNING people may not see you crossing the street at night if you are this dark.
Apparently that woman with George Hamilton last week who wasn't inclined to wear a bra is, in fact his wife. Oh, and he has a kid too. Hope he doesn't grow up and marry Shannen Doherty also.
Since Holly Madison probably won't get to Cannes, she figured a casino floor would work to show off what she would wear.
At this point, I think if you have a garage party and promise to show an episode of Mad Men on the door, Jon Hamm would show up for it. He is pretty much relentless when it comes to promoting the show.
More Jack. Can I just say how much I have loved these pictures the past few weeks and how all of them have been with his kids and their friends. I'm not saying he probably hasn't hit on the friends, but he has really enjoyed himself and it shows. Good for him.
With as a-holey as Piven is, you really want him to look not so good, and more Kid Rock-ish.
Lighten up Jay-Z, it's an engagement party.
I guess Kanye and Amber are still together.
LL Cool J on the set of NCIS Los Angeles. Yeah, because what television needs is another initial show in yet another city.
You know what? I have seen Mischa Barton look a whole lot worse when she is wearing makeup. She looks good for a 40 year old.
Speaking of 40, just how old is Morley Safer. Has he hit 100 yet?
No Doubt has released some photos from their tour. This is backstage at Atlantic City a few months ago.
The New York Times ran a story today about how pot belly's are cool again and abs of steel are out. Let me know when obese is the new hot and I will pose for it.
Speaking of hot. Hello, Rachel McAdams.
Brad Pitt even took a photo of her.
While Eric Bana posed with his wife.
Ron Livingston just didn't care.
And just in case you have any Eric Bana/Brad Pitt fantasies, here you go.
It has been forever since Paige Davis was in the photos.
Shia got his cast off.
Stewie was outed.
The Little Death - New York
How skinny can one person get and still stand?


mooshki said...

I'm going to fashion hell for saying this, but I love Holly's dress. I would totally wear this to wash my kitchen floor.

SkittleKitty said...

Do we now call them "Brooks and Done?"

Ms Cool said...

Les Paul is from my area. Happy to hear he lived so long!

I'd start watching Mad Men if John Hamm would come for a visit.

LL Cool J looks hot. Never noticed that before.

I love Ron Livingston because I love Office Space.

.robert said...

Piven's head is gynormous.

I recall being told that in the 70's a guy was supposed to have a slight pooch in order to show he could eat well, that and a bunch of leisure suits.

DazzledByTheNorthman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lutefisk said...

Mooshki--I am imagining a wonderful photoshop project for that Jack photo!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the Pitt/Bana fantasy in my mind right now.

I am ashamed to admit I'm enjoying Ron Livingston's cheesy new TV show Defying Gravity.

Piven does dress well. I wonder if he has a stylist or if it's all in that syphillitic brain of his.

Gotta laugh with Jack Nicholson.

If I promised to show an episode of Mad Men in my garage and Jon Hamm showed up. It would either turn into an orgy or I'd kick everyone else out.

ItsJustMe said...

Me, too, Mooshki!!! :)

selenakyle said...

OK--the blind this week in which Enty mentioned that Coke Mom has had crazy eyes lately...well Denise Richards eyes are crazy-as-sh*t looking in today's Randoms.

Lemme go back again for the zillionth time to match the clues and see if she fits...

RocketQueen said...

As much as I love Brad, he needs to trim that goatee a bit.

I always feel like Piven's clothes are a little too tight.

Is that Moby in Little Death??

Dear lord, Denise. Put the spray tanner DOWN.

I know it's fashionable to hate on Dane Cook, but I'm sorry - the DVD of his Vicious Circle tour is fucking hilarious. Hilarious I say!

selenakyle said...

Holly's dress would get her shot immediately during turkey season around here.

allisonwonderland said...

I was thinking the same thing about Denise and the crazy eyes...

Pookie said...

lol, DN, for "...syphillitic brain of his"!!! teehee!!!

ll cool jay = wow. hotness.

jack. n. = incessant VOMIT

WOW rachel mcadams! she's the gorge in that pic.

GREAT shot of no doubt. LOVE.

califblondy said...

Looks like Hollie is in the Planet Hollywood. She needs to haul it across the street to the Luxor and maybe her ex could make that dress disappear.

juicy said...

YUM eric bana AND jon hamm in one day?!
thank you.

MnGddess said...

Ohohohohoo...Piven looks hot in that outfit.....

And HAHAHAH!! I'm 46 and look BETTER than Mischa!!! WooHOO!!!!


Judi said...

Will someone please get Rachel McAdams a decent stylist? It's to the point that it's ridiculous. Jesus.

Sinjin said...

I also thought: Denise=Coke Mom ?

I'm 43 and I look much better than Mischa as well! But then again, I don't drink, smoke, or whore around.

News to me that there's a band named after an orgasm.

Perhaps it's the angle, but Holly looks so small compared to the folks around her.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

You can't blame Hamm for promoting his show, especially 3 days before the new season starts.

That said, I'm having a viewing of it in my pants, and I sincerely hope Jon comes.

hotchacha said...

Brad does need to trim the goatee. It's too long and too square-shaped.

I think Rachel McAdams looks beautiful.

LL Cool J looks strange, plasticene version of himself. He doesn't look right to me at all. What was nipped and tucked there?

MoodyBlueEyes said...

RIP Les Paul!

Skittlekitty - I LMAO'd at your "Brooks and Done" comment! I'm not a country fan, but I've always liked these guys - sorry to see them call it quits.

Christina Ricci does need to cover her ten-head with bangs, but she's looking SO much healthier lately than she has in the past (weight-wise).

I think Denise Richards and George Hamilton are competing for the worlds most unnatural tan.

JayZ always looks constipated.

WHAT THE EFF HAPPENED TO LL?? Please tell me its makeup!

Mischa and Tori look gross.

*rubs belly* - I think I'm totally hip now!

whole lotto luv said...

Lisa (original) said...

I'm 43 and I look much better than Mischa as well! But then again, I don't drink, smoke, or whore around.

Well, I drink and smoke, but don't whore around as much as I used to, and at 46 I look better than Mischa, too, so it must be the whoring around part.

.robert said...


George Hamilton has THE most natural tan in the world, also the endurance record for said tan. Denise Richards has the unnatural tan.

lmnop123 said...

Denise Richards IS the only person that I see who could fit Enty's description of Coke Mom's eyes but it can't be her.

This is so frustrating. Come on you super sleuths figure it out for the rest of us clueless people.

lanasyogamama said...

No Doubt is the best. Gwen!!!

Denise Richards always has this disturbing, desperate glint in her coke eyes.

My husband loves Christina Ricci. I'll admit it, she has a good figure.

Am I the only person in the world that doesn't find John Hamm super hot?

hotchacha said...

Dear George Hamilton,

It's OKAY to colour your hair all the way to the root. I promise!


ardleighstreet said...

Carol Alt looks like she's making a rabid squirrel face.

Mena S. is being so kind to stand next to that scary looking chick with the crazy eyes and the bad tan.

Jack is the coolest! Of all the people in the pics he looks to be the one having all the fun.

Maja With a J said...

The Piv really does look quite dashing in that picture.

Unknown said...

Ok, I'm sorry, but Brad Pitt is DEFINITELY channeling Col. Sanders here! He's also definitely looking his age (or more)...I guess shacking up with a narcissistic, soul-sucking demon ages you.

Again, sorry, but Rachel McAdams looks extremely botoxed, and is apparently wearing a dress that was used during the filming of the '80's classic, "Mannequin."

Jon Hamm: meh. What's all the fuss about??

Now David Beckham (as long as he keeps his mouth shut) and Eric Bana...hmmm...I like THOSE possibilities!

I LOVE Will Ferrell. He needs more "Anchorman" and less "Land of the Lost."

Tori Spelling and Denise Richards: whatever, looney tunes! I see lots of therapy in your (collective) chidren's futures!

Mena Suvari is gorgeous. I'd go gay for her, for sure!

Teresa said...

So what if Jon Hamm promotes his own show? What's wrong with that or is he somehow supposed to ignore the fact that season 3 starts in 3 days? At least the guy is promoting something worth watching, which is more than you can say for about 95% of what's on tv now.

He can come to my garage sale any ole time he wants and we'll have a private screening of Mad Men.

Mr. Hamm, you are delish!

Elle Kaye said...

Does Mischa know they already filmed Monster?

Erica Bana makes Brad Pitt look like the not so curious case of Benjamin Button.

Jasmine said...

Yay! Stewie! Lame lame lame that Fox isnt gonna air the out episode....
Dont get Eric Bana-stupid last name too. Sounds like banana but without the na on it.
Tori looks soooo bad- its sad because she was never fat and I dont see why she is trippin like this.
Whoever said that thing about a showing in your pants for that Mad Men guy and wanting him to COME is a naughty bitch!
And i f-ing hate when I see these old ass celebs with their young child brides. Why does my beloved Woody Allen get sooo much shit when so many of these sonofabitches marry people 30, 40. 50 yrs their junior? And none of them have the amount of talent he does....end mini rant.

p.s. I am 26 and Micha looks old enough to be MY mother, lmao.

Jasmine said...

Oh! Almost forgot- I love you David B. but the fact that your married to skinny ass Posh is de-valuing your hotness little by little every time I see you. Nah, I'm lying, I WANT YOU INSIDE OF MY LITTLE JASMINE (tmi, I know, sorry)

gay tallywacker said...

omg D. oompa-loompa richards.

Amber Rose's open-toe-boot-shoe hybrid thingys -ugh.

hotchacha said...

Jasmine, your beloved Woody got soooo much shit over his child bride, because she was exactly that -- his ex-wife's adopted child!

Come on now.

Tania said...

That Mischa photo.... She looks like hell warmed over, but her eyes are those of a lost kid.
I'm sure she's a beeyotch, etc. But that pic mades me sad for her.

leeloodallas said...

i laughed so many times at enty's comments!! good way to start the morning.
george hamilton did the same spray tan setting as denise it seems!

um, abs of steel for me thanks

LOL brad as colonel sanders!!! nice.

BigMama said...

Anyone else notice that Kid Rock has some sexy arms???? it's frustrating to find that because I personally don't care for him.

Brad, sheesh, all you have are your looks! Time for some botox and a nap dude.

mooshki said...

Lutefisk, I thought about it, but I wasn't sure exactly what to do with it. Got any creative suggestions? :)

mooshki said...

Do you guys really think Enty was being critical about Hamm? I read it as Enty admiring him - one of Enty's big pet peeves is people who don't promote their movies/shows.

lmnop123 said...

ea73 said...

Ok, I'm sorry, but Brad Pitt is DEFINITELY channeling Col. Sanders here! He's also definitely looking his age (or more)...I guess shacking up with a narcissistic, soul-sucking demon ages you.


ea73 you hit the nail on the head with that one! LMAO!

But to be fair I think he and Angie are two of a kind so she shouldn't get all of the credit/blame for his Col. Sanders, soul-sucking demon look.

lutefisk said...

Mooshki, instead of the boat, I would do a pile of bacon, or perhaps a giant bowl of trifle.
And, I would change the other heads accordingly.

kitty litter said...

i heart mad men. best show i've seen in a long time. my husband is sick of it.

VelvetStaccato said...

I agree with you 100% when it comes to Dane Cook. He's a dumb, loutish, super-UNFUNNY, boorish idiot who has no business being seen in public. Douchebags should only be seen in doctor's offices, never on stages!

Anonymous said...

Selenakyle said ... Holly's dress would get her shot immediately during turkey season around here.
L.O.L. awesome


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