Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Photos Part One

This is what happens when two current A listers are fans of one of the all time greatest actors on the planet. Sidney Poitier.
Yes, I realize that two pictures of Brad and Angelina might be too much.
So, three is just excessive.
Anna Paquin walking her dogs down an alley. I promise we do actually have grass in LA.
So, how come Carla Bruni makes her third appearance in a bikini on her vacation, but Princess Letizia still hasn't shown up in one at all?
I love Carla Gugino. I'm not sure about the hair style.
Chris Pine was one of many actors today sucking up to the Golden Globes voters.
Christina Ricci looks very nice here.
Diane Kruger is always one of the best dressed celebrities.
She even changed for the after party. Sarah Silverman wore the same thing she will probably wear when she gets married.
Evan Rachel Wood decided to leave Marilyn Manson at home.
Does anyone know if this new Gerard Butler/ Jennifer Aniston movie takes place all in one day? Jennifer has worn the same outfit for at least 95% of the filming.
The very lovely Jenna Fischer.
And if you are going to show Jenna, one must also show Mindy and BJ.

"So, then Ryan took me to a premiere and I saw Angelina looking at my man and I told her to step off."
Alex Rodriguez must see a stripper off in the distance.
And Kate Hudson looks pregnant. Just saying.
Keri Hilson - Tokyo.
These children look-a-likes are supposed to get people to slow down. All I know is that if I saw one of these kids staring at me in a foggy UK night, while I was driving, I would freak the hell out.
Not as much as I would freak out if I saw Koda driving a car though.
It's sad when wearing a sport coat makes you look even more homeless.
Mischa Barton up close.
Yeah, I think this is a much better angle.
Michael Fassbender doing his best to hide his cigarette.
Judging by the looks on Hilary and Penn Badgley's face they must be playing Taylor Momsen's music again on the set of Gossip Girl.
Rob Lowe just found out he is getting two new nannies.
I'm trying to figure out why Rose McGowan was invited to this event and if she had any words for Evan Rachel Wood about their mutual f**k buddy.
Testament - New York


MontanaMarriott said...

Oh Enty, you don't see Letizia in a bikini because Letizia is REAL royalty while Carla Bruni is Euro trash that married well, lol

OMG AJ looks thinner than usual. Okay can someone answer me this how can a woman who is rumoured to do that many drugs get pregnant?!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Christina Ricci embraces bangs/fringe. That head is just too gigantic otherwise.

God forbid Kate Hudson reproduce again. Especially a steroid baby.

Those child dolls look like something out of Doctor Who.

It's a shame Fassbinder smokes, he's a handsome guy.

LOL at the Rob Lowe comment

Anonymous said...
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mooshki said...

Did anyone else's liking for Angelina just go way up instantaneously? Although, that makes it even more depressing that she looks like she has the body of a 90-year-old. :( EAT SOMETHING! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD (AND YOUR CHILDREN), EAT SOMETHING!!!

It is a bad hairstyle - with that dress, Carla would usually be scorching hot instead of soccer-momish.

Caroline said...

I'm usually bored to tears by Angelina's wardrobe, but that dress is pretty damn amazing.

RocketQueen said...

I know I'm prolly in the minority here, but I love Brangelina. The beauty of that couple blows me away. And to see them paying proper homage to Poitier makes me smile.

K Hud is definitely looking dumpster these days. Wait, I meant dumpier. Yeah, that's it.

And...here we have Diane Kruger. Overdressed again. Enough.

Not sure how I feel about Chris Pine's shoes.

Carla Gugino is holding up SO well. Her fake breasts are very nice.

ItsJustMe said...

Whoa - that is some scoop on Rose McGowan and Evan Rachel Wood.

FrenchGirl said...

where is Keanu Reeves under his hair? LOL
i like the top photo!
LOL for Fassbinder commentary

FrenchGirl said...

and Angelina Jolie has the same diet than Christian Bale this time:it's not good for her!

JustJenn said...

AJ's smile looks so fake to me in the top pic. That dress is awesome though.

Unknown said...

About Keanu Reeves and the grocery cart:

This sounds trivial, but a photo once showed Pam Anderson with a cart full of groceries and her groceries were bagged the same way: double bagged -- paper inside plastic.

Trust me, in California NO ONE will bag your groceries like this unless you are a star.

Anonymous said...

Is Angelina and Brad really a great couple or is it just a farce???

Christina looks great!

Diane K. in that dress looks horrible. Have you seen the backside?? She has a horrible backside.

Sarah S. needs to do something about her frampy look.

Evan looks very nice.

Jennifer A. must think she looks sexy in that outfit LOL.

That kiss between Alex and Kate doesn't look like he is giving in too much into it.

Kate looks horrible in that dress. Way too flat kind of looks like a man having a sex change.

Cute mini pony.

Mischa looks horrible.

LOL@Rob Lowe

Skanky Rose.

.robert said...

Yeah, I noticed a plot of grass west of PCH in Redondo, also still west was in front of the strip mall there where the homeless guy was always camped.

whole lotto luv said...

Chris Pine was in a dream I had last night. I don't know why, since I've only ever seen him on CDAN. He was attending some function I was. And I was really starstruck in my dream.

Christina Ricci is very attractive with bangs. Without them, her forehead scares me.

Something must be going on to have Kate Hudson getting so pudgy looking. If she was pregnant, wouldn't she get at least some boobage?

Rose McGowan always looks so pissed off. I would never invite her sourpuss to anything.

Maja With a J said...

You had me at Testament.

WednesdayFriday said...

Grace, I work at a grocery store. Allow me to explain the bagging theory:

Double bagging anything is annoying, excessive and complicated. Thats why no one ever does it, unless of course, you ask them to.

Sinjin said...

I think it fabulous that Brangelina pose on the carpet, then totally lose their cool and become just fans when they meet Poitier!

Enty wrote: "I promise we do actually have grass in LA."

* But it too is plastic, non? lol

Is that a REAL mini pony? If so...awwwwww!

Mischa looks like she stinks as bad as her acting.

jlb said...

angie jo needs to eat on a more regular basis....she seems like she's trying way to hard at something here. I'll be happy when this movie tanks and they go away for awhile.

Sidney Poitier on the other hand is a true artist.

those kid statues would freak me the hell out.

I think Keanu only has one outfit too - just too bad it's not a constant movie set.

micha is scary either way Ick. Nast.

lol rob lowe

Marna Palmer said...

RocketQueen, I'm with you: I love Brangelina. I think they are beautiful, classy, and they don't act entitled in the press.

Did anyone else notice that Evan Rachel Wood and Rose McGowan's dresses are reverse of each other? ERW's is black with white dots and RMcG's is white with black dots. Hello, awkward!

HILARIOUS Rob Lowe comment Enty, LOVE it!

cibele said...

Tell us more about their mutual f**k buddy.

Sis said...

Love Brangelina and the homage paid to the great Sidney Poitier! At least with Angie's thiness you do not have the bony and horrifing chest ala whatshername Bree from Housewives, even the lovely Jennifer Garner has the bony chest thing going on, it's too scary to look at, but her shape here makes me think this is Angelina's true shape, jmo.

The mini pony is too cute, I want one!!

chihuahuense said...

I want one of those fake kids for in front of my house.

Brangelina seem very put on IMO. I, too, wish they'd go away

mooshki said...

Cibele, I assumed he was talking about Marilyn Manson.

Laura said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the Michael Fassbender photo! That man never makes it on the gossip radar. Such a shame he is a smoker.
I really do not get why Anna Paquin dresses in such an unflattering way.
Misha has meth face - bad.

lanasyogamama said...

@RocketQueen I too love Brangelina. I know she is too skinny to be healthy, and probably doesn't look that great naked, but I think she looks *amazing* in these pics. I would trade in a heartbeat!!!

Enty thank you for the ugly Kate Hudson and Mischa pics. I love them!

lutefisk said...

that Mischa photo is going on my door this Halloween.

CDAN Mod said...

mcfatty, THANKS for the keanu pic!!

CDAN Mod said...

oh, and it doesn't seem that keanu is going GREEN anytime soon. lol. for shame!

califblondy said...

I live in California and my fella likes the groceries bagged like Keanu. I won't tell him he's a star though. He already thinks too highly of himself.

Does Kate Hudson ever bathe? Damn she looks nasty. A.Rod is probably looking at lice in her hair.

weezy said...

IMO Gugino's wearing a wig.

ardleighstreet said...

Gawd!AngieJo is THIN. Eat a meal or UNICEF will start feeding YOU.

Carla looks like Sally Field with that haircut.
Kate H:" ARod really really loves me."

Woman in grey thinks: Yeah right I'll just call you Flava-of-the-moment.
Keanu shops for himself???

LOVE the Rob Lowe comment.

Pookie said...


Thisisridiculous said...

Looks like Angelina's put on some weight, she looks good!

Oh gawd Mischa! it must hurt to be so FUG!

Sarah could try just a little for fvck's sake!

Wil said...

Um .. how long before Keanu is found dead in a bathtub in Paris?? ...

Carla looks too good to be BI Mom ...

And gotta say .. Mischa cleans up good in that second pic.

.robert said...

Oh, not wanting to be vulgar but looking at the middle Angelina pic, a man might want some padding before any vigorous activity there...

Sporky said...

Angelina does look good.

And I used to have my groceries bagged the same way as Keanu, only because there's a supermarket next door to my work and I sometimes buy embarrassing womenly stuff there; I didn't really want my boss to know what brand of minipads I was fond of.

gossip said...

Wil, Carla doesn't have any children and has never been married so that would rule her out of the BI anyway.

Add me to the list of people who are sick of Brangelina.

.robert said...

'cause a guy doesn't immediately do an erase and rewind on that subject...you are safe there

Simone said...

Thanks Enty for writing up Michael FASSBENDER. I wrote a similar quote on my blog about him. :)

hotchacha said...

Can someone please explain to me what's supposed to be enticing about A-Rod.

I just. don't. get it.

Cindy said...

Re: Kate Hudson being preggers...aren't your bubbies supposed to get bigger when you are preggers?

Jade, That Girl said...

Love that BP&AJ both seem so as eager to meet SP as people seem to be about meeting them.

This random photos made me laugh all the way through! Those little kids look like something from a horror film.

shakey said...

Diane Kruger is wearing The Universe. This is a good time to tell Sarah she's not in college anymore.

I noticed the same thing about EVR and Rosie.

Ent, I'm guessing Aniston does retakes.

Close up, that makeup is horrible on Mischa. Girl needs to clean up and de-Hollywoodize for a while.

Unknown said...

@DNfromMN...WORD on the Doctor Who ref!

Paisley said...

Angelina is way too skinny. Her hands and calves are frightening. I can only imagine how much worse she looks in person.

I don't care what excuse she's using (fast metabolism, stress, etc.) she needs to work with a nutritionist and get herself back up to her weight from a few years ago. If it's drug related, she needs to go to rehab. Either way, it's a fixable problem she needs to address.

watcher said...

Princess Letizia has already been photographed in a bikini in 2007. Queen Sofia in a one piece, as well.

The magazines had much better pictures than this video.


cookie said...

does anyone else think that mischa is starting to look like that crazy lady from the rescuer cartoon movie?


just saying.

ahdaboom said...

love to see brad and angie, but this is really, REALLY cute!

kate hudson looks like shit. and btw, how can a flat chested woman manage to make EVERY pisture of herself about her boobs??

enty, the picture comments are especially good today.

Jasmine said...

Yes that is a real mini pony! Michael K (aka dlisted) had pics that showed the pony walking next to a household cat and they were almost the same size!!!!! I am still trying to unstick myself from the seat I melted on viewing the pics. The pony is a minature pony that was born MINIATURE! So basically a mini- mini pony! It only stands 23 inches tall and isnt expected to get much taller than that. Sorry for all the pony info but this image is like a thousand cute things rolled into one...
And anyway... I too liked the first pic, Micha looks horrifying and even worse than lindsay, which is saying A LOT. And I know I will be hated for this but while I dunno about her choice of men Evan Rachel Wood is very appealing astetically to me and this pic of the upswept red hair and old fashion dress and shiny belt and pale skin is sooo pretty, I'm not into girls but for some reason when I look at her (or Dita) I want to stare at them for a long time, like a pretty Monet or something...
Oh! And enty-you are on fire with the comments today!
p.s. What the fuck is Keanu doing with all his Matrix millions, cause god knows he is not spending it on personal hygeine or clothes> it must all be going toward alcohol...

Jasmine said...

and are Mindy and BJ together? Cool.

Unknown said...

Did anyone else notice that Rose and Evan Rachel match quite well? Are they at the same event? Embarrassing!

cibele said...


Thanks! I completely forgot about Marilyn Manson. Now I feel stupid because I thought it was some new hot gossip and this is just old LOL

Leah said...

LMAO- @ lutefisk said...

that Mischa photo is going on my door this Halloween.

Angie said...

AJ & BP look gorgeous. She rocked that outfit, but she does look quite thin..

Evan Rachel Wood is my fav for current day bombshell.

Tara said...

Angelina's body was perfection in the first Tomb Raider. I wish she looked like that again. I can't say that I care so much about her or BP after the whole infidelity thing, but they do make beautiful babies and seem to really want to help people. I'm all about that.

I freaking ADORE Sarah Silverman. Let her keep her hoodies and jeans...she's awesome.

J-Mo said...

Angelina looks a tad too pulled, I thought she was Marcia Cross at first glance.
Sara Silverman would be great on What Not to Wear. Please!


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