Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick Got A Job - Pink Isn't Happy

For the past few weeks I would watch the news wires everyday and pray that my favorite football team wouldn't sign Michael Vick. I didn't want my team to be known as the one who did sign him. No reporter all year will ask any question without asking about Michael Vick. No story about the team will be without a reference to Michael Vick. So, it was with great relief yesterday that I saw he signed with the Eagles. Except of course for the fans of Philadelphia. All year when you tell people that you are a fan of the Eagles, they will invariably say, "Oh, you are the team that gave that dog killer a job."

It won't matter how well the team does, all the conversation will be about Michael Vick. As an owner it shows that you really don't care about your fans. I have not read the Philadelphia papers this morning, but I can't imagine there are too many positive articles. Pink, who is from Philadelphia had this to say on her Twitter.

"wow. michael vick in MY hometown, Philly. of all the places. I hope the fans tear him to pieces like his beloved dogs."

It's a possibility.


JJ said...

Yep, it's a possibility.

Lots of angry Eagles fans today.

CDAN Mod said...

could pink expound on whether or not she called little kim a black dog backstage at an awards show? if she won't go there, then she needs to STFU! got it?

Kristen S. said...

Yep - all of my many Philly friends are pissed and preparing for boycotts

RocketQueen said...

Wow - a team signed him already. I hope the Eagles suffer as those poor dogs did.
Go Pink!

Unknown said...

i'm from philly and my friends are split on the issue.

on the one hand, if vick was a construction worker, no one would be saying he can't go back to his job now, after serving time for what he did. It's b/c he's famous. My colleague argued that the difference is he is a role model for, seriously? obviously, if parents are doing their jobs, vick isn't a role model to their kids.

on the other, i think those complaining are fans of the Eagles brand, rather than the team. Vick was an excellent choice for the team- he's a great player and asset. Those complaining care about the Eagles brand, rather than the team and how they do.

I think, all in all, it's a stupid game and who really gives a shit. He paid his dues and won't be doing it again. He's lost millions in endorsments and will never represent a consumer product brand again. Let's move on to something that actually matters- if you care that much about pets, join an organization or something, don't sit around complaining about a guy rebuilding his life.

jax said...

the NFL is a fucking disgrace. this is just one more picture on their shame wall.

Sinjin said...

Marisa, it DOES matter to a LOT of people. People with ETHICS. Michael Vick is an un-ignorable, infected cyst on the testicles of whichever team signed him. BOoooooooo!

BTW, I give to several animal organizations. Thank you very much.

RocketQueen said...

I agree w/ Lisa. I also belong and give to several organizations and I'm disgusted that the NFL will hire felony-convicted criminal players that are looked up to as role models.

MnGddess said...

Aa a born-and-bred Philly chick, this is going to be a very interesting Eagles season. Eagles fans do not need this guy adding to our already infamous reputation. I wonder how prima-diva Donovan McNabb is feelin' about this? Hopefully this will encourage him to actually play like he means it and get us to another damn Superbowl..

And Pink - you ain't from Philly. Your're from Doylestown. Which is NOT Philly. Get it straight.

Dianne P said...

yuck. he can get a job at mcdonald's.

BigMama said...

Gotta love Pink.

w said...

If the man wasn't black, nobody would give a rat's a** - the story would've died by now.

I find Americans to be absolutely priceless. With all of the racism that has existed and still exists in this country, I'd be interested to hear this much outrage over people being treated poorly...but you sure can get your knickers in a twist about animals. Seems to me, if you cared that much, you'd stop destroying the planet for personal gain.

Put a noose over a black man's neck and the silence is deafening; put a harnass over a mule's and enough noise is made to reach Congress.


Unknown said...

Hey Lisa, as Jax said, the NFL is full of scumbags. In fact, most male sports are-- Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, appeared on the Teen Choice Awards this week. I didn't hear any of you bitching about that. Talk about being a role model to kids.

My statement wasn't a personal attack against YOU. I also have ETHICS and I love animals. I just think this is getting blown out of proportion. The NFL is a business. Jeffrey Lorie weighed the pros and cons and decided to give Vick a 2nd chance. A man who SERVED HIS TIME. No one is trying to make him into a ROLE MODEL now.

Rocketqueen- I think it's a parent's job to teach there kids who to look up to and who not to look up to. If there are kids out there looking up to Michael Vick, or Mike Tyson, or the other d-bag gazillionaires out there who are paid to do something as trivial as throw and catch a fucking ball, it's not the fault of the athlete. The blame is on the parents, the family and society in general- as far as what they/we value in people. Yeah I could go on, but I'm done now.

cibele said...

This is awful. Go Pink! And it's not because he's back, this is all because he's cruel. Don't twist the subject.

Kristen S. said...

Boycotting is one of the cornerstones of a business's relationship with its consumers. I'm all for people switching off the TV and not watching the Eagles.

Anonymous said...

The color of his skin didn't matter when he ripped teeth out of his dogs' mouths and beat them to death. And what he did does matter in the NFL, because a lot of kids see those players as role models. Since it doesn't matter in a construction job, let him go get one of those.

I find his behavior totally disgusting and horrifying. I'm grateful my team didn't sign him.

Anonymous said...
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Kristen S. said...

w - I definitely, 100%, no doubt, care about animals more than people - black OR white.

selenakyle said...

OT--I was surprised to that see Tyson was on Kid's Choice. Even hubby did a double-take during Colbert's bit about it and said "whoa, what was HE doing there?"

I'll bet that went rather well with Miley's ice cream crotch pole dancing...

Hubby is from Drexel Hill (does that count as Philly?) and he said his whole life all Philly fans of all sports can be rabid and cutthroat as hellllll. They give Donovan so much sh*t, I can't believe he's still there.

Sinjin said...

Marisa, I agree with your last comment. I didn't know Tyson was on that awards show. I agree, he had NO business there. I personally thinks he's foul, uneducated, and there is no hope for him. Nor for the people in the offices who gave the OK for him to be there.

I also agree that just because someone plays sports and gets paid in bags of money, that does not make them a role model. They handle money like the Beverly Hillbillies; big gaudy houses, absurd decorations, flashy cars, expensive jewelry, and these fools usually end up broke shortly after their careers have faded because they have zero concept of how to handle money, and no decent education or drive to make more. It's absurd! I've taught the child I was responsible for that these tools are NOT role models.

We're cool ;-)

Unknown said...

Marisa, construction workers do not get paid millions of dollars for non-productive activity. Vick is essentially an entertainer whose worth is based on his appeal to fans (just like A-list actors and musicians). If he damages his reputation among those fans, he's not a valuable asset and shouldn't be surprised if he has to seek work in another field.

If doctors and lawyers do certain things, they will drummed out of their professions. Same with academics. For an entertainer (which includes athletes) that includes extra-curricular activities, because fans will abandon their heroes over such things.

JJ said...

Marisa, as I'm sure you know most Philly fans aren't calmly sitting around the water cooler discussing the pros and cons with their colleagues.

They're a bit more brutish than that. There will be fights, picket lines, and God knows what thrown at Vick when he's on the field.

selenakyle said...

It's all good for the dog-fighting world anyway.

We think Vick was the only one doing it? Shiiiiitttttt, it's rampant--in the sports world and in the barrio and in the hood and in the trailer park and in the ghetto and in millionaire entertainer's row, and follow me.

He was just dumb enough to get cauuuugggghhhtttt.

Unknown said...

Hi ghigu-

I have to argue with your core point there. Agree that Vick is an entertainer, but as far as his appeal, it doesn't change for football fans when he messes up off the field. It's his actions on the field that will matter for his fans. it's different than with Hollywood. I guarantee that the real football fans out there (i, personally, am thinking of my guy friends and boyfriend - although 50% of super bowl viewers were women last year) will only be judging Vick on how he plays. They don't give a rats ass about his rep.

Furthermore, he is so far in debt, he won't be making that much money from this deal. He's bankrupt and owes mad money. So you don't have to worry so much about that.

Lisa- respect your opinions, most definitely. i'm just frustrated that philly fans get such a bad rap, when NY, Boston, etc. fans are equally bad. Like we need more shit for people to say about us. ugh.

Marna Palmer said...

Well said ghigu. And I, like many have mentioned, DO donate AND volunteer with animal causes and I prefer animals to people. So yeah, I'm pissed. And like ghigu said, doctors screw up, they don't get to practice their profession anymore. Athletes and entertainers screw up? They "serve their time" (didn't he do some of his sentence on house arrest at his mansion in VA and throw a BBQ over memorial day weekend? ooh tough.) and go back to making millions. (and don't get me started on how overpaid and underskilled actors/athletes are, and I WORK in Hollywood FOR these people) It's sickening. And it has NOTHING to do with race. If this was Brett Farve, I'd be JUST as pissed. We often don't get to choose the people youth of america with absent parents look up to. NFL players ARE role models to some. Now the kids get to see oh look, Michael Vick killed some dogs, went to jail for a little bit and is back out making bank, cool. what kind of message is THAT? This is celebrity obsession taken to new levels.

Pookie said...

*redskins nation breathes collective sigh of relief*

that said, i have two things to say. 1- this wasn't a race issue. case in point: nfl commish roger goodell just gave donte stallworth (cleveland) a 1 yr suspension w/o pay. stallworth recently killed a guy in miami. ran over him w/ his bentley. guy was jaywalking, but stallworth mowed him down regardless. marijuana in his system, also driving drunk. dude owned up, took responsibility, paid off the family and got a 30 day stint in county jail. of those 30 days he served 24. he's now on house arrest for 2 yrs. could've been allowed to play but nfl said no. this is awesome b/c altho the people of miami now have the precedent that justice can be bought, goodell said, not good enough, you ain't playin'. btw, stallworth is black.

2- nfl isn't as scuzzy as we think. reference point 1.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

I grew up and still live in the Philly area. Philly is a rough town to please. If you suck, they will tell you that you suck big time. That's one of the things I love about this area. If Philly fans can bomb the shit out of Santa with snowballs, beaming Vick with various objects doesn't really seem far from reality in the near future. I think the Eagles just made a huge mistake picking this fool up but time will tell. Oh and BTW, whoever was starting with the race shit-sit down and shut the fuck up. It has to do with the guy being a cruel, piece of shit, worthless asshole. Assholes come in all colors.

Lady J said...

For all of those claiming Michael Vick hurt those dogs you need to go back and look over all the documentation because when he allocuted for his crimes that wasn't one of them. All he was charged with was having this take place on his property (ie. gambling, dog fighting etc.)
Let the man play he paid his debt. He served two years in jail and is under house arrest for another two. If you don't like him, don't watch. I doubt he will care. As for the Philly fans, they'll boo and hiss but if he comes out and gives them a great season no one will be doin much bitchin then.
Get over it or turn the channel.

CDAN Mod said...

brett farve would have had a top fixer firm and would not have goten caught nor served time. it would have been swept under the rug. he's a golden boy and the nfl owners would work overtime not to tarnish his 'image'.

and if a blind item had been created somewhere about favre dog-fighting. no one would believe that 'clean cut' bret farve would do something like this.

mike vick must not have invested in fixer.

his actions were despicable, but he paid his time. read the panache report to see how 'fixers' work.

Lady J said...

And also whoever brought up race...please leave that alone. This topic has nothing to do with race.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"could pink expound on whether or not she called little kim a black dog backstage at an awards show? if she won't go there, then she needs to STFU! got it?"

UM, what does this have to do with anything? Kim K. isn't black, and I haven't heard anything about this, anyway. Not to mention that it's completely unrelated to this post, and I don't believe one word of it.

Pink probably called Kim a gigantic whore at one point, which she is. And, as Pink once said: so what? I love Pink. I love how she manages to be a voice for animals and manages to remain tough and articulate, as opposed to vapid and nonsensical (I'm talking to YOU, Ugg-wearing Pam Anderson). You rock, Pink. And thanks for being one of the few voices left in pop music who can actually SING.

Anyway, I think it sucks that the Philly Eagles signed Vick, and I know that a LOT of PA-ers are bummed right now. My best friend is from PA. I love your state, and I don't blame any of you!

I AM really disappointed in the Eagles for hiring that A-hole so quickly. Really, now? There was NO deliberation? Are they a good team, or what (yeah, like I fucking follow this mongoloid bullshit sport)? I know they're tossing lots of undeserved money his way, but hey, EVERY athlete is ridiculously overpaid, if you ask me.

I just heard an interview on the radio with the new head of the Philadelphia Humane Society, and she has her work cut OUT for her, what with all the puppy mills in that state. I'm sure she's equally bummed about this situation, to say the least.

In case you don't know what a puppy mill is, they're pretty much as horrific as dog fighting rings. No, they ARE. They are because they're legal, and prevalent, and it's the same sort of pointless, fucked-up operation that leads to the overpopulation and genetic diseases of certain breeds.

I pity the (literal) bitch who spends her entire life in a concrete cell being literally raped/inseminated her whole fertile life, just to produce some bullshit purebred some asshole can purchase from a petstore for 600 bucks and tote in a fucking matching purse until it dies from the disease it carried with it from the puppy factory.

That shit happens, by the way.

Anyway, I don't know what made me go off on the puppy mill tangent. I guess my point is: animal abuse is shamefully EVERYWHERE, and the ONLY good thing that can come out of this whole situation is more enlightenment among people -- maybe some young kids, hopefully? -- that animal abuse is NEVER excusable, and it almost ALWAYS leads to hurting a fellow human being.

As long as Vick remains in the limelight, people will remember what he did. It's not going to go away.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"brett farve would have had a top fixer firm and would not have goten caught nor served time. it would have been swept under the rug. he's a golden boy and the nfl owners would work overtime not to tarnish his 'image'"

Oh, QS, you're TOTALLY right. A white athlete can get away with ANYTHING. Even murdering his ex-wife and her best friend directly outside her house...oh. Wait.

Keep fucking race out of this argument. This is about one human being behaving depicably, getting away with it, and not giving a shit. Period.

Unknown said...

Guttersnipey- he DIDN'T get away with it. You're an idiot.

The above comment wasn't about Kim K. it was about Lil' Kim. LISTEN first, then speak. -Good advice.

And Quint. Southerner- you're probably right about the Favre.

Judi said...

Agreed, Jax. Have at him, Philly. Like Pink said.

CDAN Mod said...

thanks marisa.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"Guttersnipey- he DIDN'T get away with it. You're an idiot."

Oh, okay, Marisa.

First of all: Kim Kardashian and Lil' Kim ARE both whores. Not EXACTLY a lot of difference between the two. And they each wear fur, so I still think Pink was justified in insulting either of them. But I still don't believe that she called EITHER of them "a little black dog," AND, AGAIN, it has nothing to do with the original point. Which is: Michael Vick is a piece of shit because he participated in dogfighting -- NOT because of his race. I'm well aware that there are MANY different ethnicities that participate in dogfighting.

And if you call a light-as-air jail sentence in a cushy prison and promptly earning millions of dollars upon release as NOT getting away with it, then you, my dear, are the idiot.

Unknown said...

Guttersnipey- So tell me what you think should happen to him. Within the law. For curiosity's sake, what do you think the fair & just punishment would be. Be realistic and please don't forget to consider precedent.

Housey said...

And Brett Favre used to beat his wife while strung out on meth. He's scummy too.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...


Honestly, I would just like people to accept the fact that animal abuse -- while not comPLETely tantamount to child abuse -- is equally disturbing in that the abuser is taking advantage of a victim that is physically (and perhaps mentally) vulnerable, lacks legal protection (ever tried to call social services? I had a friend who was abused in high school, and I called them. They don't do shit in a "Domestic Situation"), and doesn't have the proper means to voice his/her discomfort.

Animal abuse nearly ALWAYS leads to other forms of physical torment; it's been proven that most serial killers tortured animals during their youth.

I would just like to have seen Vick serve a FEW YEARS for this -- not merely a few months. And I also think that part of his sentence should have required him to give a LARGE chunk of his paycheck to the Humane Society or the ASPCA. I ALSO think that he should travel the country and maybe talk about his experiences dogfighting, and be as honest and blatant about it as possible. But we all know that none of these things will ever happen, because Vick is an athlete, and they're practically invincible in this culture. You know, because they sell sneakers and shit.

He can act contrite allllll he wants, but I know -- and MANY other people know -- that dollar signs speak louder than guilt for some people. He's just saying this shit. You really think that someone who acted so cruelly towards dogs for months on end could REALLY become enlightened in a jail cell? Please.

He feels about as sorry for his actions as Chris Brown does.

captivagrl said...

I'd love to hear Kendra's thoughts, she LOVES her dogs.

caralw said...

I have to agree this isn't about race. I also think he had a light sentence. I think the average sentence is 5 years. I also think because he copped a plea, he didn't have to admit everything that personally did.

Has he satisfied the conditions of his plea bargain? Sounds like it. Is he remorseful? I don't know what is in his heart, but I'm doubtful that such a change of heart could happen in that short amount of time. He wants his old life back and will do and say whatever is required to get it.

I'm disappointed that after his slap on the wrist, he's being allowed to play so soon. I am disappointed in the Eagles organization, and I'm happy they aren't my team.

Unknown said...

Guttersnipey- Thanks for sharing that. I definitely understand where you are coming from and agree with you on some of your points. I am in no way saying I would want to go out for beers with Vick and I think he's a sorry excuse for a human being, as well.

Just to be clear, he served 15 months and will be under house arrest for the next 2. He's been working with the ASPCA (i believe this was mandated). He filed for bankruptcy and has lost all of his endorsement deals. He'll be paying back debts for years to come so he's not going to have the sort of wealth he had before this went down- if it's any consolation.

I agree that athletes are invincible in this culture. Vick got off lightly. Tyson at the Teen Choice Awards. Hey, Michael Strahan used to beat the shit out of his wife before they got divorced. It sucks, but at least Vick was publicly shamed and publicly avowed he'd change his behavior.

mooshki said...

Didn't we have this same discussion over Chris Brown? A major part of getting past something like this is TIME. When you lose people's trust, you have to earn it back. You have to prove yourself with words and actions, and you have to do it consistently for a long time before it's believable.

Unknown said...

I don't believe for a moment that Mr. Vick feels any remorse for his savage crimes. Though I do believe that he feels a great deal of regret for getting caught... But, I think Richard Cohen says it better than I can right now (Too sleepy. Profound later. *yawwwn*), when he says "When Vick takes the field, I for one will imagine the thrashing of pacifist puppies as they are drowned or twisting in the wind as they are hanged. And throughout the land every kid will know -- if they do not already -- that what matters most is not that Vick has paid his debt to society or is remorseful, but that he could still throw the ball. Maybe an athlete can't quite get away with murder, but drowning dogs is a different matter."

K said...

People's fundamental natures don't change. Once a sociopath, always a sociopath.

He and his big, tough, manly friends will return to their little dog-torturing hobby. They'll just be more careful about avoiding exposure next time.

ardleighstreet said...

I don't give a flaming shit what color he is. It is his behavior I have a problem with.
I'd still be pissed as hell by his behavior the same way I am by Paris Hilton's (killer of purse puppies).

IT'S THE CONTENT OF HIS CHARACTER I have a problem with. It does not matter if he is a construction worker, a doctor, a digger of ditches,rich, or poor I donot want this sick depraved SOB in my state.

nunaurbiz said...

Let's see: Michael Vick grew up in a family that condoned dog fighting (which is no excuse, but helps put the whole matter in perspective), he participated in dog fighting, he got caught, he lost his job and houses and lots of money, he went to federal prison, he served his time, he's paid restitution to anti-dog fighting groups and is now saying that he understands why it's a bad thing.

So people don't want him to play on their football team.


So Kobe Bryant brutally, viciously and intentionally sodomizes and rapes a woman in Colorado, has his high-priced lawyers bully her so badly and "leak" information to the press to show her how much they can ruin her life if she cooperates with the prosecution and continues with a lawsuit (and, oh, by the way if you think this is the first time he's done something like this, you're naive).

But Bryant is a hero on the LA Lakers.


Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I think Kobe Bryant is a piece of shit, too, nunurbiz. He is every bit as vile as Michael Vick. I was a teenage girl living in Colorado when that case exploded, and I remember how the local media behaved. They made that girl's life a living fucking hell while continuously insinuating that she was asking for it, somehow. Yeah. I'm so fucking sure she wanted to be raped, humiliated, and made notorious in her own hometown. Douches.

The problem is professional athletes not being held accountable for their actions. It's not that they need to be ~Role Models~. They need to be good CITIZENS. And, again, it far transcends race. This is about money, and power, and how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Oh, and if you need two examples of talented athletes who aren't total dumbass a-holes, the Barber brothers are a good example. I know the good ones exist in the NFL. I just wish they were the majority instead of a very scant minority.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TinselSass said...

Guttersnipey -

RE: It's not that they need to be ~Role Models~. They need to be good CITIZENS.

That is a profound statement. I will use it. Thank you.

Kim's World said...

I personally believe some of yall really need to get over yourself, are you really saying that if a dog got ran over or some animals is being tested on in a lab is more important than say a person that was shamefully murder and rape is not that bad because if someone did that to your love one them make sure they are free to do it to other people relatives too..I am sick and tired of people that devalue human life but expect animals to be of more value because they don't fucking talk back they would probably say the same thing a human would say if they could you suck as a person.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...


uofazwildkitty said...

I wonder what the fans are gonna throw at him. I know what my dog would vote for.

kadydid said...

Ok so u eat meat and hunt. Have any of you making comments about Vick checked out how they house chickens that are killed for you to eat.

It is evident that you don't care about how the animals that you eat are killed becuase of the responses about the recepies.

Please stop making excuses about what is right or wrong when it makes you happy.

How can you say he was wrong for dog fighting but hunt and fish.


What about BR raping that woman. Where is the outrage. It was swept under the rug.

It is about race and class. MV grew up in the ghetto and his black. BR grew up middle class and his white.

Do you think the rape of your wife, mother or child is equal to dog fighting.

kadydid said...

Ok so u eat meat and hunt. Have any of you making comments about Vick checked out how they house chickens that are killed for you to eat.

It is evident that you don't care about how the animals that you eat are killed becuase of the responses about the recepies.

Please stop making excuses about what is right or wrong when it makes you happy.

How can you say he was wrong for dog fighting but hunt and fish.


What about BR raping that woman. Where is the outrage. It was swept under the rug.

It is about race and class. MV grew up in the ghetto and his black. BR grew up middle class and his white.

Do you think the rape of your wife, mother or child is equal to dog fighting.

uofazwildkitty said...


"How can you say he was wrong for dog fighting but hunt and fish.(sic)"

Ask Ted Nugent.

kadydid said...

I am not talking about TN.

I don't know who the hell that is?
If you want to make a point print facts.

Do you hunt and fish?
Do you eat any animal in any form at all?
If you do how are the animals treated?

If you don't know then you can't speak on animal curelty. sp

kadydid said...

I am not talking about TN.

I don't know who the hell that is?
If you want to make a point print facts.

Do you hunt and fish?
Do you eat any animal in any form at all?
If you do how are the animals treated?

If you don't know then you can't speak on animal curelty. sp

aanjheni said...

I just hope, hope, hope that there are some dog lovers that are members of the Eagles. And I hope, hope, hope that they hold back a bit on covering him several times. Nothing too obvious but just enough to make him choke on his nutsack for a few days.

I also hope that there are some dog lovers in the opposing teams. And I hope, hope, hope that they pound the living shit out of him.

I wanna see him laying on the field, crying "mommy" while the crowd chants "dog killer" at him.

That would take me to my happy place. :)

nunaurbiz said...

The reality is: Where I live, there are people who get caught with all the trappings of dog fighting.

They don't get prosecuted in federal court.

They don't get prison time.

They are Mexican.

Does that put any perspective on this?

Lioness70 said...

I live in Giants country. Glad they didn't sign his ass.

You bet Giants fans are going to have a field day (no pun intended) with this. The Eagles are our biggest rivals.

You can't compare hunting and fishing with dog fighting. There's deer overpopulation, if you haven't noticed. If I knew how to, I'd shoot those fuckers myself and sell the venison.

Before I get fried for that comment, deer do not compare with dogs and cats on the intelligence level. They're mindless eating machines.

I say he gets what he deserves. You don't torture domesticated animals for fun or money. Horrid.

shakey said...

I hope this link works. I like the montage of the words horrendous and horrific. If you need to say these words that much, is it worth it?

w said...

Pink is a effing hypocrite, and so are all these so-called media outlets that are reporting her blatherings. She AN ENTERTAINER NOT A SCHOLAR, yet she’s given carte blanche to pass judgment on people - o’ ye who, personally, does drugs, has been abusive to her mother and cheats on her spouse? Yeah, she’s a great one to talk.

Where’s all this moral outrage for animals that have already or are in the process of being driven to extinction. Where?!?!?!? As long as an appointed segment of people in this country are allowed to personally profit from their demise, no moral outrage. In this country alone, wildlife habitats are disappearing wholesale, but it’s okay as long as it feeds the capitalist doctrine.

I’d like to hear all this righteous indignation over puppy mills and the pet store owners who keep poor, little furry and feathery things pent up in 1 x 1 ft cages, or steal the inhabitants of rain forests for personal gain. Or, how about expressing venom for some of these fashion-forward idiots that now run around WEARING dogs.

Or, why not get sanctimonious over the bison or the beaver driven to extinction…or black bears and cougars that have to get their drinking water from chlorinated swimming pools and hunt in our backyards. How about all the fish being consumed to extinction.

And, you wanna talk about role modes?!?!? Let’s talk the staggering number of celebrities that come into your homes every day absolutely blitzed on drugs. No moral outrage there. Americans continue to enrich the sponsors who pay the disproportionate salaries for these miscreants to model for our children.

Just goes to prove how distorted people in this country are: all this high-handed, moralistic outrage over ONE person involved in an activity that‘s epidemic in this country. Google dog fighting, and the national arrests of dog-fighting rings is off the charts. Curious thing though, rarely are those people’s names publicized. Gee, wonder why that is? I’m always amazed at how this country loves putting a black face on all it’s ills then goes into overdrive covering it up for others equally as guilty.

George W skulked away freely having first lied about then killed countless human beings for something nonexistent. Priceless.

A bunch of effing hypocrites!

@Kristen S: My point exactly. And, I sure hope you’ve saved some of your indignation for your forefathers that hunted whale, bison & eagles to extinction FOR SPORT.

@Lady J: I bought up race and it has EVERYTHING to do with it! Too often Americans use very clever language to obfuscate their practiced truth: that they believe whites in this country have redeeming value and always deserve second chances but that blacks are just inherently bad people and do not.

@Guttersnipey: Since when does serving jail time, plus paying a hefty fine, plus being put on probation, plus becoming the Poster Child For Animal Cruelty equate to getting away with something?

VelvetStaccato said...

Gotta love the ever eloquent Pink - NOT!! While she's spewing vitriol over some damn dogs, this she-man notoriously referred to Lil Kim, of whom I am not a fan in the least, a "black dog"! SO let me get this straight? An animal deserves more respect than her fellow human beings? Pink can suck a big fat dick and it won't be Carey's because we all know he's lacking in the package department. Otherwise, she wouldn't have jeopardized her marriage by constantly indulging in carpet munching and public chick-on-chick makeouts. And some people in this country thinks that's reason enough to "put her down" like the filthy animal she is. I guess that centered, non-judgmental and rational persona she purports is just another act, just like her heterosexuality and brain power! Stupid ugly bitch!

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"Too often Americans use very clever language to obfuscate their practiced truth: that they believe whites in this country have redeeming value and always deserve second chances but that blacks are just inherently bad people and do not."

You can blather on and on ALL you want, w, but don't you DARE put a fucking label on what every single American thinks when he or she ponders race relations. It's people like you who are REALLY against progress.

There's no fucking "practiced truth" -- only your own biased delusions.

Wil said...

Well .. as a pretty die hard football fan .. desperately looking forward to Fantasy Football Season and the NFL in total .. I will simply say that this decision does not surprise me in the least. Andy Reid is into thugs .. his kids are thugs and his players are thugs. This was a no brainer. As a matter of fact .. I was wondering how long it would take him to pick this scumbag up.

I thin it is disgusting .. but I think it is totally up Andy Reid's alley. I hope the Eagles suck this season and that Reid AND Vick are out on the street at the end of this season.

w said...


Hmmm…feels just a wee bit presumptive - like someone‘s overstepped their boundaries even - when they deign to pass judgment on who you are, huh, Guttersnipe?

amanda rae said...


BWAHAHAHAAA OMG, you are absolutely PRICELESS! Yep, it's always big bad whitey keepin the poor brothas down, they have nothing to do with whether they succeed or fail in life. Personal responsibility for your life situation and actions...what's that? I hope and pray to see the day when all this excuse making and whining stops, and people start doing something with their lives instead of pissing and moaning about how life is so unfair. Yeah, go to Communist China, or Africa and then complain about how bad it is here in the evil USA.

God, I loathe, absolutely LOATHE, people like you. You and your ilk are an absolute disgrace to this country and I personally think we should deport you in exchange for some people who want to come here and succeed, instead of constantly playing the victim card. I would say you should be ashamed, but I'm sure people like you don't even know the meaning of the word. Disgraceful and disgusting.

amanda rae said...

Oh and if you really want to know what's wrong with America, go take a good, long look in the mirror...then crawl back under your bridge. Kthanks!

Actively Petite said...

I'm torn on Vick. I think what he did is disgusting but according to our justice system, he served his time. He doesn't deserve to be punished forever.

Then again, I am SO glad my team didn't sign him.

w said...

@amanda rae


Who ever said Mr. Vick wasn’t responsible? Who? I certainly never implied anything of the kind.

My statements asked why such overwhelming, myopic attention to this ONE man in the face of a nationwide epidemic. If you’re ballsy enough to take a stand, call everybody out. EVERYBODY...not just the person who happens to be convenient! Such focused attention merely follows a herd mentality and absolutely succeeds in furthering the problem. While you’re engaging in all the name-calling of the one person who has done penance for his crime, it’s business-as-usual for the dog fighting rings that you purport offend your sensibilities.

Moreover, why the myopic attention to just these few animals. Animal cruelty is pervasive, but I don’t hear all this howling for the unspeakable numbers of wildlife - not bred in captivity - that are being driving to extinction EVERY second of every day just so scores of other “scumbags”, besides Mr. Vick, can line their pockets? It is purely disingenuous to do otherwise.

Please take some reading comprehension courses BEFORE you’re given to misinterpretation again.

And, for the record: there is no one BIG enough or BAD enough to either make me take the blinder's off or to leave this country. If you don't like my opinions, you leave!


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